Round 6: 10 inconsistencies in the Netflix series that annoyed fans


the korean series Round 6 debuted in the Netlfix catalog on September 17th. The horror series is an interesting combination of the politics of Hunger Games with the carnage and tension of Battle Royale. However, another detail caught the attention of the show: some narrative inconsistencies.

K-Drama, as Korean television productions are known, is a great alternative for those who love the deadly competition theme, but it brought some holes in the plot and logic of the series that did not go unnoticed by fans.

Because of this, Minha Série decided to point out 10 things that don’t make sense in Round 6. Look!

10. Participant 001

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The elderly participant is one of the most outstanding plots of the program. In the end, it turns out that number 001 was actually a VIP and was only in the competition out of boredom. The character had a brain tumor and several health problems, but even so, he didn’t die in any of the games or even in the rebellion, surviving to the end. Which might be a little pointless.

9. Was the contract deceptive?

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None of the participants were required to take part in the game. They are all volunteers and signed a contract. However, one of the clauses should be, at the very least, misleading.

They knew that whoever lost the game would be eliminated, but throughout history it is somewhat clear that some of the people there had not understood that “to be eliminated” meant to be brutally murdered. Doesn’t seem very fair, does it?

8. The principles of the game are contradictory

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The most important principle of the game, according to the Host, is the idea that all participants have the same opportunities in there. Well, how to explain the number 456 then? Throughout the series, it’s clear that the number 001, which was a VIP, helped him win and survive the game. Does anyone explain this advantage?

7. Lots of help for participant 456

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As stated before, the protagonist of K-Drama receives many advantages during the game, something too strange to be just luck or coincidence. The main culprit was the number 001, which helped him cheat and win the game. An inconsistency in relation to the initial idea.

6. Lots of cheating

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The game’s principles are clearly against cheating, but interestingly, the various cameras on the scene don’t catch any of the times someone is cheating. In one case, the organization itself sabotages the game, turning off the lights so that one of the participants doesn’t win. A hell of a whiff of hypocrisy.

5. Nobody cares about the knocked out VIP

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At one point in the fourth game, the undercover cop is called to have sex with one of the VIPs. Before being unmasked, he knocks out the person, who is missing. However, none of the other VIPs seem to notice the character’s absence. The question that remains is: as no one was concerned about the security gaps in the place?

4. Participants are unfairly eliminated

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Among the weird things that happen in the game are the unjust and pointless killings. The most striking of all must be the number 067, which was standing out in the games. During the fifth game, 067 makes it into the top three, but is wounded in an explosion on the glass bridge, which ultimately proves fatal to the character.

3. 218’s mother adopts 067’s brother

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In the end, number 456 went after the orders of his dead colleagues. Mixing business with pleasure, he simply leaves the brother of 067 for the mother of 218 to take care of. The unquestioning way in which the dead friend’s mother accepts the orphan is far from plausible. She doesn’t ask anything about the child, nor does she appear to be dealing with the loss of a child.

2. The origin of the Host

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The plot that the Host is the detective’s brother and a former winner of the game is simply too exaggerated for the plot of K-Drama. What makes this part of the plot even more confusing is the fact that gamers continue to monitor the winners after the competition ends. How did he become the Host anyway? A question for season 2 of Round 6!

1. Security is too weak

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Most of the inconsistencies mentioned above warn of the biggest one: the competition’s security is extremely weak. There are many controversial events and many cheating in a game full of rules and very well guarded. The entry of weapons into the venue is another security flaw in the game, which leaves a lot to be desired for such a serious event.

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