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What would the game world be without direct competition within the genres? Surely we would be seeing games without weight in development or producers evolving franchises at a much slower pace than we currently see, right?

THE nacon decided to set fire to the motorcycle simulation, when it launched at the end of August RiMS Racing, which combines two ingredients never seen before in a racing game so effectively.

This is great for the gaming world, as franchises motorcycle GP and ride, gives Milestone Sr.l., has everything to be bothered with the arrival of this new monster. In the next few lines I will describe a little of what I found in the excellent RIMS Racing.

rich mix

RiMS Racing is a motorcycle racing game that mixes two ingredients that didn’t mix until then. A game that reminds a lot of what was seen for many years in Gran Turismo, with dozens of options, clues and mechanical varieties.

THE nacon already have a great deal of experience in racing simulators, just see the excellent work done in the franchise World Rally Championship. With that, they just needed to transfer all the good work to the two wheels.

RiMS Racing will please the most casual and also the players looking for a simulation inside the tracks. The game brings several assistances in driving the bike, letting players customize the best way possible.

Even so, simulation fans also find a game to match in this regard, with a gameplay full of possibilities.

Add to that circuits known in the world of speed, such as Silverstone, Laguna Seca, Suzuka, among others. Ah, it’s still possible to open up very well-made street circuits. In fact, this is another great detail.

The graphics are excellent, standing up to other great racing games. The bikes were very beautiful and the scenario tries to translate as much reality as possible. Too bad that playing in 4k is still a challenge, due to some framerate drops.

I believe that an optimization can be thought of in the near future, so that the game’s immersion can improve even more.

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If all these factors would already serve to please motorcycle enthusiasts, now comes the great icing on the cake. RIMS Racing brings an absurd mechanical customization mode, allowing you to literally change every screw on your motorcycle.

If you’ve had the opportunity to play a game from the Car Mechanic Simulator series, you’ll understand what I’m getting at. The game allows you to manually change the pieces, not just replace them with a menu. Some may not like it, but I liked it.

You can still sell worn parts on the market so you can buy new ones. It’s practically a minigame within all the excellent work produced inside the tracks.

Rest assured if you don’t understand much about motorcycle parts. The game features a complete in-game tutorial, which at times can be boring, but if you’re interested in learning, you’ll be very pleased.

RiMS Racing Trailer Shows Bike Customization | Hu3br

And don’t think it stopped there. The possibility of changing the car’s mechanisms in a complex way, making the immersion even greater for true racing enthusiasts.


As seen in the company’s latest racing game, WRC 9, in RIMS Racing, the player will be able to take care of his team. There is customization for the driver, management of the race calendar and even the famous area R&D, to improve and invest in the team’s skills.

All of this will help improve your performance on the tracks and make life difficult for opponents, regardless of your team’s financial situation. Each step must be taken with care, for the best possible growth

RiMS Racing (2021) promotional art - MobyGames

Even inside the track, during the race, the game allows changing the mechanisms of the motorcycle. As much as you have few options for motorcycles, it is clear that the company chose between physics than the amount of possibilities in this regard.

needs some improvement

RiMS Racing brings ingredients that can help a lot for the game to be considered one of the best ever made in the genre. Players can dispute some news, but most of them pleased me.

As much as the game has an excellent simulation on the track, the artificial intelligence is still flawed and somehow limits the fun. You can see that the game still needs to better balance the difficulty levels so that everything fits.

As much as you can’t find the famous tracks of opponents, where you can see similar driving mechanics, many of the artificial intelligences still fall short in terms of competitiveness.

Another important point to make is to improve the feeling of speed. This was also seen in motorcycle GP. At certain times the motorcycle is at 100 km per hour, but the feeling is that it is stopped on the track.

First gameplay trailer for RiMS Racing unveiled | Traxion

It is worth it?

RiMS Racing he’s here to stay, knock on the door and tell his competitors that he’s going to have a fight until the end. The game brings excellent fun in terms of simulation, even though the choice of motorcycles is limited.

By merging the feeling of being a true mechanic, the game takes a step ahead of its rivals, making the player know every detail of your machine.

“I want to see if you are a good mechanic too”

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