Review Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – You will love to hate this game [análise/vídeo]

Let’s start at the beginning: Fall Guys it’s a fun competition that gathers 60 players online and at the same time in a chaotic way and very reminiscent of the Faustão Olympics and their events like “The Bridge of the River that Falls” (Bridge Ball), from the 90’s – ok, I revealed my age . If you are younger, the absence of the reference does not detract from the experience. I was particularly addicted to finishing tests, pulling tails and taking off new skins.

Fall Guys Review

Its popularity, in part, is due to the launch – August 4th – free on PS Plus, for PlayStation 4. Outside of it, the game costs R $ 83.50. On Steam, and only for Windows, you can enjoy the game for R $ 38. I confess that I missed a mobile version of the game, especially for the Nintendo Switch.

The question that remains silent is: is it worth the price? I tell you a little about my experience with the game, which I downloaded for free on PS Plus. I adopted a daily session that I enjoy without compromise. For those who are more supportive, we have the Fall Guys Trophy Guide.

Goodbye, dignity!

Now seriously, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout it’s segment game battle royale. Yes, one more. But he is unique. To stand out among so many, Mediatonic created a dispute in which, even without winning, you have fun. In the words of the developers, Fall Guys is an “online pandemonium”. Guys live falling and look like jelly beans or beans.

Fall Guys, by themselves:

“Fall Guys gathers hordes of online participants in a rush through increasingly chaotic rounds until there is only one winner left! Face bizarre obstacles, push your inconvenient competitors and defy the laws of physics on the way to victory. Leave your dignity behind and prepare for hilarious failures in your quest for the crown! ”

That said, as much as winning is the goal of any game, know that even if you lose, you can have fun. This is the most positive point of the matches, it’s fun and always!

This is me, ranking in the last position. That was close!

It has no history, opening, rolling, cinematic landscapes, famous characters, fantastic soundtrack, secret commands, easter egg, nothing like that, nothing.

Game mechanics

There are dozens of mini-games that gather up to 60 players – while they are connected, your Guy will be falling on a screen like this, below. Having gathered the various players, everyone must run to dispute the crown. On each “Jam” there is a specific number of Guys who can qualify by crossing the finish line, check the total limit at the top of the screen.

Fall Guys / Review

The definition is Mediatonic’s own, but it is worth reproducing:

  • An online pandemonium: a series of courses with crazy challenges, ridiculous obstacles and a crowd of competitors wanting to advance to the next chaotic round;
  • Competition and cooperation: the phases alternate between free-for-all and cooperative competitive challenges (with teams organized by color), where the entire losing team is eliminated;
  • Comically physical: have fun with the physics of the game, seeing other competitors in ridiculous moments, failing in an epic way, especially when they fall without reason;
  • Delightfully customizable: fail with style in Fall Guys, boasting the most varied looks (skins), ranging from bunny ears to pineapple costumes.

Jellybean vibes

There are more than 20 different types of rounds (or mini-games). In each game, you have to run, jump, balance or take quick and accurate actions. Each game also has its own set of rules and strategies; see a full list with all rounds of the game.

The game has free indicative rating, it is extremely easy to play. After losing a few matches, you are ready to become extremely competitive. Even those who are not in the habit of playing frequently will be able to adapt quickly. Needless to say, the game is a hit with children (of all ages, including me).

Rated Fall Guys / Review

Basically, you need agility on the analog button, make sure to jump and pull a tail there and another one here (this can yield your ranking in a match). In team games, it is necessary to hold eggs, balls and other items with R2. The rest is rushing.

When winning “each one for himself” games, the player is also led to matches that only take place between teams (with partners automatically chosen by the platform), divided by colors, in which only those who score more are classified in the game.

It also means that, in these rounds, no matter how good you are, if the rest of the team is worse, you lose the match anyway. There are no ways to communicate with your partners or a way to combine a strategy, the game decides on the field.

Fall Guys Teams / Review

The matches last a few minutes, long enough for you to pull your hair out, breathe and compete again. It is difficult to stop when things are going well or even if everything goes wrong.

Play with friends

Invite Friends Fall Guys / Review

You can play with up to three friends, but it is a little disappointing. When forming a team with four Guys everyone can participate in the same round – but there is no cooperation. Progress in the game is still based on your individual qualification.

If a team member is eliminated, he remains eliminated. Only one Guy can win … so, it’s you against your friends. Always online. Exclusive matches between players on a team are not supported, for example, either solo or offline.

Fall Guys / Review

Kudos and Crowns

There are two types of coins in the game: Kudos and Crowns. You can win both by playing. The more you play, the more you win. The player wins crowns by winning a round. Kudos, on the other hand, are coins won by participating, even if the player is unable to qualify. You also have the option to buy Kudos for real money, as a microtransaction.

What motivates you to get more and more Kudos and Crowns? The skins. From level to level, the player has access to new colors, hats and other accessories that make your Guy more fun. In addition to being able to stand out in the crowd.

Kudos and Crowns Fall Guys / Review


Speaking of skins, it is on the menu, before you start playing, that you can customize your Guy (or your jujube, call it what you want). Choose a color pattern and then the top half and the bottom half of the outfit. There are a large number of combinations available such as pineapple, pigeon, monster, french fries, rhino, unicorn … many!

Those who buy the game through Steam can get the Collector’s Edition package right away, with some very different skins. The good news is that Fall Guys already received update on PS4 with extra skins that were previously exclusive to the PC and are now also in the game store for the Sony console. The truth is that the clothes catch you and you have two ways to be happy: buy many Kudos or win matches until you get them.


New seasons are expected in the game. Participation in the next phases of Fall Guys will be free. There will be rewards linked to each event, including, of course, new skins.

The second season is around:

Servers whaling jelly

Success comes at a price. Within a week, Fall Guys surpassed 2 million downloads only on Steam. At the same time, a warning appeared in the store: “We underestimated the number of jelly beans in the jar. We are working hard to increase the capacity of the server, but be aware that the combination of matches can increase or decrease during the boot window ”. That is, the servers are whaling on PC and PS4.

And to think that Mediatonic developers still thought of doing all rounds with up to 100 people! Changed that after testing and realize that it was not so much fun.


They are already in the crosshairs of the platform, which promises automatic anti-cheat solutions, but it’s good that you know that on PC, some cheaters are causing confusion with super speed hacks or that allow the player to fly. Yes, there are people flying in Fall Guys …

The super speed hack makes the player’s character extremely fast, making the competition unfair. The flight, it is not even necessary to explain, certain victory.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout / Review


Even with some absences in the game mechanics, such as offline or training matches, cooperative game between friends and hacks (which are already under control), the game is very fun and can be even more cool, depending on the updates that will come in the future . A demand, mainly, from those who will pay for this fun. It was for later the cross-play, versions for other platforms (hello, Nintendo!) and, under great expectation, new seasons.

Gratuity is an important factor in this fever that has become Fall Guys. If you were paid, from the beginning, on all platforms, maybe not everyone would get hooked so quickly on friendly jelly beans. The situation is that, with social isolation – necessary due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus – low price and / or gratuity and many colors, action and a touch of humor, Fall Guys fell in love with players from the most diverse profiles around the world.

Anyone who is a cashier and uses macOS, well, for now, I can only regret it. But be aware that the developers have expressed interest in taking the game to other platforms. You can still run Windows on a virtual machine on the Macbook, if you really want to play Fall Guys.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout / Review

Until then, I find it hard for the first players to get sick. The only problem is that you will face clever opponents, with months of training ahead of you!

Fall Guys


  • Addictive
  • Very fun
  • Simple commands


  • Server problems
  • No offline or training matches

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