Resident Evil Village would have Ada Wong originally; see other changes

Today (7) marks the launch of Resident Evil: Village and many fans are already enjoying the campaign (or even finished). But did you know that the game could be very different? According to conceptual art in the Extras area of ​​the game, there were many differences from the final product, including the appearance of Ada Wong in the plot, enemies who never saw the light of day, change in character design, discarded mechanics and much more .

It is always interesting to look at initial ideas and see how much they have changed over the course of development, isn’t it? It is worth mentioning that, for bringing several images about enemies and areas of the title, there may be spoilers in the content below. Check out:

Ada Wong would be in the story and save Ethan

The most famous spy in the franchise has not shown up since resident Evil 6 (with the exception of Resident Evil 2 Remake), which was released in 2012. As much as the character’s return doesn’t seem to come so soon, it almost happened in the eighth game as shown by some conceptual arts.

In the archives, we see that Ada would be investigating the village and would be disguised with a plague doctor cloak, guaranteeing Ethan’s escape during the trial of Mother Miranda with her classic beast. It can be seen in the sequence of images that the spy would shoot Heinsenberg and create passage for the protagonist to escape. However, their participation was cut from the product by “conflicting situations”. Is there a plot waiting for her in the future and that is why she is not present?

Different bosses and enemies

As is expected from any game, many ideas from the conceptual phase do not always see the light of day, as is the case with the design of the bosses and several creatures that we would encounter along the journey. Lady Dimitrescu, for example, would be much more sensual and would carry giant pruners (a kind of scissors), without an unusual stature and Victorian style.

THESource: Capcom / ReproductionSource: Capcom

Donna Beneviento was another villain with drastic changes: she did not have a black cloak and her dolls, which would be replaced by a family of ghosts. And speaking of family, it seems that Heisenberg would not be alone either. The antagonist would have a twin brother, a mother who suffers from brain experiments a father, who would be the leader of the village.

THESource: Capcom / ReproductionSource: Capcom

Salvatore Moreau, on the other hand, had no major changes and was always planned as an aquatic monster. The biggest difference is that on his back, instead of the conventional fin-shaped parasite, the villain would have a girl he fell in love with in the past. Ghastly.

Which versions do you think are cooler: the original ones or the current ones?

Different plot with the village’s past and characters that never left the paper

Ethan Winters arrives at the village at the very beginning of the adventure, which takes place in modern days. However, it seems that this was not always the initial plan. According to the documents, there would be flashbacks during the medieval era at the site. In addition, there would be a religious leader from the small village, who would serve as the main antagonist of the title. Speaking of Miranda, she was initially planned as a researcher who investigates the creatures of the village.

Resident Evil: Village would approach much more a cultist theme. According to the conceptual art below, lycans would transform after drinking a mysterious liquid from a chalice, instead of experimenting with Cadou (and would have a much more brutal first appearance to differentiate themselves from zombies and cattle). Later, the idea would be that Mofo would cover humans and turn them into lycans, but it ended up being cut off.

Chris’ group, Wolf Hound, would have a better presentation

Warning: big spoilers to follow! If you’ve already finished the Resident Evil: Village, you know that Chris took for himself an elite group of BSAA called Hound Wolf (Squadron Wolf of Hunting, in Portuguese). Its military partners have very little development, but originally they would have a greater prominence.

In the original documents, we see that the five members of the team have definite faces and, at a certain point in the game, each of them would appear or save Chris Redfield in a different way, highlighting their specialties. Hound Wolf members are:

  • Canine (the most versatile character)
  • Tundra (the stealth military)
  • Umber Eyes (the sniper)
  • Wolf (the heavy sniper)
  • Night Howl (the strategist)

As a bonus, Chris’s model in the game extras show more details of his facial appearance. Although the design is again more similar (and pumped) with the previous models (RE6 and RE5), it seems that there is a mixture between the old and the very different look of Resident Evil 7, do not you think? In addition, a concept art from the seventh game reveals that, initially, the character was intended to be a middle-aged man, with a much older appearance.

Other mechanical and visual differences

Finally, there are some cool bonuses about what the game could have been like. As we see in concept art, Ethan Winters would originally have a backpack to store his items instead of the classic briefcase inspired by resident Evil 4. Whoever thinks that the design looks a lot like Joel’s, The Last of Us?

However, this is not the only change that the game has undergone. In other photos, we see that lycans wear armor on different parts of the body (in the final version, they are all the same and only one type of special enemy has armor in several areas). This idea was possibly reused in Soldat, the ghouls we see in the Heisenberg factory.

THESource: Capcom / ReproductionSource: Capcom

Speaking of them, there have been changes as well. Possibly referencing resident Evil 4, the Soldat with reactors in the chest would have parasites that would try to escape after destroying the nucleus. Would light grenades also kill them on the spot?

Continuing with the creatures, the arts reveal that there would be more types of them in the campaign, such as the large lican that commands two Vârcolac (who had another name in the final version). In addition, werewolves would have a more varied arsenal of melee weapons, such as slingshots, torches, hammers and more.

In conclusion, it appears that some aspects of Ethan’s gameplay and other mechanics have been altered or discarded. Originally, the chest would still be present on the journey, as well as in Resident Evil 7, and can be used to store items that would fill the inventory. However, the idea was discarded and the fourth title approach was adopted. And, as a curiosity, the typewriter to save the game was almost a camera (would we see Ethan’s face like that?).

What did you think of these game curiosities? Do you think the game would be cooler with the ideas originally proposed or in the final version that is in stores? You can also check out the review of Resident Evil: Village, which is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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