2 Ways You Can Do Screenshots in HP Reality

2 Ways You Can Do Screenshots in HP Reality – Now the name of the realm is increasingly popular in India thanks to its smartphone that has an affordable price, but with high hardware specifications in the middle class.2 Ways You Can Do Screenshots in HP Reality


Meanwhile, the realm itself has stood alone after breaking away from the OPPO sub-brand, but is still under the auspices of BBK Electronics. It can be said, the realm is the sister of OPPO for now.

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Thanks to this closeness, various realm devices currently use the ColorOS operating system developed by OPPO so that it has almost the same features, especially for how to take screenshots on mobile phones.

To make a screenshot on this HP reality can also use a variety of ways that can be done easily. For those of you who are curious about how to screenshot on HP Realme, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Screenshots on HP realm with Physical Button Combinations

  1. First, you can determine the area to be captured
  2. After the area is selected, you can immediately press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously
  3. If the screen has blinked and the shutter sound is heard then the screenshot has been successfully carried out
  4. The results of this screenshot you can immediately see in the Screenshots folder found in the default ColorOS Photos application
  5. Or you can also open the screenshot directly by tapping on the preview that appears

A fairly common method found on other Android smartphones. However, the smartphone realm has another way which is an innate feature of ColorOS.

Activate the Screenshot Feature with 3 Finger

  1. On the home screen on the HP realm, you can go to the Settings menu or application
  2. In the Settings page, you can choose the Convenience Aid menu
  3. On the Convenience Aid page, you can choose Gesture & Motion
  4. Next, you can activate the 3-Finger Screenshot feature on the Gesture & Motion page
  5. After the 3-Finger Screenshot feature, then you can specify the area to be screenshot
  6. After the area is determined, then you can directly sweep or swipe 3 fingers from the top to the bottom of the screen
  7. If the shutter sound has been heard and the screen is flashing then the screenshot has been taken
  8. The screenshot image will directly be in the Screenshots folder found in the ColorOS default Photos application

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In between these two ways, a 3-finger screenshot is somewhat faster than using a physical key combination. But the use of this screenshot method itself depends on the tastes and habits of HP real users. Now, which method do you prefer?

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