Rick and Morty: 10 Saddest Moments in Animation

Rick and Morty is one of the most famous animations today and carries with it a legion of fans who accompanied the grandfather and his grandson in space-time throughout the 5 seasons.

In addition, this production became very famous for its ability to involve viewers with their feelings, especially getting a good laugh from the fans.

But not only comedy is made of a show and Rick and Morty It also has very emotional moments throughout the seasons. So, check out the 10 saddest moments in animation!

10. Rick sacrifices himself to save Morty

(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)Fonte:  Adult

The second season of the animation has a very tense moment in which the characters are falling into the void between the timelines and Rick manages to create necklaces to take them back, but Morty is too weak and his grandfather ends up sacrificing himself to send them back. it away. And while Rick manages to save himself in the end, this is a very emotional moment for fans.

9. Morty buries his own corpse

(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)Fonte:  Adult

A rather sad moment in the first season of the show is when Morty needs to bury another version of himself that had died in a parallel timeline, as he and his grandfather needed to take their place to continue living their lives.

8. Morty breaks up with Planetina

(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)Fonte:  Adult

After finding a love interest in the animation, Morty has to face a very sad moment and break up with Planetina, after the superheroine carried out a massacre in one of her missions to save the environment and protect her ecological ideals in space.

7. Rick turns himself in to the intergalactic police

(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)Fonte:  Adult

A very emotional and sad moment during the second season of the animation happens when Rick surrenders to the intergalactic police after taking his family to another planet and realizing that this was the surest way to guarantee a good quality of life for them.

6. Summer scolds Jerry

(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)Fonte:  Adult

The Smith family’s trip during the fourth season of Rick and Morty also brought up a very sad moment for fans of the series, when Summer argues with Jerry and ends up humiliating the character and leaving him highly shaken with her words.

5. Birdperson tells the meaning of “Wubba-lubba-dub-dub”

(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)Fonte:  Adult Swim

The expression “Wubba-lubba-dub-dub”, much used throughout the first season by Birdperson, caused a lot of discussion in the animation about its true meaning, until the character revealed that, in his language, “Wubba-lubba-dub -dub” means “I’m in a lot of pain. Please help me”.

4. Morty loses his girlfriend

(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)Fonte:  Adult

During the fourth season of Rick and Morty, Rick develops a device that puts Morty in control of his life, like a true video game. Thus, the grandson ends up getting involved in adventures throughout different periods of his life and starts a relationship with a girl he met on one of his trips. The exciting point comes when Jerry accidentally resets the device and resets Morty’s entire story, causing him to lose his beloved.

3. Morty discovers that the trap for the Vindicators was designed for Noob Noob

(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)Fonte:  Adult

In a satire of the MCU movies in the third season of the animation, a very emotional moment comes when Morty discovers that the device Rick had created was, in fact, for Noob Noob. Rick set up a trap for someone he cares about to sit in a small carriage and take a ride, but Morty eventually realized it wasn’t made for him and was pretty shaken up.

2. Rick and Morty take a break from their relationship

(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)Fonte:  Adult

The ninth episode of the fifth season of Rick and Morty revealed to the audience the great toxic relationship they developed over the seasons and the characters end up breaking up. Although not definitive, the sadness is marked throughout the conflict in the episode.

1. Rick almost kills himself

(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)Fonte:  Adult Swim

After having his heart broken in the second season of the animation, Rick built a device to kill himself and, although he passed out before activating it and stayed alive, this moment moved a lot of fans of Rick and Mortysince it was a delicate and very heavy situation for the character.

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