See 7 apps to find the nearest gas station

A very common event in the lives of many drivers is being on the street and needing to refuel the vehicle, but not knowing what the gas station closest to your location. The technology has already found a solution to this problem, and today there are a series of applications that show the gas stations closest to the driver, helping to reach the location without difficulty.

Some of these apps even offer discounts and benefits when refueling on the accredited network, being a great option to save money in times of inflated gasoline. That’s why we’ve made this list of top apps so you can enjoy all the benefits right now.

1. Shell Box

Shell Box is available for Android and iOS phones. (Source: Shell Box/Reproduction)Fonte:  Shell Box

The Shell Box app is one of the most popular when it comes to refueling vehicles. The platform is user-friendly and it is possible to find gas stations quickly by browsing the map within the app.

Users can also take advantage of discounts and earn points when purchasing products and services from across the Shell network. For new registrations, the application offers a discount of R$ 0.15 per liter on the first three refills, requiring only use the code LESS15.

2. Petrobras Premmia

You can find Premia on the Apple and Google app stores.  (BR Distribuidora/Reproduction)You can find Premia in the Apple and Google app stores. (Source: BR Distribuidora/Reprodução)Source: BR Distribuidora

Premia is the loyalty program for Petrobras service stations. With it, drivers across the country can find fuel network locations to refuel. Premia also offers points for users, which can be exchanged for movie tickets, partner discounts and airline miles.

3. Fuel up there

Abastece there is also available for Android and IOS.  (Ipiranga/Reproduction)Refuels there is also available for Android and iOS. (Source: Ipiranga/Reproduction)Source: Ipiranga

The Ipiranga network did not want to be left out of this race and offers its customers an application with great features. Through Abastece there, it is possible to earn cashback on fueling, pay using the digital wallet within the app and find the nearest gas stations in a few clicks.

4. Drivvo

 Drivvo can be downloaded via Google Play or App Store.  (Drive/Play) Drivvo can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. (Source: Drivvo/Reproduction)Source: Drivvo

Drivvo was created with the aim of helping the driver with expenses that involve the use of a vehicle on a daily basis, such as gasoline, maintenance and tolls for intercity trips. The application has a map with information on fuel prices at the main nearby gas stations, indicating the address and opening hours of the locations.

5. Completed — Save on fuel

Completeí - Save on fuel is available for Android and IOS phones.  (FuelLog/Playback)Completeí is available for Android and iOS phones. (Source: FuelLog/Reproduction)Source: FuelLog

Another very interesting app to find gas stations while on the road is Completeí — Save on fuel. Free of charge, it offers a map on which it shows detailed information on the nearest establishments, such as address and available fuel prices.

A differential of the platform is that it allows the use of filters to search, such as selecting the flags of the preferred stations and determining the maximum distance that the user is willing to travel to go to the location.

6. Waze

Waze was designed to reach all audiences and is therefore available for Android and iOS smartphones.  (Waze/Reproduction)Waze was designed to reach all audiences, so it’s available for Android and iOS smartphones. (Source: Waze/Reproduction)Source: Waze

Waze is one of the most popular GPS in the world. However, a very unknown tool inside is the possibility to visualize the fuel values ​​of the nearest gas stations. When accessing the function, the application displays a large list with detailed information of registered locations.

Furthermore, it is possible to check the last update date and enter information on the platform, as the Waze database is collaborative.

7. Google Maps

The Google app can be installed on Android and iOS phones.  (Google/Playback)Google app can be installed on Android and iOS phones. (Source: Google/Reproduction)Source: Google

Google Maps has a number of features in addition to GPS. One of them is the possibility to find gas stations quickly and effectively, just by clicking on the “gas stations” icon located at the top of the app or by searching the search bar.

Despite not providing information on fuel prices, the platform allows users to make assessments of all registered establishments. In this way, it is possible to analyze what other drivers are saying about the place, ranging from prices to service quality.

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