Review Astro A20 Wireless Headset: versatile and comfortable [análise/vídeo]

In the race to offer gamers headsets targeted at new generation consoles, Astro Gaming brings the Astro A20 to Brazil. With models for PlayStation and Xbox, and both compatible with PC and Mac, the wireless headset is very comfortable to use, has a “flip-to-mute” microphone and promises more than 15 hours of battery life. The price suggested by Logitech may be a little scary: R $ 1,199.90. But is he worth it? Find out in this review.

For this analysis, we tested the model compatible with Xbox (Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One) and PC / Mac. More specifically, the wireless headset was used (over more than 1 month) on the Series S.

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Design and comfort

Astro A20 wireless for Xbox (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

When taking the second generation of the Astro A20 out of the box and taking a general and more superficial look, the design does not appear to be very premium and is not worth the high investment required in the headset. Looking more closely, the accessory is very light (with 318 g) and part of this is due to the fact that its external structure is basically built on the basis of plastic, foam and rubber.

The color of the details will vary depending on the model: green for the Xbox version and blue for the PlayStation version.

Even with a slightly different look than expected from a headset above a thousand Reais, this in my opinion, the Astro A20 is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable gamer headsets I’ve ever used. Even though he looks a little rough, he has a great fit on his head. The rod also allows a wide adjustment of height, which makes it very versatile for larger heads and even for the use of children.

Still on the stem, inside it has a light layer of memory foam covered by a smooth rubber. Again, very comfortable and I didn’t even notice it even with hours of use. However, I imagine that perhaps it can slightly disturb those who have little hair or are bald, since the rubber will come into direct contact with the skin.


The Astro A20 is very comfortable to use (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

The structure of the accessory, as a whole, is flexible and allows you to twist, but without too much exaggeration, the headset to the sides. With regard to flexibility, the criticism goes to the ear cups that are practically fixed in place, allowing only a tiny movement outwards and inwards. Allowing wider adjustments, especially for the sides, would make the Astro A20 much more adaptable for different head shapes.

Continuing to talk about the shells, the memory foam in each of them is covered by a fabric that allows the skin to breathe and does not heat the ears, however, it does not isolate so much external noise. As the shells barely put pressure on the ears, noise reduction is somewhat compromised.

Making sudden movements with your head and bending down, while using the Astro A20, will also make the headset move out of place with some ease. About the material of this fabric that lines the earphones, although very comfortable, it tends to grab a little more dust than synthetic leather, for example.

It is not possible to remove ear cushion pads. At least I tried and noticed that they seem to be glued to the structure of the headset. This is a problem, especially if you need to change them.

Controls and connectors


Buttons on the Astro A20 (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)


Buttons on the Astro A20 (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

If you are in the habit of using wireless headsets, the first thing you will need to get used to on the Astro A20 is with all the controls located on the right shell. Not that this is a rule, but usually the buttons on wireless headsets tend to come on the left. But this is just an observation and not a problem.

On these buttons, the one above the right headset is the On / Off button followed, below, by a profile button that allows up to three audio configurations: Astro mode (focusing on bass), Pro mode (balancing and treble) and Studio mode (best suited for movies and music). To switch between modes, just press this button. You will hear one, two or three beeps depending on what you choose.

In the lower part there are two buttons: Voice (voice) and Game (game), in addition to a wheel to control the volume. When you press Voice, for example, and move the wheel up or down, you gain more or less gain in the sound of the conversation. The same works when pressing Game + to move the wheel. Finally, the Astro A20 features a USB-C connector for charging the battery. In addition to the wireless headset, in the product box you will also find a USB transmitter (dongle), a 1.5 m USB-A to USB-C cable and a quick start guide.

In the case of a wireless headset, the dongle is essential for the operation of the accessory. It is a warning to always keep it safely, if you are not going to use the Astro A20, because at least in the Brazilian product store I did not find the spare transmitter to sell. At the American store, however, it is possible to buy only the dongle.


Transmitter for the Xbox model (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

A very positive point of the A20 is that, if you have an Xbox and a PlayStation, it is not necessary to buy a whole new headset just to use it on the other console. According to the Logitech website, just purchase an extra dongle to use with the same product. This is a huge savings for the consumer.

Even a very annoying part, it is precisely the pairing between dongle and headset. This process does not work as automatically as expected and you will have to connect the headset to the transmitter every time you change platforms.

