Samsung Neo QLED TV, why is it the best TV to follow Euro football

With its Neo QLED range, Samsung is deploying an armada of innovations and technologies designed to offer viewers an unprecedented television experience, combined with incredible image and sound quality. The ultimate in not missing anything from the European Football Championship.

With the Euro approaching, which kicks off on June 11, many are considering investing in a new television to share the event with family or friends. Samsung’s recent Neo QLED range, of TVs with a refined design that take advantage of the manufacturer’s latest innovations, is perfectly suited to meet the expectations of the most demanding viewers.

For their giant screens that immerse you in the heart of the action

Composed of latest-generation 4K and 8K televisions, the Neo QLED range is available in several screen sizes, most often generous, which even reach the giant 85-inch format (i.e. a diagonal of 2m15). Something to make the whole family dream.

Beyond the flying diagonals, the screens of the Neo QLED literally immerse the viewer in his program, primarily thanks to an exceptional design. These new screens benefit from ultra-thin and discreet borders, which give pride of place to the image. The most upscale models, equipped with a so-called “infinity” screen, claim the name borderless, with an image that occupies 99% of the total surface of the television.

samsung neo qled

Thanks to new on-board technologies, even the thickness of these Neo QLEDs literally melts. The frames of the first models do not exceed 25 mm in thickness, while the stars of the range sport an insolent thinness of 15 mm.

The Neo QLEDs, even among the largest models, thus fit perfectly into any interior, placed on a TV cabinet or, better, fixed to the wall thanks to the optional wall bracket. Offered in a new removable version on 8K models, the One Connect remote box which centralizes the connections and equips the vast majority of Neo QLEDs, for its part, hides unsightly cables. Everything is designed to erase any material element in favor of image and sound. Football fans will be able to experience a game as if they were in the stands!

samsung tv neo qled

For captivating image quality that turns a match into a spectacle

A design, however spectacular, would not be enough to convince without an equally exceptional image. For its new generation of televisions, Samsung adds to its flagship technology Quantum Dots – these inorganic particles that cover 100% of the color volume, for a more vivid image and sublimated colors – a new backlighting technology, particularly innovative.

Conventional LEDs are thus replaced by Quantum Mini LEDs, 40x smaller, allowing a greater number of them to be integrated – on the order of several thousand, divided into hundreds of zones. The goal of this new backlighting system? Combined with in-house Quantum Matrix control technology, it allows much finer management of light, improving precision and rendering the image and preventing blooming (halo phenomena).

Thanks to these Mini LEDs, the light is guided precisely there and only where it is needed. While reducing the thickness of TVs as we have seen previously, these Mini LEDs make it possible to display even brighter, more vivid and extremely detailed images. Depending on the model, the peak brightness can reach up to 4000 nits. The contrast offered, striking with its deep blacks, is perfectly suited to HDR content. Neither too dark nor too bright, the image thus benefits from many levels of light intensity.

samsung tv neo qled

For its many assets that allow you to enjoy the matches, even with several

For the viewer, with Quantum HDR10 + technology present in all Neo QLEDs, this is the guarantee of obtaining a sumptuous picture, whatever the light environment. Better yet, the new Adaptive HDR10 + feature relies on the TV’s built-in light sensor to deliver a high-contrast, detailed picture, any time of the day. The possibility of enjoying the Euro in the middle of the day as well as in the evening.

There is also no question of a mere ray of sunshine playing the spoilsport at a strategic point in the game. Samsung has thought of everything with an anti-reflection filter present on all the models in its range. The happy owner of a Neo QLED no longer has to worry about where to put their TV to enjoy the incredible vividness of colors and the deep blacks that will appear on the screen. Better, thanks to this filter and the huge panels of the new Neo QLEDs, the whole family or a whole group of friends will benefit from the same level of quality, namely a perfectly homogeneous image, regardless of where everyone is. installed. Everyone accesses TV content exactly as it is supposed to be played. In addition, from the QN95A (4K) series, the new QLEDs benefit from wider viewing angles.

Beyond these functions, the new Neo Quantum processor makes a contribution. Nourished by artificial intelligence, it delivers a perfectly optimized image in 4K or 8K, regardless of the source definition. We can bet that with the 33 million pixels displayed by the 8K models, which reproduce the images in great detail, the many spectators gathered around the Euro matches will not miss a thing of the show.

samsung tv neo qled

Finally, it should be noted that Samsung, with its Quantum Dots technology, can afford to offer its new televisions a 10-year anti-marking warranty. No discoloration will spoil the future Championships of the decade.

For unparalleled sound that will leave no viewer indifferent

The faithful transmission of fan chants and cries is an important part of the atmosphere of a match. When it comes to the audio quality of its new range, Samsung has taken care of its copy as well as the image. Its Neo QLED TVs reproduce dynamic, particularly immersive sound, thanks to speakers located all around the screen and thanks to the OTS (Object Tracking Sound) system, which offers three-dimensional rendering using AI. The sound thus accompanies the images displayed on the screen perfectly. On the 900A 8k model, no less than 10 speakers (80W for a 6.2.2 system with integrated woofer) are integrated. Driven by the new OTS Pro system, they are capable of delivering the most realistic voice reproduction, which immerses every listener in the action.

For those who opt for a Q-Series soundbar, the Neo QLED’s Q-Symphony system synchronizes the sound of the two sources for an even more intense rendering.

For its original functions that boost sports programs

All Neo QLED TVs offer a refresh rate of 120Hz (up to 4K), for ultra-smooth images, so you can fully appreciate the action during a game. In games in particular, this 4K at 120 Hz is supported by the Motion Xcelerator Turbo +, which gives access to a prodigious precision of movement. The opportunity to continue the party, after a match, with a few games of FIFA or any other sports game? Especially since with the built-in FreeSync Premium Pro feature, gamers will avoid any tearing phenomenon, with images scrolling at the speed intended. Finally, thanks to their HDMI 2.1 connection, the Neo QLEDs are compatible with the latest game consoles.

samsung tv neo qled

As Smart TVs, the Neo QLEDs provide access to a large catalog of content and to all possible and imaginable TV channels, whether free or paid. No matter which channels the matches are shown on, you shouldn’t miss a single one. And this, even when several meetings take place at the same time. Indeed, without even having to start a recording, the Multi View system of the Neo QLED can display 2 to 4 programs simultaneously depending on the TV models. Or the possibility of watching two games and a sports program at the same time. And why not ? – leave a chat window open to communicate remotely with your absent friends.

And after the Euro?

Once the European Football Championship ends on July 11, the Neo QLED will still be the centerpiece of your living room, with many other features to discover and experience such as video calls with Google Duo or the game bar of the Tizen OS to optimize the games. Designed with the environment in mind, Samsung’s new televisions, delivered in their eco-packaging, are built to last. The new Neo QLED remote control thus uses recycled materials in part and can be recharged by USB or solar energy.

Have you made your choice ? On June 11, all you have to do is buy beers and pizzas to enjoy the magic of the show …

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