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During the French Days, many offers allow you to subscribe to a new inexpensive mobile plan. If you’ve been looking for the right opportunity, you’ve come to the right place. We have put together all the great tips that are worth it for you. Here are the best cheap French Days mobile plans.

French Days 2021: the best deals on mobile plans

Many high-tech products are on sale during this fall edition of French Days. Mobile plans are also in the spotlight for those who wish to take a new subscription for a fraction of the usual price. You can make big savings over the next 12 months, or even over time for some plans.

Here is what we found for you by going around the operators: Free Mobile, Orange / Sosh or Bouygues Télécom. And if you prefer virtual operators, Cdiscount Mobile and NRJ mobile are also taking part in the French Days operation.

Cdiscount mobile 60 GB at € 5.99

60 Go Cdiscount Mobile package for the French Days

For the French Days, Cdiscount Mobile has prepared several mobile plans, the most interesting of which in our eyes is that of 60 GB at € 5.99 per month. Thus, until September 28, 2021 inclusive, you can take the 60 GB mobile plan at 5.99 euros which is valid for a period of 12 months. At the end of the period, the price of the package increases to 14.99 euros per month. You can stop the subscription at any time free of charge, the package being non-binding.

In addition to the 60 GB of data per me, the package also gives you the right to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France, the European Union and the overseas departments and a 10 GB web roaming envelope. The SIM card must be ordered when you subscribe and it is billed at 10 euros once.

NRJ Mobile 80 GB at € 7.99

NRJ Mobile plan

At NJR Mobile for French Days, the 80 GB package is € 7.99 per month for a year. Beyond the 12 months of promotion, the price increases to € 16.99 per month. In addition to the 80 GB of data in mainland France, this package includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. Note that it is necessary to provide 10 € to the subscription for the purchase of the triple-cut SIM card which ensures compatibility with all mobile phones on the market is priced at 10 euros. It is billed only once at the time of subscription.

80 GB Free Mobile plan at € 9.99 per month

forfait mobile Free 80 Go

Free Mobile offers a limited edition 80 GB at 10 € per month during French Days. You benefit from this rate for one year and without obligation. At the end of this period, the data envelope increases to 150 GB (unlimited for Freebox subscribers), but the price is doubled since it goes to € 19.99 per month.

Note that SMS calls are unlimited in metropolitan France and overseas departments. TO Abroad, you benefit from 8 GB of data per month (Europe and DOM). The offer is valid until October 5, 2021.

B & You 70 GB at € 12.99 per month

cheap mobile package bouygues telecom

At Bouygues Télécom, it is possible to subscribe to a 70 GB package at € 12.99 per month during French Days. You benefit from this advantageous rate with no time limit. The offer is valid until September 26 inclusive. If it interests you, hurry before this deadline. Note that the package includes 12 GB of data in raomaing in the EU and the DOM, not to mention the classic SMS / MMS and unlimited calls in France.

Sosh 60 GB package at € 13.99 per month without commitment


For those who prefer the orange network, Sosh offers a mobile plan with 60 GB of data to 13, 99 € per month without commitment and without time limit. The price will therefore not change after a year. You also benefit from unlimited calls and SMS / MMS in mainland France. For roaming in Europe and the overseas departments, the valid data envelope is 8 GB.

For 1 € more, you can instead choose the limited edition 80 GB. Again, there is no time limit. Both offers are available until September 27, 2021 at 9 a.m.

You have a good series of offers to make the choice of a cheap mobile plan. And if you are looking for a new smartphone, discover our selection of the best French tips on 4G and 5G smartphones. Or our recap of the best promotions on Apple products to have a cheaper iPhone. You will find a lot of items there at low cost.

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