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Another week came to an end and the subject that was most talked about on Tecnoblog was Samsung’s provocation about the polishing cloth on sale for R$ 219 at Apple and made available for free by its rival. At TB community, a question about NFC payment systems and the amount of streaming services also sparked debate. Check out these and other matters relating to the period between November 6th and 12th.

TB Comunidade #93 (Image: Reproduction/Technoblog)

Top 5 TB Community Discussions

  1. Google Pay ou Samsung Pay?
  2. Is it okay for me to pay someone else’s bank slip?
  3. Amazon, please accept Pix and billet in installments now!
  4. How to Remove Mystarting123 Browser Virus
  5. What streaming platforms have you maintained?

This week’s most talked about topic on TB community came from a doubt of Lucas Pinheiro: Google Pay or Samsung Pay? Which one to use on Android devices?

The question sparked debate among members on account of Google’s system being visually cleaner and Samsung’s service having a rewards program. To find out the pros and cons of each service, just access the topic in the Community.

Another question that raised discussion was the question of Dodecahedron, who asked if there is any problem in paying someone else’s bank slips.

The staff commented that there is no problem helping a friend who is in need, however, it is important to keep an eye on the amount, since very high amounts may not go through the IRS’s fine-tooth comb. For more details, access the topic and comment!

Netflix on the iPad App Store (Image: Souvik Banerjee / Unsplash)
Netflix on the iPad App Store (Image: Souvik Banerjee / Unsplash)

Finally, an important debate about streaming services was also successful among members of the Community. With the large number of companies offering this type of service, which streaming platforms do you subscribe to?

Tell us which ones make the most sense to you in the thread created by Douglas Knevitz.

The 5 best discussions on Techblog topics

  1. Samsung teases $219 Apple cloth by giving away free accessory
  2. Youtubers make children from Portugal speak “Brazilian” and annoy adults
  3. Instagram signals fake news in Carlos Bolsonaro’s post about Lula
  4. My cat Matilda and the Instagram profiles that come together for a BRL 30,000 drug
  5. YouTube will hide public dislikes to mitigate targeted attacks

Regarding the articles published on Tecnoblog that generated the most discussion, Samsung’s provocation about the polishing cloth for sale by Apple was the most read article of the week.

According to the Dutch website Galaxy Club, Germany’s Samsung announced that if customers wanted a polishing cloth for their cellphones, just ask for the Samsung Members app. However, the offer was limited to the first 1,000 participants and has now closed.

These provocations of the South Korean company have become common in recent times, especially when it comes to the absence of chargers in the sale of iPhones and also when it comes to Notch.

Polishing Cloth sold by Apple (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

Another article among the most talked about between 6 and 12 November was a report by a Portuguese newspaper on the influence of Brazilian YouTubers in the speech of Portuguese children.

In Portugal, children started to use expressions and even Brazilian Portuguese accents, as there is much more content made by youtubers here than there. To better understand and be entertained with the reports, just access the article.

Finally, YouTube’s decision to hide dislikes from the public also caught the attention of members of the Community. According to the platform, the move is to prevent coordinated user attacks on new content creators and small channels, thus increasing the number of users.

More details about this change can be found in the article.

That’s all, folks! These were the most talked about topics of the week. Be sure to follow the Techblog and participate in community discussions.

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