Review Worth playing: Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade + Intermission (PS5) [análise/vídeo]

Released under huge expectation, Final Fantasy 7 Remake fulfilled the demand of an old request from players. Everyone wanted to see the Cloud Strife and Avalanche adventure in high definition and with well-crafted 3D graphics, far removed from that era of PSOne. But there was a “problem”: the game had only a third of the original story and would need more chapter to complement. Now the first of these extra chapters has arrived.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode Intermission is an additional chapter that was only released for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, which in turn is the PS5 version of the game that came out for the PS4 in 2020. Confused? So it is. It’s a little bit, yes, but understand that all this content mentioned here, for now, is exclusive to Sony’s new console.

explaining better

Who bought Final Fantasy 7 Remake last year had the chance to receive, for free, an update to the edition Intergrade, on PS5. This version comes with higher screen definition, higher frame rate and small improvements here and there. Along with it, sold separately, the Episode Intermission, which continues the story and introduces us to a “new” character: Yuffie Kisaragi.

Originally, Yuffie was a secret character in Final Fantasy 7. It was possible to finish the game and not recruit her, passing by her story. Over time, the character gained importance in spin-offs and because of her charisma, to the point of winning a “game” just for her, which is Intermission, in this case.

But… does it make sense?

The real truth is that Intermission could be content already present in the original version of Remake. Nothing here justifies the PS5’s exclusivity, so much so that this DLC is likely to come out later on the PS4 and other devices, as the latest rumors in circulation suggest. But… If you’re an enthusiast and you have a unit of Sony’s new device at home and you want a really good game, this makes a lot of sense.

Intermission is focused on ninja Yuffie (Image: Felipe Vinha/Tecnoblog)

the version Intergrade from the remake of Final Fantasy 7 it totally transforms the experience. I didn’t write the original release review here on Techblog, but I agree with a good part of it. However, I have some criticisms regarding the length of the game, unnecessarily prolonged. On the other hand, this redesigned version makes everything more agile.

The most obvious improvement is the brutally faster cross-screen loading. But beyond that, it is now possible to play by choosing to prioritize speed, with a lower resolution, or quality, with a higher resolution and with a lower frame rate. Both options are pretty impressive, especially if you decide to prioritize 60fps frame rate.

So yes, it makes a lot of sense for those who didn’t play the 2020 release and maybe even some good sense for those who did, but want to upgrade to this newer version and enjoy its improvements. Remembering that whoever bought the original can download the new one normally, which should be the case in the second example. But… What about Intermission?

A nice one of an additional

I’ll just advance the information that everyone will want to know: Final Fantasy 7 Intermission, Yuffie’s DLC, lasts about 4 hours. Maybe even 5 hours, if you stall a lot and look for quests to do or get lost in the Fort Condor board game, which is one of the new features of this sequel.

The story centers on a special mission that Yuffie would have in Midgard, the main city at the beginning of Final Fantasy 7, while acting behind the scenes and simultaneously with what happens in relation to the main characters. The plot, by the way, is totally new, it doesn’t exist in any form in the PSOne game, released in the 90s, so we have another incentive to check it out.

It may not seem like it, but Intermission has a lot of extra content (Image: Felipe Vinha/Tecnoblog)

It may not seem like it, but Intermission has a lot of extra content (Image: Felipe Vinha/Tecnoblog)

And let’s face it: it’s Yuffie. The character is a well of charisma, since he appeared in the original game and also participated in animations and spin-offs of Final Fantasy 7. Not by chance she even participated in games from other sagas, such as Kingdom Hearts. The decision to bring this sequel focused on the ninja from Wutai was very right, even though she is a very secondary character in the general context.

Best of all, in terms of gameplay, little changes. Anyone who was used to Remake will feel at home. Getting back to controlling characters with the controls created by Square Enix for this release was a very pleasant experience. It’s amazing how the producer managed to establish a good connection between modern and classic and that it hasn’t aged at all in these two senses.

The Fort Condor, which can be considered the only big news in this sequel, was also an excellent addition. The virtual board game works as a kind of tower defense, very simple and fun, with quick games that can distract you from the main campaign. And of course it earns awards depending on your performance.

Is it worth playing?

Yes a lot! So much Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade how much Final Fantasy 7 Intermission Remake are worth a lot if you own or own a PS5 and want new games that take a lot out of the console – that’s the case here, both in graphics and in the rest of the technique. Remember that DLC is sold separately. If you already have the remake on the PS4 version – purchased, not the PS Plus edition – you can download the Intergrade for free. already the Intermission it costs around R$ 100, which is not such a high price for another 5 hours of totally new content, with the forgiveness of redundancy, since it is one material inspired by another.

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