Resident Evil: From Worst to Best, According to Critics

To be honest, this video doesn’t need an introduction, but the boss told me to comment something. So how about “this series defined the genre of survivor horror and zombies in the gaming world”? I think it looks good.

Many hits and many slips you find here. Due to the launch of the village, we decided to update this episode of the board and add all the games released in the series, whether bad or good. You asked, voted and here’s the real thing from Worst to Best in the franchise resident Evil. Here are our criteria, pay close attention:

  • The ratings shown are based on the Metacritic and GameRankings rating aggregators. If the title was released for more than one platform initially, we’ll take the grades for each version and do an arithmetic average.
  • We’ve considered absolutely every title in the franchise, including remakes. That is, without exception.
  • In case of Resident Evil Survivor 2, we did not find your note on the sites mentioned. Not to leave out, he ended up being unranked.

X) Resident Evil Survivor 2 – Code: Veronica (2001) – WITHOUT GRADE (Arcade, PS1)

Unrated, we have Resident Evil Survivor 2 – Code: Veronica, released in 2001. The game developed for arcade machines that have those guns pointing to the screen is an adaptation of Code: Veronica for that format, also bringing enemies from the second and third games in the series.

Being able to control Claire Redfield or Steve Burnside, the player has to choose one of the two available game modes: arcade, which focuses on escaping Rockfort Island, and Dungeon, which is necessary to survive several hordes of monsters that just want to rip their guts out. out.

As mentioned in the introduction, we didn’t find any review of the game at the time of its release. Because of that, he was unranked on our list.

21) Umbrella Corps (2016) – 37 (PS4, PC)

Lastly, we have Umbrella Corps. Released in 2016, it is a spinoff of the Resident Evil franchise and is a tactical multiplayer, moving away from the style established by the franchise for 20 years.

In matches, players must face each other and fulfill objectives, while being attacked by zombies scattered across the map. Due to his tactical streak, there are several weapons available to use and ways to protect yourself.

Character movement is clumsy, progress rewards are abysmal, death animations are incongruous, single mode is monotonous, and so on. He doesn’t do anything right and has let down even the most casual of players. Your grade is 37!

20) Resident Evil Survivor (2000) – 39 (PS1, PC)

Resident Evil: Survivor, released in early 2000, brought a big change to the franchise that only 17 years later would truly be accepted by fans of the series: a first-person view.

The European and Japanese versions supported Namco’s toy guns, called GunCon. The American version didn’t, that’s because of the Columbine school massacre that had taken place the year before.

In the story, the protagonist escaped a helicopter accident and has no memory. Now, he has to survive several known enemies, such as Lickers and Tyrants, while trying to remember who he is and how he got there.

An FPS is usually fast and visceral, which goes against the franchise bases resident Evil. Also, much of the fun was lost due to the lack of peripheral support. The pixelated graphics didn’t help either, as did the long loading screens between the ports. He ended up being a failure and got 39th.

19) Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (2012) – 50.6 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC)

In nineteenth place, we have Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, released in 2012. The game takes place in the same period of Resident 2 and 3, bringing up the characters of this game, but basically nothing that happens in it is canonical, that is, considered in the general history of the franchise.

Speaking of the story, she follows two groups of characters: mercenaries who work for Umbrella and a special team who discover the cause for the outbreak in Racoon City.

The game has 12 characters, 6 from each group, a single player mode, a cooperative mode for up to 4 players, in which the two groups face off, and a mode called Heroes, which brings great characters from the series to play with each other.

The idea of ​​being able to see landmark events of the franchise through different eyes and the good competitive mode pleased, but the cover system is horrendous, the enemies are damage sponges, the artificial intelligence is tenebrous and several botched details hinder the experience a lot. Your grade is 50.6.

18) Resident Evil Gaiden (2001) – 56.4 (Game Boy Color)

Resident Evil Gaiden, released in 2001, was the first title in the series to reach handheld consoles. Her story deals with a zombie outbreak on a luxury ship that must be solved by Barry Burton and, later in the plot, Leon S. Kennedy.

Unlike other games in the series, its vision is top-down and the player must explore the environment and defeat enemies. The battle comes down to a bar with a point that goes from left to right without stopping. The closer to the center the player presses the point, the more effective the shot will be.

The game was criticized for its impractical save system for a handheld game, as they were limited, for puzzles limited to collecting items and keys, and for its graphics, but praised for its good story and interesting combat system. That wasn’t enough to raise his grade, which was at 56.4.

17) Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 (2004) – 58 (PS2)

In 2004 it was released Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2, a stand alone expansion of Resident Evil Outbreak, which had hit the market the year before and which focused on puzzles along with zombie survival. The game features the same eight characters as its predecessor, who even have the same abilities, and must be used to go through the 5 scenarios present, but their plot orders are not very clear to the player.

