See how to put the WhatsApp link on Instagram

Instagram has become a very important tool to maintain businesses and professional contacts during the isolation period of the covid-19 pandemic. Functioning as a virtual shop window, the platform allowed many entrepreneurs to keep their businesses, and served as a new opportunity for those who lost their jobs during the crisis.

It is important that contact information is up-to-date and well-arranged so that your customers can contact services quickly. In this tutorial, TecMundo will teach you how to add the exclusive WhatsApp button on the Instagram profile page and how to generate the short link, check it out;

How to add the “WhatsApp” button to your Instagram

1. Login to your profile and select “Edit profile”;

2. Switch to professional account;

To add WhatsApp as a contact option, you must have a professional account. From step 2 to step 6 we will teach you how to make the change. If your account is already a company or content creator, skip to step number 7.

Important: the process of making your account professional will make it “public” automatically. If your account is private and they have requests to follow, everyone will become a follower once the process is complete.

Steps 1 and 2, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Source: TecMundo

3. Select “Continue”;

4. Choose the category your profile fits into and select “Finish”;

Steps 3 and 4, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Steps 3 and 4, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Source: TecMundo

5. Choose between “Content Creator” or “Company”, whichever best suits your profile, and select “Next”;

6. Click on “Edit profile” once more;

Steps 5 and 6, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Steps 5 and 6, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Source: TecMundo

7. In the tab to edit the profile, click on the option “Profile view”;

8. In the contact options, select “WhatsApp Business Phone”;

Steps 7 and 8, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Steps 7 and 8, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Source: TecMundo

9. The pre-registered number should appear, if not, fill in the box below and select “Send code”;

10. You will receive a Facebook Business notification on your WhatsApp. Fill in the code in the placeholder and go to the next step;

Steps 9 and 10, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Steps 9 and 10, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Source: TecMundo

11. After the code is verified, your WhatsApp will be registered! Go back to the profile view page;

12. Choose the option “Display contact information”;

Steps 11 and 12, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Steps 11 and 12, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Source: TecMundo

13. Go back to the profile editing page and select “Finish”;

14. The dedicated WhatsApp button should appear for your followers;

Steps 13 and 14, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Steps 13 and 14, respectively (Source: TecMundo)Source: TecMundo

How to create the short link

In the WhatsApp Business app, go to “Settings”, select “Business tools” and drag the screen to the end. When you find the option “Short link”, a link will be generated. Copy and paste into your Instagram bio or share with anyone you want.

If you don’t have the Business app, just write in the url bar the number with the country code (+55 in Brazil), area code and then the phone number. For example, considering a fictitious number (91234-5678) with DDD 22, the link would be

Step by step to the short direct link to WhatsApp Business (Source: TecMundo)Step by step to the short direct link to WhatsApp Business (Source: TecMundo)Source: TecMundo

Instagram has become a very efficient tool in the areas of Digital Marketing and Advertising. The platform has many features for paid ads, post performance metrics and sales tool. To improve your page’s performance, learn how to use Facebook Business — Instagram’s ad manager — and how to price your product photos.

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