Scream 5: Know who’s who in the movie’s cast

The Ghostface Killer is back for another chilling production. This Thursday (13), the film panic 5 debuted in Brazilian cinemas, promising great conflicts and scares to spectators and a new perspective for this franchise so important to the history of terror.

If you are curious to know more about the narrative, stay tuned, because below you can find out a little more about each of the characters in Panic 5.

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Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

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Like the infamous main assassin of the feature film, Sidney Prescott, the original protagonist, also returns to the franchise a few years after her first scare.

Although the character has already gone through several dark challenges throughout her life, given that the first Ghostface was her own boyfriend, now, it seems, there is another person using the mask to haunt all the inhabitants of Woodsboro.

Your figure will be decisive to discover this new mystery that has everything to bring more violence to your daily life.

Courteney Cox como Gale Weathers

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Another very important figure since the beginning of the franchise is Gale Weathers, played by the eternal Monica de Friends, Courteney Cox. Apparently, the character appears in panic 5 divorced from Dewey Riley (David Arquette), with whom she had a torrid romance during the franchise.

In the new production, the character joins Sidney in a quest to stop the new killer Ghostface, delivering robust visuals in every possible occasion.

David Arquette como Dewey Riley

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Like his ex-wife Gale, Dewey is also an oldie. He was primarily known for serving as the sheriff of Woodsboro and leading a quiet life after a few years of hustle.

The initial images of the new production of the franchise indicated that the character would be one of the victims of the new killer, but it seems that things did not happen that way. Just watching the movie to find out more about his fate.

Melissa Barrera as Sam Carpenter

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For now, there is little relevant information about the insertion of Sam Carpenter in the narrative of panic 5, above all because it is a new character, who has everything to be one of the great heroines of the film.

Apparently, she seems to have some mysterious connection with the current Ghostface, something that should be explored throughout production.

Jack Quaid as Richie Kirsch

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Sam Carpenter’s boyfriend looks like a character built by the writers to suffer at the hand of Ghostface, clinging to some of the genre’s most interesting clichés.

Despite this, the actor The Boys plays a very mysterious figure, who may also be related to one of the characters from the classic franchise, such as Sidney, Gale and Dewey.

Dylan Minette como Wes Hicks

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The son of Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton), the former deputy who is now the sheriff in charge of the Woodsboro Police Department, also has mysteries in his conduct, which can bring some suspicion about his person regarding the crimes that return to occur in the city.

Most likely, its name is a tribute by the writers to Wes Craven, director of the first feature film in the franchise.

Jenna Ortega as Tara Carpenter

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Sam’s younger sister is Ghostface’s first victim, as the production’s own trailers and early images have revealed. However, the character does not die in this macabre encounter and manages to go to a hospital to treat her injuries.

In this way, Jenna Ortega’s character seems to have more relevance than previously thought.

Jasmin Savoy Brown como Mindy Meeks-Martin

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Because of her last name, many fans have already noticed that Mindy has some relationship with Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy), who left the franchise in the third film.

She is the character’s niece, who appears in an interesting context in the new production, being considered a great suspect in the involvement with the new Ghostface – or would she be one of his victims?

Mason Gooding como Chad Meeks-Martin

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Like his sister Mindy, Chad is also Randy Meeks’ nephew. Despite this narrative fact, little is known about his personality or life story, other than that he consists of a pretty inspired football player. In some promotional videos, Chad was seen telling some friends that he could be a suspect due to the bruises found on his body.

Mikey Madison como Amber Freeman

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To close the list, there is also another mysterious character and without great details brought to light so far, who may be the most curious suspect of Ghostface in this new film.

Trailers indicated that her clothes match one of the killer’s victims who were burned alive. Despite this, it may be that the images shown by the producer are trying to mislead the public, isn’t it?

be sure to watch panic 5 at the movies!

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