See easy ways to calculate your home’s energy consumption

With the new Water Scarcity banner announced by Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency) on Tuesday (31), the electricity bill, which was already under banner 2, will become even more expensive for Brazilians. With the new brand, the consumer will have to pay an additional charge of R$ 14.20 for every 100 kWh spent.

In this scenario, calculating the energy consumption of electrical appliances in the home can help you save money.

O TechWorld selected some alternatives to perform the energy consumption calculation in a simple and fast way. Some electricity providers offer a consumption calculator on their website. Another option is mobile apps that help you find out what uses the most energy at home.

Check out the main apps and websites to calculate energy consumption below.

1. Enel consumption simulator


Enel is the utility that serves the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Ceará and Goiás. The company’s energy expenditure simulator is simple, and presents a list of rooms in which the user clicks to add the electrical appliances he owns in every space in the house. We access the simulator via computer.

After choosing each type of appliance, the site asks you to enter the amount of items present (for example: 2 televisions), the time of daily use and its power. After completing the listing, the final result of the simulation is presented, based on the sum of the average consumption of each appliance. For the calculation, however, the average energy price per kilowatt/hour is used, without considering the validity of the tariff flag.

2. Copel consumption simulator

sfs Copel/Reproduction.

In the simulator available on the Companhia Paranaense de Energia (Copel) website, you can choose the type of consumption unit for which you intend to perform the calculation: residential, rural or commercial/industrial. For our simulation, we chose residence and access was done via computer.

Just click on “new” and add the desired environments of the house. The options are kitchen,bedroom, bathroom, living room, office,laundry, garage/garden and generic. After choosing the room and the appliance, you must enter the power of the device, the number of days of the week and times it is used and add.

After adding all the appliances, just click “simulate results”. The next screen displays the total consumption in kWh and the cost of energy used by the sum of appliances, in addition to informing the cheapest and most expensive tariff times. Clicking on details it is possible to observe the consumption of each device separately for a more accurate calculation.

3. “Energy” application

The application, created by students and professors at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS, enables the virtual perception of electricity consumption in various equipment distributed in six domestic environments. To measure consumption costs, the values ​​charged per kWh in energy distributors in Rio Grande do Sul are taken as a basis.

In the app, you can view the individual consumption of each appliance or all together. The app is available for use on computer and Android devices.

4. App “Domestic Energy Consumption”

Available for Android devices, the Home Energy Consumption app allows you to capture readings from one or more electricity meters at the same time, daily.

The app allows you to view the average daily consumption, estimate consumption and the value of the energy bill, establish consumption goals, and calculate consumption in real time to check the amount of charge you use at the time of measurement, based on in pulses per kWh.

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