See how to track your Loggi parcels

if you do a lot purchases through the Internetit is likely that some of your deliveries were made by Loggi. This is because this startup Brazilian company is among the most used companies in the country for service of delivery, as well as iFood and Rappi. It is focused on both commercial and private deliveries.

For those who don’t know, the Loggi is a delivery service that operates primarily through motoboys. The operation is all done via the app: it is through it that the company acts as an intermediary between customers and delivery people, promising affordable values ​​and agility in travel.

A lot of people have doubts about how to follow up if their purchase is on the way. In this text, we will show you a step by step on how to do this. But first, a little bit of the history of the company, which became a unicorn company (that is, it was valued at over 1 billion dollars) in 2019 and which grew 390% in the year 2020 alone.

Loggi’s story

(Source: Loggi / Disclosure)(Source: Loggi / Disclosure)Source: Loggi / Disclosure

Loggi was founded in 2013 by Fabien Mendez, a Frenchman raised in Spain who came to Brazil in 2010 to participate in an academic exchange at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). Here, Mendez started his career in the financial market, but his goal was to undertake.

He created a startup transport company called GoJames, before Uber arrived in Brazil, but the company did not take off. In 2013, after observing the large flow of motoboys in the country and seeing that there was a failure in the organization of deliveries, he teamed up with Arthur Debet and created Loggi. The company has distinguished itself in the market due to its plural character: it targets its fast-moving services not only to stores or suppliers, but to everyone who needs to collect an order quickly.

In February 2021, Loggi received a large contribution of BRL 1.15 billion, led by investors such as CapSurCapital, Softbank, Microsoft and GGV Capital. The company is located in São Paulo, but has a technology office in Portugal and several offices in cities across Brazil.

How does Loggi work?

(Source: Loggi / Disclosure)(Source: Loggi / Disclosure)Source: Loggi / Disclosure

The company operates in the logistics sector, that is, it acts as an intermediary in the deliveries of individuals or legal entities. The action is all virtual: within the application (available on Android and iOS systems), the customer requests a delivery and a delivery person accepts it.

After accepting the order, Loggi sends a message (by email or via cell phone) with the shipment details. The entire transport process can be followed in the same application – from collection, the route traveled to delivery to the recipient.

Its system works with artificial intelligence, which makes the organization of collections and distribution of orders occur automatically. Only after this step will a package be assigned to the motoboys, cars, vans or air transfers.

Loggi’s goal is to have all deliveries arrive on the same day or the next day at the latest. In an interview with the Startse portal, CEO Fabien Mendez stated that the objective of startup is “reinventing logistics with technology”. The businessman also pointed out that 12% of the Brazilian GDP is linked to logistics costs – therefore, a good functioning of this sector is essential for certain e-commerce may have a chance of success in the country.

Loggi has more than 40,000 registered drivers and has warehouses spread across the country to accommodate purchases, which brings agility to the service provided and allows the company to serve businesses of various sizes. It serves more than 540 Brazilian municipalities and makes around 300,000 deliveries every day.

How to track your order

(Source: Loggi / Disclosure)(Source: Loggi / Disclosure)Source: Loggi / Disclosure

You have requested delivery of an order and want track back where is she? In this simple tutorial, we explain how you can do this. See the step by step below.

  • When someone sends an order via Loggi, a tracking code is generated. So the first step is to collect this code;
  • Open the Loggi application or enter the company’s website;
  • Inside, select “Track order”;
  • Inside the box that will appear, enter the tracking code and click on “Track order”.
  • You will be taken to a screen where you can view the status of your order. But if you want more information about the delivery, you must enter the CPF or CNPJ used at the time of delivery. buys;
  • After this step, the platform will display a map, in which it is possible to follow the order within its delivery route;
  • If the order has already been delivered, the page will list the delivery time and indicate who received the package.

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