Riot Games bans a YouTuber with 7 million subscribers from his games for life after sexist and toxic remarks

IShowSpeed, a probably minor Youtuber peaking at 6.9 million subscribers, has just been banned for life from Valorant and all Riot Games games, following sexist insults and various toxic remarks made during a session. The case has, as usual, sparked the eternal debate on trash talk in video games.

streamer banned sexist comments

Video games, particularly online, have always been plagued by toxic users who do not hesitate to publicly display their hatred towards certain communities, or quite simply their violent anger. However, it is only recently that the big names in the industry have begun to speak out on the subject. Earlier this year, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said he wants toxic gamers banned from all platforms.

Video game publishers are also trying to do their part, like Activision, which regularly bans huge waves of users making problematic comments. Never managed to solve the problem. Today, what is commonly referred to as the ” trash talk is, for better or for worse, an integral part of video game culture. A culture notably perpetrated by Violent Youtubers and Streamers adored by their community.

Despite his 6.9 million subscribers, he gets banned from all Riot Games games

It is, among other things, thanks to his sudden and virulent outbursts of anger that IShowSpeedrose to prominence on YouTube. As of this writing, his chain peaks at more than 7 million subscribers . Streaming since 2016 games as varied as Fortnite, NBA 2K or even Five Nights At Freddy’s, a constant emerges despite everything from his videos: his extremely violent remarks towards his opponents as well as his teammates.

His behavior has already earned him permanently banned from Twitchin December 2021 for threatening influencer Ash Kaash with rape live. But the case took on a whole new dimension when, on April 6, 2022, esports commentator Jake Lucky reposted on his Twitter account a clip from IShowSpeed ​​during a session on the game Valorant. In the video, we can see the Youtuber violently insulting another player proclaiming several sexist comments, in particular encouraging him to “Quit this damn game and do the dishes for her husband”.

“I now understand why Valorant queues are so incredibly toxic”déclare Jake Lucky. “One of YouTube’s most popular streamers, IShowSpeed, says stupid things like that and gets nothing but praise and laughter. » One followed gigantic controversywhich reached the ears of Sara Dadafshar, producer of Valorant. The latter then made the decision to ban IShowSpeed ​​from the game for life,as well as all other Riot Game titless. YouTube is also reportedly considering similar penalties.

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IShowSpeed ​​Ban Reignites Toxicity Debate in Video Games

The story could have ended there, but that would be without counting on the tremendous willingness of the Internet to debate subjects that are difficult to defend. Indeed, this did not prevent several influencers from show their support for the old streame r, initially saying that the latter’s young age should help explain his reckless behavior. Still others point to the many racist remarks of which he was the victim following the explosion of the affair.

But above all, the main argument raised by the defenders of IShowSpeed ​​is that trash talk would not be a toxic practice. For many, the comments made are not real and must be taken into account in the context of the game. Which, apparently, would justify the attacks on minorities and other communities regularly targeted by cyberbullying.

IShowSpeed, for its part, hasquickly apologizedfollowing the publication of the famous clip, claiming to recognize his bad behavior.

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