Rick and Morty: the 10 best episodes of the animated series

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Rick and Morty is an animated series full of captivating situations and characters with very interesting nuances. When it comes to choosing a favorite episode, the task becomes quite challenging, as there are many possibilities that transcend the creativity of the writers and bring very innovative narrative mechanisms to the screens.

There are several chapters that end up standing out for different reasons. After four seasons and a huge amount of analyzed intergalactic adventures, in this list we have some chapters that are quite commented and celebrated among fans of the production.

10. “Total Rickall” (4th episode of the 2nd season)

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In this episode we have an overview of what the protagonists do best throughout the series. An alien race manages to convince its hosts that they are its best friends, and this idea has a very comical development. There are several dialogues that are based on very funny false memories and a surprising outcome.

9. “Meeseeks and Destroy” (5th episode of the 1st season)

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The Meeseeks, who are smiling figures and completely bluish, have become icons among fans of the series. Obviously, one of his appearances could not be left out of this list. As much as the script has some problems, there is still the essence of Rick and Morty there, and promoting it is not an easy task; therefore, it is one of the most interesting episodes that have ever been shown in production.

8. “Rixty Minutes” (8th episode of the 1st season)

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Bringing to the surface a completely different plot from all that had been presented until then, the series innovated with stylistic constructions and the relationships of its exposed characters. Indeed, it was from that episode that viewers saw that the series could have a lot of dramatic and emotional appeal, since there are many interesting conflicts and unmissable dialogues.

7. “Rattlestar Ricklatica” (5th episode of the 4th season)

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After Morty is bitten by a space snake, he launches another into space and ends up destroying an entire planet. In this mistake, the spectators are presented with an adventure completely different from everything that has already been seen: it is an episode focused on the absurd. For those who are used to the characters, it is a full plate almost impossible not to be enjoyed.

6. “Promortyus” (7th episode of the 4th season)

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From time to time, the series surprises the audience in an overwhelming way. “Promortyus” is a great example, focused on time travel, destroyed planets, genocides that would have happened without greater pretensions and a certain deep-seated melancholy. The twists and turns in the script are very visible and can leave anyone who proposes to watch with their eyes on the screen.

5. “A Rickle in Time” (1st episode of the 2nd season)

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Opening the works for the 2nd season, the episode takes place in the middle of the freezing of the time that ended the 1st year. In this sense, there are some evident confusions between paradoxical realities and infinite temporal flows, which leaves a mark on how the series develops in a genius way.

4. “The ABCs of Beth” (9th episode of season 3)

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Written by Mike McMahan and directed by Juan Meza-León, this episode features alternative realities and well-developed characters in fictional narratives that occur within fictional narratives. It sounds complex, but this proposition in the series is what makes it a huge success among viewers.

3. “The Ricklantis Mixup” (7th episode of the 3rd season)

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While the main characters are going on an adventure in Atlantis, the public sees the extraordinary daily life in the Citadel of the Ricks. There are some very curious stories that altogether make sense for what has been presented so far. The episode also adds new creative layers for posterity.

2. “The Vat of Acid Episode” (8th episode of the 4th season)

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Every aspect of this episode deserves total admiration on the part of the audience, since again the writers’ creativity stands out. To develop a simple plot, there are many alternative realities for each scene presented. In this world of novelties, there is the inclusion of elements that, when combined, bring brilliant innovations.

1. “Pickle Rick” (3rd episode of the 3rd season)

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Finally, an episode that brought mixed emotions to the audience. The creators’ inventiveness turns Rick into a pickle and develops a narrative based on that, bringing discussions, criticisms and other issues to the heart of the matter. It is definitely one of the best chapters presented in such an innovative animation.

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