Samsung launches headphones with smart noise canceling at 229 €

Galaxy Buds Pro are finally official! As announced, Samsung took advantage of the conference dedicated to the Galaxy S21 to lift the veil on a new pair of wireless headphones with intelligent active noise reduction technology. Release date, price and technical sheet… we tell you everything you need to know about the Buds Pro.

This Thursday, January 14, 2021, Samsung announced several new ultra expected products, including the famous Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra. At the Unpacked conference, the South Korean giant also presented the headphones intended to succeed the Galaxy Buds Live launched last year, the Galaxy Buds Pro. As a reminder, headphones have appeared multiple times on the web in recent weeks. In particular, they have already been offered for sale by an individual on Facebook and on the Staples website, a Canadian brand.

With this new generation of True Wireless headphones, Samsung is already abandoning the bean-shaped design inaugurated in 2020. The manufacturer instead relies on a more classic form factor with an in-ear tip. Theoretically, this design should offer better passive noise cancellation. Unsurprisingly, the headphones come with a charging and carrying case.

Active and intelligent noise reduction, transparency mode and automatic switching

Like the Buds Live, the Buds Pro are equipped withactive noise reduction technology. The manufacturer claims that 99% of sounds from the environment are blocked by noise reduction. To cancel out the noise, the headphones pick up sounds around them and transmit inverted waves.

Samsung offers two levels of noise cancellation to users : high or low. A transparency mode called “Ambient Sound” completes the settings and lets all surrounding sounds filter out. This mode allows you to answer a caller without having to remove the headphones. It has 4 different transparency modes, depending on your surroundings and noise sensitivity. These modes can be voice activated / deactivated with the help of Bixby, Samsung’s home voice assistant.

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With the Buds Pro, Samsung also and above all inaugurates so-called “intelligent” noise reduction. Concretely, the headphones are able to automatically switch from active noise reduction mode to transparency mode if a person speaks to you. In fact, Buds Pro can identify the presence of a human voice, even in the midst of cacophony.

Similarly, the headphones will automatically and momentarily mute the music when the wearer begins to speak. “Once the conversation is over, the Buds Pro will return directly to the user-defined settings” welcomes Samsung. In the settings of the companion Galaxy Wearables App, you are free to define after how long (5-10-15 seconds) the music should restart.

Samsung also evokes a function called Auto-Switch, the equivalent of automatic failover at Apple. Buds Pro will automatically switch from your tablet to your Galaxy smartphone depending on what you’re doing. If you are watching a movie on your Galaxy Tab 7 and suddenly pick up the hook to answer a call on your Galaxy S21, the headphones will switch.

Like the Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, the Buds Pro feature the sound spatialization. This option provides sound with a wide listening range and adapts to the user’s head movements. Thus, the sound “follows” the movements of the wearer. Obviously, this functionality is reserved for watching movies.

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Samsung entrusts the autonomy of the headsets to a battery of 61 mAh each. For its part, the case incorporates a 472 mAh battery. Ultimately, the Buds Pro offer up to 28 hours of battery lifewhich is 20% more than Live Buds. Finally, the Galaxy Buds Pro are IPX7 certified, which provides protection in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

Release on Friday January 29, 2021 at the price of 229 euros

Samsung will market the Galaxy Buds Pro at a price of 229 euros, or 30 € more than the Live Buds. Wireless headphones will hit the market on Friday January 29, 2021. Samsung is offering a pair of Buds Pro when pre-ordering the S21s.

What do you think of this new generation of Samsung headphones? Are you going to trade your AirPods for the Buds Pro? We await your opinion in the comments below.

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