Review Atrio Londres Smartwatch: beautiful on the wrist, weak on the system [análise/vídeo]

THE Atrium, Multilaser sports products subsidiary, launched this year a series of smart watches for the sports public that does not give up on modern design. For this review, among the five existing models, all with city names, I chose the Atrio Londres, taking into account the look that pleases most consumers, in addition to being similar to other models sold in Brazil.

For R $ 434.90, the Atrio gadget is more like a smartband than a smart watch, considering that it is not as complete and does not work efficiently if it is not connected to the brand application. Complexities aside, the device features sports modes, sleep, distance, cardiac, calorie monitoring and even displays notifications from your smartphone.

I have worn the watch in the past few weeks and tell you all the details below.

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Video of the Atrio Londres Smartwatch on video

Design and Canvas

The design and construction of Atrio Londres draws attention on many points. First, I highlight the modern look that refers to the Apple Watch and Amazfit Bip Lite – the latter being one of its competitors. The smart watch measures 43 mm and is available in only one color: black.

The smartwatch case has rounded edges and is all crafted in metal. The creases present on the sides and ends contribute to an even more premium look. At the front, Atrio Londres is completely glazed, but, unfortunately, the frontal use is not so complete, since the information is not displayed throughout this region.

The pins for battery power and the heart monitor are on the rear. Physical buttons are not present at Atrio London. There is only one touch sensitive next to the device’s screen.

The London rubberized bracelet is removable. I found the accessory very sturdy and sporty. It has 13 holes and the dowel is also made of rubber, while the buckle is made of metal with the Atrio logo. On my slim wrist, the smartwatch, which weighs 50 grams, was very firm and comfortable at the same time.

Although the brand does not encourage the exchange of bracelets for several occasions, it is possible to do so, if you have other watches with an easily removed bracelet.

Ah, it is IP68 certified, being resistant to water and dust.

Atrio Londres with the bracelet

Its IPS LCD screen is 1.3 inches with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. She is not alive and the experience can be quite negative in sunlight; I could only see the time and still have difficulties, even with the maximum brightness. There are five brightness modes, but for sure you will have to leave the maximum to better visualize the information displayed. At least the icons are beautiful and well designed.

It is worth noting that the screen is not always on, which contributes to battery autonomy. I liked that Atrio introduced a quick gesture command, for example, the display is activated when you raise your arm.

Software, features and connectivity

With its own software, Atrio Londres has a simple interface and with only four watchfaces without major changes between them. I liked the option that leaves time to the left, temperature and steps to the right. But I noticed a problem: at different times, the clock changed the home screen automatically, without my asking.

In addition, it is not possible to install other watchfaces. He’s very limited in that regard.

Atrio London Interface

SW Atrio is the company’s official app for you to track your smartwatch activities and settings. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS), I tested the app on both systems. Although the interface is not very friendly and the connection via Bluetooth is constantly failing, all the information captured by the watch is there.

For those who use Apple, it is possible to integrate with Apple Health (Apple Health) and I also managed to integrate Google Fit only once, through an Android device. Then, curiously, it stopped working with Fit, showing an error.

London atrium in hand

Still talking about customization, Atrio could have invested more in customization and that would be very interesting if done by the official application, with better visualization. Do you know what is most curious? SW Atrio even has a “Theme” menu, but it is for you to define whether the app is in clear or night mode active.

Among the clock functions, by sliding to the left, it is possible to find the main menu with 12 features. They are: Sport Function, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Cardiac Monitor, Stopwatch, Music Control, Tools, Sedentary Alert, Alarm, Weather, Take photo by smartwatch and Find smartphone.

Overall, they all work well, but I’ll cover a few more here: Sport Function offers five modes. They are: walking, running, cycling, climbing and running indoors (treadmill). The cardiac monitor worked very well here and I thought it was cool to be able to follow it also through the application.

