Review Video intercom Intelbras Allo W5: practicality and intelligent security [análise/vídeo]

Like Positivo, Intelbras has been betting on smart gatekeepers for home security. O Allo W5 hit the market in September 2020 and is more suitable for condominiums thanks to the simple installation. In addition, the product highlights the integration with the company’s application, night vision, motion detection and IP54 certification.

All this for R $ 649, that is, the same price as Positivo’s Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorphone. Does it pay off? And which is better? I installed the Intelbras Allo W5 here at home and I will tell you about the usage experience in the next few minutes.

Video analysis of Intelbras Allo W5 video intercom

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Kit and installation

Unlike the Allo W3, which depends on the power supply connected all the time to work, the Allo W5 video entry system works with batteries and is relatively easier to install. For this, the company sends a kit with assembly key, double-sided tape, in addition to bushings and screws for more complex installations. As the batteries are rechargeable, I thought it was legal for Intelbras to include in the box a plug adapter next to the Micro USB cable.

Video intercom kit Intelbras Allo W5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

As soon as you open the product for the first time, you must remove your hat to remove the battery seal on the video door entry system. After that, just integrate with Intelbras Allo, an official application available for both Android and iPhone (iOS) users. In it, you will have to create an account and make the last settings of the device, such as connecting the product to the Wi-Fi network, which should be only 2.4 GHz.

Finally, just attach the Allo W5 to the wall. The installation of the hat requires a certain amount of care: Intelbras recommends using the adhesive tape only if you are going to place the video intercom on a glass surface. Here it loses point, as the Positivo model comes with a more resistant double-sided that allows to place the equipment on a smooth wall.

Hat and video intercom Intelbras Allo W5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

Hat and video intercom Intelbras Allo W5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

The same goes for fixing in open places with great circulation, the company recommends using the chuck and screws, so as not to run the risk of someone starting the Allo W5 easily.

Positive and negative points

The first positive point of this product we have already shown, the installation. But there are other features that should help you who have a business or office. Unlike the competition, this model does not have a wireless doorbell, however every time someone activates the video intercom, you receive a notification on your cell phone.

The app does not offer a very friendly interface, but it does have some useful features like listening and chatting remotely with the person in front of the Allo W5. For added security, it is also possible to insert a micro SD card to record everything that happens outside. The camera has a 140 ° viewing angle, making it possible to easily see the external environment from the app.

Video intercom Intelbras Allo W5 and application Intelbras Allo (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

Video intercom Intelbras Allo W5 and application Intelbras Allo (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

There are other functions similar to Positivo’s Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorphone: motion detection and night vision are some of them. As its name suggests, the first alert in the app when someone passes in front of the Allo W5. The second allows you to view everything that happens in the outdoor area even if the place is not adequately lit. During my tests, both worked well, but the motion detector can be annoying if the place is very busy. Stay alert.

The equipment I tested already came with low batteries and, when this happens, the application issues several notifications asking for power. According to Intelbras, a charge guarantees up to four months of autonomy and, here, they consider five calls per day.

Video intercom Intelbras Allo W5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

Video intercom Intelbras Allo W5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

I now share some negative points. First: the Intelbras Allo W5 is 100% dependent on the Wi-Fi network and that means that, if you are on the street with the 4G on your cell phone, the device will not warn you when someone rings the doorbell.

It also does not offer integration with virtual assistants. If this is a problem, Positivo stands out, as it allows you to monitor the entrance to your home or business through devices with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Although it is IP54 certified, it is best to install the Allo W5 indoors, as it cannot stand heavy rain. In addition, the company itself asks, in the manual, to “avoid splashing water or other liquids, in addition to direct sunlight or intense reflections on the video door entry system”.

Worth it?

Video intercom Intelbras Allo W5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

Video intercom Intelbras Allo W5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

It is evident that the Intelbras Allo W5 does not guarantee maximum security, but it proves to be an interesting product for those who think of making the home more connected and protected at the same time. In some points, the video intercom slips: the lack of integration with a personal assistant and not warning the doorbell when you are out are the main negative points.

You also need to consider other limitations that such equipment has. Installation requires attention, as fixing it outdoors is not ideal, but this is not exclusive to the Allo W5; the Positivo model is also not as resistant.

As for the investment, it has a suggested price of R $ 650 and, finally, I would recommend it to traders looking for a simpler and more accessible security device. If your budget is tight, Allo W3 is a cost-effective product and will also not require much effort during installation. But if you are looking for more integration, Positivo’s Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorphone ends up being the best option in this case.

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