Samsung Drops Galaxy S20, Cdiscount Announces PS5 Stocks, Weekly Recap%

Samung no longer sells the Galaxy S20, new stocks of PS5 will soon be available at Cdiscount, a Windows 10 case causes a blue screen of death, this is the recap of the week.

Recap of the week

The Galaxy S20 is no more, and gives way to new generations. The S21 of course, but also the Huawei P50 Pro which has been revealed a little more this week over the leaks. The other discovery of the week is also this Windows 10 folder which, once opened, results in a blue screen of death. Don’t panic, there is little chance you will need to get there. Unlike the Cdiscount site, which will sell several PS5s on February 2. Lidl, meanwhile, is banned from selling its food processor across Europe.

Folder causes blue screen of death on Windows 10

\. globalroot device condrv kernelconnect. Does it ring a bell ? This is normal, there is little chance that you will ever need to access this folder. Great good for you: type this path in the address bar of the file explorer or in the command prompt of Windows 10, and you will be rewarded with a blue screen of death. Discovered by security researcher Jonas Lykkegaard, this bug is caused by the need for developers to enter an attribute when trying to access the folder. And if you ever thought that this flaw did not concern you, know that hackers can use it to launch large-scale attacks. The latter have only send url file to the victim who directs to the buggy file.

Windows 10 blue screen

Samsung draws a line on the Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 is dead, place the Galaxy S21. Samsung’s new flagship was announced on January 14, and on the 19 that followed, its predecessor was already showing in sold out on the firm’s online store. Only the FE model of the smartphone is still available. This is certainly the first time that Samsung has separated so quickly from its old premium line. But this decision stems from reasoning that is ultimately quite logical. On the one hand, the Galaxy S20 achieved disappointing sales scores throughout 2020. On the other hand, its successor is in every way more interesting for users: the new premium range is cheaper, while its performance is better.

Samsung galaxy s20

We know more about the Huawei P50 Pro

A few days after an alleged stolen photo of the P50 Pro appeared on the SlashLeaks site, the first 3d renderings have surfaced on the Net. The flagship is thus equipped with6.6 ”perforated screen, encircled by thin borders. The back side reveals a quintuple photo sensor stored in a rectangular and elongated block. That’s not all. A leak followed shortly thereafter, announcing a 120 Hz touch screen as well as the presence of an SoC Kirin 9000. Finally, its battery would be compatible with the 66 W wired fast charging and the 55W wireless charging.

Huawei p50

The creator of the Thermomix accuses Lidl of counterfeiting

Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine is a bit too similar to the Thermomix for the taste of Vorwerk, the German company that developed the latter. And it is not the only one: Spain has already banned the sale of the food processor for plagiarism. Vorwerk now captures French courts, in the hope of a similar result. “The procedure launched in France is similar to that launched in Spain, it is about non-compliance with patents. We have 70 patent families on the last three generations of Thermomix plus the Thermomix® Friend ” explains the firm. This calls into question in particular the functionality that allows weigh food.

Monsieur Cuisine Ldli

New PS5 stocks on February 2nd!

Will Cdiscount be able to end the PS5 shortage? With the announcement of stocks available on February 2, hope is in order. However, nothing is less certain. When on January 18, Carrefour put new consoles on sale on its website, they went off at lightning speed. The same goes for January 20, when Cdiscount also put PS5s on sale. We do not yet know the details of February 2, namely the opening time of sales and the number of consoles available. As always, it will be necessary to stay on the lookout for the slightest information. In the meantime, Amazon has announced a stock of 600 consoles available soon.

PS5 Cdiscount

Our tests of the week

The latest high-end flagship from Samsung and the potential competitors of the Airpods Pro. The SoC of Galaxy S21 Ultra fulfills its performance promises, while its battery is better than that of its predecessors, although still below that of its competitors. On the other hand, if the smartphone is undoubtedly of good quality, it is difficult not to regret theabsence of a microSD port. From € 1,259. The Oppo Enco X definitely have nothing to envy to the Airpods Pro. Their more compact design andexcellent sound experience proposed support effective active noise reduction. Too bad that the HeyMelody application, in addition to being absent from the App Store, does not offer a frequency equalizer. AT € 179 the pair, these are the most expensive headphones of the brand, but they remain much less expensive than those of Apple.

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