If you have the headset on the Xbox and want to use it on the PC, you will have to stop it again when connecting to the computer. This is also true if, for example, the dongle is connected to the PC and the computer is restarted. Even though it was plugged into the USB, sometimes I needed to pair it again. Fortunately, just move the transmitter out of place, snap it back in, and press and hold the power button on the headset. Still, it’s boring.

Battery and range

The Astro A20 promises more than 15 hours of battery life and, in this regard, the headset delivers what it promises. I tested the accessory in two moments: in a more casual use on the PC (I couldn’t test it on the Mac, as I don’t have the device) while listening to music and watching videos and movies; and playing on the Xbox Series S (I closed all story mode from Outriders only with him).


Astro A20 for Xbox (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

In the most casual use, on the PC, I received the audible notification (a short sequence of beeps) that I needed to recharge the A20 at the end of the second day of testing, using the product between seven to eight hours a day. In a 10-hour session followed by an action gameplay, I had to recharge my headset about four hours after starting the next day’s session. Ultimately, battery life tends to vary with usage.

Charging the Astro A20 takes an average of three to four hours. To save battery life, the device switches itself off after an idle time, usually between 5 to 10 minutes of inactivity. Just turn it on the power button again and, exceptionally in these cases, it is not necessary to do the pairing process again.

The Astro A20 works with a frequency of 2.4 GHz and allows a range of up to 15 meters. This can vary according to possible obstacles along the way, such as walls and other objects. But as we are talking about a headset designed for games, I believe that the range is more than satisfactory between you, the screen and the console. I had no problem with interference during the tests.

Sound and microphone

The gamer headset has a flexible microphone, but it is not possible to position it exactly as you want, and it is not detachable. The mic features a “flip-to-mute” system that allows you to mute the sound pickup just by moving it upwards. To activate the microphone again, simply lower it towards your mouth.


The Astro A20 microphone (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

The audio quality of this mic is satisfactory for conversations between friends, during gameplays and even for use in meetings. For any other type of recording, you will notice a slightly muffled sound, but almost no external noise. If you are going to use the headset for streaming games or any other type of recording, the recommendation is to use a separate microphone.

Now about the sound quality of the ear cups, even with the possibility of choosing three different audio profiles for the A20, in general, the headset does not have very marked basses. Even so, during the game you can clearly “perceive” the positioning of elements of interest, enemies around you and the sound is without noise.

The lack of a more present bass was compensated by the treble that, at times, can be even too high, even with the volume in the middle. I tested the A20 playing Outriders in the Series S and I had to make adjustments in the game itself to reduce the effects of shots and explosions that were hurting my ear. The headset has a very high sound and adjust it according to the taste of each one.

Astro A20: is it worth it?

Not for the suggested price of R $ 1,199.90. But that does not mean that the Astro A20 is a bad gamer headset, on the contrary. Apart from the possible pairing problems mentioned, my experience with him was positive. It is not worth more than a thousand Reais. Searching in other online stores it was possible to find it, until the time of publication of this review, for something around R $ 900, which is a little more acceptable.


Ah … It was cute! (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

The headset is lightweight, brings clear and loud audio and long battery life. The versatility of buying just one extra dongle, to use it on both Xbox and PlayStation, is a very positive point for consumers with more than one console as well. There was only a little more flexibility in the ear cups to allow a better fit on the head. Other than that, it is worth keeping an eye on some promotion, if you are searching for a comfortable wireless headset with good audio quality.

Astro A20 for Xbox: technical specifications

Specifications Astro A20
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 177.5 mm x 262 mm x 87.2 mm
Weight 318 g
System Requirements Xbox: USB port | PC / Mac: USB 2.0 port
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity 100 dB SPL / mW @ 1kHz
Nominal impedance 32 Ohm
Total harmonic distortion <3% (20 Hz - 10 kHz)
Battery weight 17 g
Battery Wh 1,050 mAh
Battery Type lithium polymer, single cell
MIC 6 mm unidirectional, voice isolation
Wireless range Up to 15 m
Wireless frequency 2.4 GHz

Astro A20 Wireless Headset


  • Lightweight and very comfortable to wear
  • For just one dongle it is possible to use it on another console
  • Shell fabric does not heat the ears
  • Loud and clear sound


  • Possible pairing problems
  • Does not isolate external noise well
  • The sound quality of the microphone could be better
  • Very expensive!

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