For quality of life, there are other essential features. The “sedentariness” mode is one of them, which reminds you to get out of the computer a bit, for example; in the app, you can still activate the “hydrate” mode and ask the watch to remind you to drink water throughout the day.

With Music Control, I was able to listen to and control tracks on streaming platforms, such as Spotify. During the change of track and pause, the watch was once again able to control the audios without errors.

Music control at Atrio London

In part, I also liked the option of taking pictures with a watch. When you open the application, you can select the menu “Take photos” and control everything by the smartwatch, but I say that I liked it in part because you will be held hostage by SW Atrio, that is, it is not possible to register with the camera phone app. The photo is taken inside the Atrio app.

Photo with Atrio Londres

Back to the home screen, one swipe to the right and you can check all the notifications from the cell phone that were mirrored on the smartwatch, which takes us to the next point of the evaluation.

The device keeps a history of the last notifications that arrived from Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype in addition to calls. Ah, all of these alerts appear instantly on the watch screen, with no delays.

In order for them to be displayed on the smartwatch, it is necessary to make the authorization in the SW Atrio app, but, interestingly, you will have to do this every day before using the watch, because it simply disables the feature alone.

Connection with Atrio London

Displaying special characters is an obstacle for London, but this is not exclusive to the Atrio model, as other gadgets, such as the Mi Bands of life, also fail to recognize.

Finally, by sliding your finger down the screen, the device shows the brightness level of the screen, the amount of battery (but without the percentage), the do not disturb mode and the Bluetooth. When sliding again, the device displays the temperature as well as the day of the week.

Other resources

As I mentioned earlier, Atrio London is able to notify you when someone calls you. The gadget starts vibrating and displays the contact’s name, and a button to reject the call. There was another one to answer the call, right?

Another cool feature is the reminder, which can be set through the app. The watch even has some pre-defined modes: reminders for food, sports, sleep, taking medicine, awakening or meeting. When set, the device vibrates and displays the activity that has been scheduled. Even focused on sports, London owes GPS.

Charger and battery

Atrio London Charger

The charging case is quite peculiar, with a “door” to hold the watch while feeding the battery. The other end is USB, this means that the power can be done either from a computer or from a power outlet, which is not included with the device. In addition to the design, I found this case very fragile, so I recommend taking care when handling it.

The battery, whose capacity is 180 mAh, is one of the highlights, promising up to 20 days of use in standby and up to 5 days with frequent use and Bluetooth connected for notifications. Overall, Atrio Londres delivers what it promises and stayed about 16 days away from the charger without active use, while I noticed a slight drop when I left all notifications on.

Completely discharged, during the days I stayed with him, the clock took 1h15min to reach 100%.

Worth it?

It depends. Atrio Londres is obviously not for any audience. There are considerable limitations, so it will meet the needs of those who don’t really care so much about complete software and customization. If you think about starting to exercise and if you want to monitor your health, but not in an “intense” way, maybe it can be interesting.

Atrio London Interface

Ok, but is it worth R $ 400? Honestly no. I would pay a maximum of R $ 300 at Atrio London and, fortunately, some stores already sell the device for that price. If you want to avoid the Atrio watch, before reaching the ideal model for you, I recommend to analyze smartwatches or smartbands in the London price range and find out which one will deliver more.

Even with its limitations and integration problems with the app, this watch has its positive points there. I really liked the design, it is comfortable and delivers useful features. The interface is fluid and has no bottlenecks. And cell phone notifications are mirrored without delays, despite having to activate every day, right?

Fact sheet – Atrio Londres

  • Drums: 180 mAh (up to 20 days on standby)
  • Connectivity: integrated with the SW Atrio app
  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.6 x 1.1 cm and 23.5 cm (bracelet)
  • Weight: 50 grams
  • CPU: Nordic NRF52832
  • Language: Portuguese, English, Spanish
  • Screen: 1.3 inch LCD (240 x 240 pixels)
  • Others: Vibration, Cardiac monitor, Bluetooth 4.2.

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