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Riot Games demanded the shutdown of a video server League of Legends (LoL) created by fans, called Chronoshift. Started five years ago, the project would let users play a “legacy” version of LoL 10 years ago. One of the server’s developers, however, accused Riot of trying to extort the team just to get the Chronoshift, but the producer denied the allegations.

League of Legends (Image: Disclosure / Riot Games)

League of Legends (Image: Disclosure / Riot Games)

The team of Chronoshift accused Riot of extortion

On April 24, the user “ChronoshiftDev” published a text on Reddit, in which he said he was contacted by an employee of the security team at Riot Games. The developer included in the post a printout of the email sent by the production company LoL, in which a rioter named “Zed” asked to talk to the person in charge of Chronoshift on a server on Discord.

The conversation took place between the rioter and a user named Lord Lothendran. Zed said that Riot’s legal department “was not happy with the project” and “wanted to find a solution acceptable to both sides” without taking the case to court. The developer asked for time to get to work and turn on the computer before responding.

Soon afterwards, in a more incisive tone, Zed implied that Riot was observing the conversations of the research team. Chronoshift claiming that he had “saved all messages” before the project channel on Discord was deleted. The rioter then threatened to sue the team if they did not deliver the site, the server’s source code, and all “identifiable information” exchanged between developers.

Give me what I’m looking for and we won’t sue you. Refuse, and we sue. I don’t want to prolong this. If you think you should speak to a legal representative, you can. I’m on the security team. I meet people and things. I do not practice law and have little or nothing to do with the legal processes in which Riot is involved. We can reach an agreement to end this today or we can take it to court. To be honest, I don’t care in any way.

Riot Zed, in a message on Discord

ChronoshiftDev posted the print with the full conversation on Reddit and claimed that Zed had tried to extort the team with the threat. In the comments of the post, the community began to question the veracity of the conversation. Many argued that a Riot Games employee would not use this type of approach, and that this could be a way for developers to abandon the project without needing to justify themselves.

Chronoshift was a legacy LoL server parked in 2011 (Image: Press Release / Chronoshift)

Chronoshift was a legacy LoL server parked in 2011 (Image: Press Release / Chronoshift)

Riot Games acknowledged Zed’s messages

Sought by PC Gamer, Riot Games acknowledged Zed’s messages, but said it was “disappointed in the tone of the conversation.” The company also claimed to have sent a letter to the Chronoshift yesterday (27), formally asking them to stop the development of the project, as it violated section three of the producer’s legal terms.

In the letter, the creator of LoL explained that intellectual property is “extremely valuable and, therefore, Riot takes this issue seriously”. Soon after, the company demanded that the server be closed, the removal of all posts from the social networks of Chronoshift and the delivery of all programs related to the project, including clients and source code.

In addition, the company clarified that this decision was made because the Chronoshift it had already been notified in 2020 on the Reddit topic where the server was announced. “Praying to ask you not to do that, please,” wrote Riot Gene. “We have simple and easy-to-read policies on product development involving Riot Games. Please read the terms in”, Concluded the rioter.

Developers of Chronoshift closed the server

Developers of Chronoshift fulfilled the most recent demands from Riot Games and closed the server, but did not agree with the process. Currently, the project website ( only has a message from the team to the players.

This project has always been about preserving the first seasons of the game that can no longer be accessed, a time capsule for something that is gone and that people are still very interested in today. Instead of talking about the future and the interest in this type of project, they tried to take advantage of our work for free and sue us. We are extremely disappointed with how Riot chose to deal with this situation.

Chronoshift team, in a statement

With information: PC Gamer, Kotaku.

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