Rick and Morty season 4: see 10 fun facts about the series

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The 4th season of Rick and Morty finally available on Netflix, HBO Max and Hulu. After a waiting period almost as long as the History of the Train, our favorite characters are back to fix new, worrisome and unexpected problems across the galaxy.

Want to know more about the 4th season of Rick and Morty and some unpublished curiosities of the animation while waiting for the 5th season? So, you’ve come to the right place!

See 10 fun facts about Rick and Morty season 4:

1. Rick’s ship was based … on trash

That’s right. According to Brent Noll, animation designer, the team decided from the beginning that Rick would make his inventions with articles found in the trash. So, with the ship, it couldn’t be different.

2. Meanwhile, Rick is based on the design director

(Source: Adult Swim / Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim / Disclosure)Source: Adult Swim

Another of the most important curiosities about Rick and Morty is that one of the characters has his personality based on Bryan Newton, director of animation. For him, sarcasm is one of the most prevalent qualities.

3. Rick cannot die

If you’ve watched the other seasons of the cartoon, you may have wondered a few times how they manage to escape so much trouble. And the truth is that Rick is practically indestructible! In fact, the director said in an interview that he may even die by unconventional means, but did not reveal what they are.

4. The talking cat was not important

Many people wondered what was the meaning of the talking cat voiced by Matthew Broderick. The answer is a disappointment (although expected): it means nothing and is not important. The character was included in the script for Rick and Morty just for humor.

5. The dragon was almost pooped

(Source: Adult Swim / Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim / Disclosure)Source: Adult Swim

In one of the episodes of season 4, Rick and Morty fight a dragon. However, one of the initial drawings showed the creature completely covered in feces. Fortunately, the team decided that this was too much even by design standards.

6. The space snake episode has been ready for years

Meanwhile, the script for the episode with a space snake has been ready for years. In fact, it should have happened in season 3, however, the writers did not find the ideal cue for production. Soon, it was recycled to be part of the 4th season of Rick and Morty.

7. The dynamics of the Promortyus episode was unprecedented

In all the other episodes of the cartoon, the story is linear and begins before the characters get into trouble. However, the episode Promortyus broke that barrier: after all, it starts in the middle, while Rick and Morty are already close to getting rid of the aliens. Once again, the creators prove that nothing is merely cliché or standardized in the design.

8. The Glorzos were inspired by the DC universe

(Source: Adult Swim / Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim / Disclosure)Source: Adult Swim

Another curiosity about Rick and Morty season 4 is that the creatures known as Glorzos were inspired by the DC universe, more specifically the villain Starro. The character first appeared in a comic called Brave and The Bold.

9. Promortyus was so violent that some designers were uncomfortable

Returning to the episode Promortyus, the violent content of this chapter left some designers undecided and uncomfortable. That’s because the Glorzos were intelligent beings and capable of empathy, which made the destruction seem a little too much.

10. One of the episodes was written in just one day

The episode The Vat of Acid, from season 4 of Rick and Morty, it only took one day to complete. Screenwriter Albro Lundy said he still didn’t believe it worked, as the whole team thought the episode was stupid.

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