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The technology market for mobile developers is heated and hiring: in the first half of 2021, the demand for professionals in the area grew 600% compared to the same period last year. Average salaries for mobile application specialists kept pace with high demand, with growth of 18% for junior positions — with up to two years of experience — and 11% for senior employees with more than six years in the market. The survey is from GeekHunter, a company that recruits and hires technology professionals.

Mobile Devs are being sought out by companies to help migrate to digital in the midst of the pandemic (Image: William Hook/Unsplash)

The search for mobile developers, responsible for the creation, testing and implementation of software for mobile devices, follows a national market trend: in the first quarter of 2021, a report made by the consulting companies App Annie and AppsFlyer pointed out that the download of apps for iOS and Google Play in Brazil grew 55% — 2.6 billion apps were downloaded in the first three months of this year, compared to 1.7 billion downloads in 2018.

Mobile dev salary increases from 10 to 20%

At the moment, the average salary for a junior mobile dev is R$6,000; for the full professional, with experience over two and under six years, R$7,8 thousand; and for the senior developer, the average salary is R$10.8 thousand.

“Considering the history, we estimate an annual growth between 10% and 20% in the average salary of these professionals, considering the shortage of labor, competition with international companies and the growth of vacancies”, says Lucas Martins, CTO of GeekHunter. There are remunerations for mobile devs that reach R$ 25,000.

Experts heard by Techblog claim that the pandemic has sparked a massive migration of businesses to digital servers and platforms. There is a shortage of technology professionals in Brazil. In contrast to the low supply, there is an ever-increasing demand for IT technicians, full stack developers, and front and back-end devs. This has also caused many professionals to become overwhelmed.

Many companies are also looking for a stronger presence in the mobile app market, according to GeekHunter’s CTO assessment:

“Companies are vying for people’s attention, seeking to attract them to these mobile platforms, so that they can increase the delivery of value.”

Mobile developer gives tips to professionals

They are professionals like Alexandro Santos Costa, 42, who are sought after to add value to company products in app stores. He has been a mobile dev since 2014, and one of the tips he gives to professionals who would like to reach his position is to have basic knowledge in computing, starting with Cross-Platform technologies:

“This helps professionals better understand how things work and solve problems. How to make the app fluid for users, including those who use older versions? How to prepare the code to be as optimized as possible? The basis of computing helps to think about these solutions.”

Alexandro recommends that devs try to get acquainted with Flutter, React Native, Ionic or Xamarin. These languages ​​allow the professional to work with languages ​​such as JavaScript, Dart or C#. “This way, it is possible to generate applications for IOS and Android without having to write the code twice”, he adds.

For many businesses, especially smaller ones like startups, scaling via app is vital. Companies such as Kyte, from Santa Catarina, which rely on mobile devs to take the company’s app to 143 countries. Fabrício Rocha, Head of Technology at Kyte, explains that the app centralizes all the demands of partner retailers on a single server:

“With an app like ours, the scenario is different. We have thousands of retailers sharing the same infrastructure, generating and transacting millions of data daily through the same server. This requires a great deal of preparation from the developers so that there are no problems with slowness and connection for the user, who is increasingly demanding”

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