Rick & Morty: 7 crazy theories as we wait for season 5


On June 20th, Adult Swim will resume showing Rick & Morty, which will present its 5th season to the public.

The new episodes promise to bring great emotions and adventures for viewers and, perhaps for this reason, many of them have been using the internet to share their crazy theories about what the characters have faced in the past that could impact their future.

Check out, therefore, with this list, some of the most bizarre theories that have been found on the web!

7. Breaking the fourth wall

(Adult Swim/Reproduction)(Adult Swim/Reproduction)Source:  Adult Swim

Throughout their seasons already shown to the public, the characters often used metalinguistic resources to move the story forward. In this way, looking at the camera and making a joke is something common in the series.

However, there is a theory that the characters only do this because they think they are connected by an intergalactic cable. This would explain several issues involving Beth and Jerry, for example.

6. Jerry’s unemployment

(Adult Swim/Reproduction)(Adult Swim/Reproduction)Source:  Adult Swim

Jerry has been unemployed since we practically met him. And deep down, the public would know why this happens, going beyond their own incompetence.

According to this theory, Jerry would have betrayed his world, because after “The Rickshank Rickdemption” in Season 3, the Galactic Federation had recognized some pro-invasion elements coming from him.

5. The talking cat

(Adult Swim/Reproduction)(Adult Swim/Reproduction)Source:  Adult Swim

Something very questioned on the show is why there is a talking cat. We may never know the answer to that question, but there is an amusing theory that explains some things. At the end of the special shown in 2019, Rick examined the cat’s mind to try to discover the reason for his speech.

Whatever he discovered, however, was so horrible that it made Jerry vomit immediately, prompting Rick to release the cat shortly thereafter. Thus, the theory guarantees that the talking cat would be a messenger from the breeder Dan Harmon, trying to communicate to the personahens that this is all a TV series.

4. Jerry would be Beth’s Morty

(Adult Swim/Reproduction)(Adult Swim/Reproduction)Source:  Adult Swim

Adult Swim animation tackles time travel, parallel universes and other issues that easily escape viewers’ understanding. For this reason, there are several versions of the same characters interacting in different ways.

One theory guarantees that Beth and Jerry would be, respectively, Rick and Morty in one of these versions, mainly because of their personalities. The explanation would be directly linked to the great arc of one of the seasons, in which the Rick of Dimension C-137 would have been accused of murdering several other Ricks.

3. Rick and Beth

(Adult Swim/Reproduction)(Adult Swim/Reproduction)Source:  Adult Swim

While this isn’t necessarily a theory, some fans have delved deeply into some loose issues in the series and pieced together a puzzle.

In season 4, Rick revealed that he already knew which was the real Beth and which was her clone, especially since there was a record of the event filmed in 3rd person. Viewers also discovered that what prompted Rick to clone his daughter was caused by a disagreement between the two and not because Beth had asked him to.

2. President Morty

(Adult Swim/Reproduction)(Adult Swim/Reproduction)Source:  Adult Swim

The only way for Rick from Dimension C-137 to defeat the “killer” Rick was with the help of his Morty. But this criminal was never really a murderer, as he was being controlled by a Morty, who was even nicknamed Evil Morty by fans later on.

In an episode of Season 3, we find out more about this Morty’s rise to power. The theory in question states that President Morty would have used a corrupt scheme to manipulate his own election, controlling the mind of a specific Rick to finish off other Ricks.

1. Rick will restart the series in season 5

(Adult Swim/Reproduction)(Adult Swim/Reproduction)Source:  Adult Swim

For the past four seasons, audiences have watched Rick and the Smith family complete a grand dramatic arc. And after the airing of a particular episode in Season 4, a theory shared over the internet has recently gained even more traction.

She assures Rick goes to another dimension in Season 5 in order to start a new life with his alternate family. This would happen because he would have already learned what not to do with his current family and would be ready to live other adventures in a different way.

Despite being a theory consistent with the fundamental aspects of this character, it would be somewhat strange not to see an exact continuity in what has been watched so far.

What do you think of all these theories? Be sure to speculate with us through the comments!

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