See how to edit photos on WhatsApp from your computer

O WhatsApp remains one of the world’s favorite messaging apps. It is estimated that the platform has already accumulated around 2 billion users, according to data collected until February 2020. Acquired by Meta (formerly Facebook), by Mark Zuckerberg, in 2014, the development team is constantly dedicated to improving usability of the app.

In this sense, it is already possible to find interesting solutions in all versions, taking into account complaints and suggestions from users over the years. WhatsApp Web, for example, now allows editing of images before they are sent. Want to know how it works in practice? Pay attention to all the details in this text.

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How to edit photos not WhatsApp hair PC?

The latest WhatsApp updates allow users to access the web version without the need to connect to the app on their mobile. This has made life easier for many people who use the messenger professionally, either as a complement to their work or to gain new customers.

With the instant photo editing tool, it is possible to further optimize the routine in the app, especially through the creative features that can be included in the images. Follow the step by step to perform this action.

When accessing the WhatsApp Web page, select one of the conversations available on the left sidebar. In the lower corner, click on the specific icon to upload images, whose symbol is a paper clip located on the left side of the bar for sending messages. A number of other symbols are displayed, so select the one that matches the images.

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It is worth noting that there are two types of images that can be opened on WhatsApp Web. One of them, with a camera symbol, is for capturing instant images. You can also edit photos through it, but today we’re going to learn how to edit images that are (almost) ready for upload.

After clicking the photo or portrait icon, a new window opens so that a search for the file can be performed on the computer. After selecting the image you want to send, click on it and then on the “Open” button. You can also tap twice on the photo to make this action happen.

When this happens, the image will be available in a preview on WhatsApp Web. It is from this point that the editing tools are presented. Check all the icons arranged right above the image to see which ones will be needed at the moment. There are emojis, stickers, text tools, pencil/brush for free drawing, image cropping and rotating, and arrows that can undo and redo actions.

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If you want to add emojis, click on the first symbol to see a list of visual options. You can also use the built-in search bar to search for a specific emoji. When you find your favorite, click on it to add it to the image and reposition it. The same can be done on the stickers icon, in which you can see all the options that are saved in the internal gallery on WhatsApp.

If you want to write something or use a pencil, click on the following icons. Below, you can change the text or pencil colors. It is also possible to choose the desired font and remove the box that is at the bottom of the text, obtaining transparency. With the pencil/brush, there is the option to increase the stroke size next to the colors.

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To crop, rotate or reposition the image however you like, click on the next symbol, which is similar to a square. Some dots will be arranged around the photo. Click on one of them to cut, previewing the cut darker part. The icons arranged below the image indicate how to rotate it, starting from left to bottom or right to bottom.

When the edits are complete, click on the complete button located in the far right. The image will be ready to be sent, either in the traditional way or in the single view, available in the message bar, whose symbol is the number 1 inside a dotted circle. Make a caption if necessary, including text and emojis.

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Other cool features of WhatsApp

In addition to editing images without the need for other applications, WhatsApp offers the option to archive conversations forever, even when a contact sends a new message. To do this, go to the app’s settings and then tap on “Conversations”. There, you can enable or disable this option, ensuring more privacy in the messenger.

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