Review JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker: quality sound and modest features [análise/vídeo]

THE JBL Flip 5 is a Bluetooth speaker that has been vying for popularity with the Charge line. In our market, the speaker is sold for R $ 799 and combines powerful sound and a battery of 4,800 mAh that guarantees 12 hours of playback – all in a relatively light and compact body. Despite this, it has lost some resources compared to the previous generation.

Flip 5 is on the market to compete with other intermediate models from Sony, from Ultimate Ears and more recently it has won another competitor: LG’s Xboom Go PL5. Is it still worth betting on Flip 5 or is it better to save on Flip 4 that has more features? I answer this and other questions in this review.

Video review of JBL Flip 5

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Design and connectivity

The JBL Flip 5 is a lightweight box. It weighs only half a kilo and, for sure, you will have no trouble carrying it in your purse or suitcase. The brand managed to develop a product that adapts well to different environments, considering that it is possible to use the gadget in the office, outdoors and attached anywhere thanks to the cord (or laces) that accompanies the box. It’s a cool option if you want to avoid the company’s big models.

JBL Flip 5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

The finish and construction remain excellent with the traditional two-tone fabric and the edges have a rubberized finish. The upper area of ​​the product houses the play buttons, volume and PartyBoost, which allows you to connect your Flip 5 to other JBL boxes for a stereo sound experience.

Behind are the on / off and Bluetooth connection controls accompanied by a USB-C input and the battery level indicator.

JBL Flip 5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

JBL Flip 5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

JBL Flip 5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

JBL Flip 5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

O Tecnoblog received the Flip 5 in military green color (I really liked this option). Another four colors are available: blue, red, gray and black.

JBL reinforces in its communication that this box is for “anytime”, that is, to use during a party at the pool, during a trail or even in the snow. With IPX7 certification, the Flip 5 can be immersed in water at a depth of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

For a better connectivity experience, the brand recommends the JBL Connect application, available for Android and iPhone (iOS). The low score on the App Store and Google Play is not for nothing: in addition to the lack of resources, JBL Connect will test your patience with connection problems, slowness and unexpected crashes. I still missed two things: an equalizer and the percentage of the battery.

JBL Flip 5 and JBL Connect app (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

JBL Flip 5 and JBL Connect app (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

JBL decided to remove the auxiliary input from this box. It is not the end of the world, taking into account the popularization of devices connected by Bluetooth, but AUX can still be useful in some situations. The absence of a microphone, however, provides a positive point for the competition. The Xboom Go PL5, for example, is capable of triggering any virtual assistant when connected to another device. I managed to call Siri, Google Assistant and even Cortana.

Bluetooth 5.0, which guarantees faster communication and greater range, could be here, but Flip 5 works with Bluetooth 4.2. At least I didn’t have any serious connection problems during my tests, even when it was connected to two different devices.

Sound and battery quality

JBL Flip 5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

JBL Flip 5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

If in connectivity the box is disappointing, in the sound it gives a show, thankfully, right? Speaking of JBL sound quality is raining in the wet, but initially I thought it would be a challenge to compare the Flip 5 with the PL5, because both boxes are great. But the truth is that the JBL model manages to be superior.

Although it is not 360º, the Flip 5’s sound is more vivid, with a good presence of middle, treble and, of course, bass, standing out at a level that I like. All this thanks to the power of 20 watts RMS, that is, four more compared to the Flip 4. There is also a new 44 mm driver that promises more intensity.

JBL Flip 5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

JBL Flip 5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

Sam Smith’s treble in Latch they sound good at 50% volume and a subtle distortion shows up when you increase the sound to 70% or more. The same goes for calmer songs like To Remake Me, by Sandy and Anavitória, it is even possible to clearly notice the few bass present in the music clearly.

In I want To Break Free, Freddie Mercury’s voice stands out and, compared to PL5, Queen’s song in the JBL box was more present, with the bass drum kicking out at a pleasant level. The performance also gets high marks in more intense electronics, since the Flip 5 is capable of delivering a clear sound and a very interesting range, this with the volume below 60%.

Let’s talk about autonomy? The speaker has a 4,800 mAh battery and the company sends a USB-C cable with USB-A to power it. JBL promises up to 12 hours of playback, but I got much more than that: I listened to music for two days during business hours with the volume always in the 40% range.

JBL Flip 5: is it worth it?

JBL Flip 5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

JBL Flip 5 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

The JBL Flip 5 is a great portable speaker. I just don’t consider it the best in the category due to the lack of integration with the application which, in the end, ends up being a useless feature, especially with the lack of an equalizer. Other than that, Flip 5 delivers a loud and powerful sound that should please most consumers.

Quality is also extended to the construction of the product: this is a gadget that should last for years and IPX7 certification comes as an ally here. Flip 5 is a product that aims to attract that JBL fan who is not in the mood to show off with a Boombox or Xtreme 2. If you want something similar, but with 360º sound, it is best to go from Megaboom 3, from Ultimate Ears.

If you don’t want to pay the R $ 799, know that you can find the JBL box for around R $ 650 in online retail. You can also invest in older models that are more affordable: LG Xboom PK5, Flip 3 or Sony XB10, for those looking for something even more compact.

JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker


  • Powerful, almost distortion-free sound
  • Beautiful design and consistent construction
  • Battery for many days


  • Missed a microphone
  • Bluetooth 5.0 would be better here
  • JBL Connect application does not work

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