Sasuke: All Powers of Naruto Character

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main characters in Naruto. Throughout the anime episodes, it’s possible to see its incredible evolution and also how its powers work. With that in mind, we made a list with all the powers already presented by shinobi in the series.

Check out Sasuke’s main powers at Naruto!

20. Lion Combo

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During his Chunin exam, Sasuke was warned by Kakashi about some dangers he was running from using certain powers. In this way, the character devised a new strategy, which would develop one of the most interesting powers ever seen in production. Combining two ninja techniques, he developed the Lion Combo, which basically consists of hitting your opponent quickly, even reaching a great height.

19. Phoenix Flower Jutsu

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Even using this technique at different times, Sasuke liked to combine it with hidden shurikens. In this way, his power rose to a new power, as many of his enemies could not get rid of so many attacks. And with the shinobi’s ability to control their jutsus, everything was even more difficult to overcome.

18. Technique to replace the body

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Sasuke was able to use this power with greater propriety when he was still in a relationship with Orochimaru. Used in adverse situations and, mainly, in deadlocks, jutsu works as a defensive escape technique. To prevent his body from taking any damage, the character can change skin and escape any danger.

17. Serpent Hands Hidden in Shadow

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Another technique from the days when Sasuke learned from Orochimaru is linked to snakes, as the Sannin possessed this incredible ability — which most of his students also absorbed. With it, Sasuke could summon several snakes to destabilize his opponent and attack him. Although it was complex, the character managed to master the technique over time.

16. Cursed Restriction of the Caster Snake

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And the snake-related powers don’t stop there. This defense technique is able to completely disarm the enemy, as by summoning two powerful snakes, Sasuke manages to tie him up and restrict him from any new attack. Even the strong embrace of snakes can be deadly.

15. Send

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Even in battle, ninjas can use a summoning technique, in which other creatures can appear to aid them on the field. And Sasuke has some very strong allies, such as Manda, an extremely strong gigantic snake. Though it’s hard to summon her, the character is shrewd enough to have her on his side.

14. Garuda

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The same happens with the hawk Garuda, who has already helped the character out of several completely absurd situations. For the ability to fly, there’s an even more powerful element to this entire narrative construct, and Sasuke takes advantage of the inability of many ninjas to perform summons to stand out even more.

13. Mangekyo

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One of the advanced forms of Sharingan power is Mangekyo, which grants Sasuke unique powers. This way, the character can combine the opponent’s moves to defeat him and still copy all the jutsus that are used by the enemy.

12. Amaterasu

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In addition to all the features that Mangekyo presents, the technique also unlocks other abilities, such as Amaterasu, which basically consists of summoning constant black flames. They can even stay lit for a long period of time, but because of their high destructive power, they are quite dangerous.

11. Susanoo

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In general terms, a Susanoo is about such powerful energy, created from the chakras, that it personifies itself and can help the user in his battles. As Sasuke possesses Mangekyo, this ability is also acquired, granting power with limitless defense and offensive capability.

10. Susanoo Kagutsuchi

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When Sasuke needs to use some of his powers, Susanoo manages to protect him in every way possible, especially when the black flames need to be released. And despite this incredible ability, the character manages to go beyond the basics to gain even more power.

9. Chidori

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Chidori is a technique created by Kakashi Hatake. Everyone knew she was quite dangerous, but Sasuke had to use her. With Chidori, the user concentrates all their chakra-related powers in their hands to assassinate their opponent in an unexpected way. When released, an explosion occurs and kills the enemy instantly.

8. Sword of Kusanagi

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Sasuke also used weapons throughout the anime episodes, completely mastering the art of kenjutsu. As everything can be improved, the character even combines the sword with the chidori technique and becomes even more powerful.

7. Yin

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Naruto and Sasuke developed a very interesting relationship during the series. And as complementary opposites, the two could be combined in their powers. In this way, Sasuke possessed the Six Paths of Yin Power and Naruto mastered the Six Paths of Yang Power. With this technique, both could defeat anyone.

6. Kirin

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Sasuke learned many moves during his numerous trainings as well as head-to-head confrontations. Kirin consists of a very offensive technique, in which it is possible to create instant rays with the concentration of the chakra. The constant danger caused by it, however, means that it can no longer be used at any time.

5. Amenotejikara

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Mastering spacetime jutsus can save a ninja’s skin when the dangers are great. And with this technique, Sasuke is able to go further, also replacing places with some object or someone else. This way, the opponent can be attacked in a surprising way.

4. Space-Time Dojutsu

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Another skill involving the question of space and time caused Sasuke to develop a portal that allowed him to move through all known dimensions. However, there were some limitations caused by the technique that could destabilize it.

3. Chibaku Tensei

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In the anime, it is only possible to visualize this technique once, when Naruto and Sasuke combine their powers to seal Kaguya. Considered by many fans as one of the great moments of the series, the power demonstrated the full strength of both characters through the Yin and Yang.

2. Rinnegan

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A basic but very important technique for Sasuke is the Rinnegan, which grants him even greater speed so that his movements are unnoticed by any opponent. In fact, this power is so great that it allows the character greater control over his own body and other abilities as well.

1. Indra’s Arrow

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Finally, there is also Indra’s arrow, one of the greatest powers Sasuke has in his arsenal. In keeping with Susanoo, the character can create a long bow and also impressive arrows as the chakra develops. That way he is able to neutralize his enemies without any help.

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