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In times of pandemic and social isolation, without events, it is increasingly common for the press to have contact with new games remotely, to report what they found in extensive previews. The most curious thing is that Scarlet Nexus, the game in question from this little preview, speaks precisely of union and ties, something we cannot practice much at the moment.

Scarlet Nexus, by Bandai Namco, is a game that will be released in 2021 for the Xbox Series X, PS5, PC, in addition to PS4 and Xbox One, in less pompous versions graphically. In my first contact with him, during the Xbox 20/20 Showcase presentation, in May, it was lukewarm. It seemed to be a generic game inspired by anime. And to some extent it may be, but not in the bad sense of the word.

Unity is strength in Scarlet Nexus

As I mentioned, Scarlet Nexus invokes the term “kizuna”, From the Japanese, which means something like bond or union. One of the main motives of the game, as far as I could check out, is to partner with your teammates and share their skills with your character, Yuito Sumeragi.

Yuito and his partner Hanabi in Scarlet Nexus

Yuito, by the way, is a reluctant hero. He is heir to a gigantic empire, but does not want to deal with political responsibilities and prefers to be the people’s hero, fighting against Others, monsters that eradicate humans, eating their brains with ease and of unknown origin.

If the motto seemed familiar, it is due to a certain similarity that the game has with another series of Bandai Namco itself, God Eater, which in turn has inspirations and roots in Monster Hunter. But Scarlet Nexus it is not limited to being a copy, it just borrows elements and seems to make good use of this mixture.

The gameplay is in third person and the combat is action with RPG elements. It is possible to perform combos, use spells and attacks and, thus, evolve your characters as you progress in the story of Yuito and his allies, among them the young Hanabi. During the exclusive presentation I watched, only on video, without putting my hand on the controller, Scarlet Nexus it seems to be a fluid game with plenty of options when it comes to hitting monsters.

Past experiences

Who presented the game during the preview was the duo Kenji Anabuki and Kouta Ochiai. While Ochiai appears to be an illustrious stranger, Anabuki is a creative director who has extensive experience in Japanese games and does not have a weak curriculum. On the contrary.

Scarlet Nexus / Press Release / Bandai Namco

Kenji Anabuki worked on just about every game in the series Tales of, from Bandai Namco, since 2003 here, and also collaborated with titles (yes, in the plural) of the series Super Smash Bros., from Nintendo, but had help from Bandai Namco.

Anabuki worked as a designer for some of these games and brought his vision and inspirations into Scarlet Nexus. You can see a lot of your experience in the visual Others and in the design of the scenarios, vast and destroyed.

The Nexus differentiator

According to the producers, Scarlet Nexus is part of a new genre called “Brainpunk”. Yes, the reference is the term “cyberpunk”, which usually brings dystopian scenarios in the dark future – but usually well lit, full of neon.

This is due to the fact that the brain is an important part of the game and its gameplay. Whether because of the brain being the main food of the Other, or because of the players who will have to use their minds to devise combinations of effective attacks against the creatures.

Scarlet Nexus / Press Release / Bandai Namco

In this world, people use their overdeveloped brains to control their powers and this is passed on to the player, in a way, who has a range of skills at his disposal. At the same time that the brains of some characters are connected through Psynet, a kind of Internet of the future.

The differential Scarlet Nexus it ends up being a well-built and developed world, which can present an amazing story – we still don’t know the twists and turns that the game will bring. In terms of gameplay it has some interesting mixes, but with unusual elements even in Japanese games.

It’s just a shame that it is not entirely exclusive to the new generation of consoles, which could yield an even more beautiful look.

Role Playing Game / Press Release / Bandai Namco

The producer even commented that the next generation version will run at 60 frames per second and in 4K resolution, but it is good to wait for its launch to find out how the graphics will be better presented.

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