In each of these scenarios, there is a checklist of events that consist of special actions that must be taken if the player wants to do 100% in each of them. Now, the player uses an “ad-lib” system, which consists of ten key commands based on context sensitive controls to progress. The game featured a multiplayer mode that was closed in 2007 by Capcom.

The game has challenging puzzles, big levels and new zombies, which may please fans of the franchise, but the weak missions, the AI ​​is terrible and the lack of news compared to its predecessor was very displeasing. Your grade is 58.

16) Resident Evil: Resistance (2020) – 64 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Resident Evil: Resistance, released in 2020, is an online multiplayer game that hit the market with the remake of Resident Evil 3. His idea is quite simple: 4 players must work together to defeat a fifth player, who instead of being a survivor like the others, is a Mastermind, that is, a controller who must kill everyone else.

In total, the title has 7 surviving characters, one of them being the famous Jill Valentine, and 5 masterminds, which features the villain Alex Wesker and one of the creators of Umbrella, Ozwell E. Spencer.

The game was criticized for being extremely poorly balanced, the lack of diversity in the visuals, the connection problems due to the lack of dedicated servers and the various technical problems, such as stutters. You can say that because it is theoretically free, as it came with the remake of Resident 3, and for small moments of fun it provided, the result was not completely horrendous, just that not even Capcom trusts the title anymore, as it is about to release the Resident Evil Re:Verse, which is a new online multiplayer title in the franchise. Thereby, resistance got 64 of note.

15) Resident Evil: Dead Aim (2003) – 65 (PS2)

Resident Evil: Dead Aim, released in 2003, was ranked fifteenth on our list. As Survivor and Survivor 2, he is part of the sub series Gun Survivor, which focuses on first-person gameplay. The difference is that Dead Aim also brings a third-person perspective when the player is on the move.

The story follows Bruce McGivern, a member of the anti-Umbrella investigation team, and Fong Ling, a Chinese government envoy, who must stop Morpheus D. Duvall, who stole Umbrella’s T-virus and threatens to release the bioweapon on the world if you don’t get 1 billion dollars from the American and Chinese governments.

The game was described as a good hybrid between toy gun shooters and the franchise resident Evil, but he’s not good at either, looking separately. Also, its premise is unoriginal and its dialogues are pretty bad, even though it has pretty good graphics. Your grade is 65.

15) Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D (2011) – 65 (Nintendo 3DS)

Also in fifteenth place, we have Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, released in 2011 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, which is an adaptation of the mercenaries mode of Resident 4 and 5, in which the player must kill as many enemies as possible within a time limit.

Movement is in third person and the crosshairs have the option of being in the same perspective or in first person. Unlike most previous games in the franchise, here you can walk while aiming, reloading weapons and restoring health. The screen at the bottom of the handheld console shows the player’s inventory, it’s possible to customize the characters’ abilities, and it features cooperative online multiplayer.

The game was described as fun, addictive and with beautiful visuals and backgrounds, but it has little content, the animations are pretty bad and it doesn’t have leaderboards to compare its performance against other players around the world. Your grade is 65.

14) resident Evil 6 (2012) – 70 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

And finally we got to a main series game with the controversial resident Evil 6, released in 2012. In it, the player controls the well-known Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong, as well as the mercenary Jake Muller, son of Albert Wesker, and the agent of Sherry Birkin, who had appeared in Resident Evil 2, which participate in parallel narratives that involve different issues but focus on Neo-Umbrella. What kind of questions? The death of the President of the United States, Chris’ traumas and his quest for revenge, a strange clone of Ada, Jake being able to have the T-virus vaccine in his blood and, of course, bioterrorist attacks.

The gameplay is the same as in resident Evil 5, with a greater focus on action than horror. During campaigns, the player will be able to choose which character to use and the one not chosen will be controlled by the AI ​​or even by another local or online player. Among the new features of the game, we have the ability to roll in any direction and run while shooting, a coop mode for up to 4 players and new zombie mutations.

Analysts praised the graphics, the AI, the controls, the narrative structure and the great performances, but criticized the massive amount of quick-time events, the emphasis on mediocre story events, the rhythm that is constantly broken, the scripted events that they are poorly executed, some dialogue is stupid, the plot follows an intriguing line but falls into sameness, and the survivor horror part basically doesn’t exist. With all that, your grade is 70.

13) Resident Evil Outbreak (2003) – 71 (PS2)

Resident Evil Outbreak, released in 2003, was the first game in the series to feature cooperative gameplay and support for online multiplayer, but the latter was not available in the PAL regions, which include much of Europe, Asia and Brazil. The game is divided into a series of scenarios that take place within a few days of the Racoon City outbreak.

The player can select one of the eight available characters, who have different abilities, to face the infected and solve the present puzzles and, with that, finish the scenario in question. Joining the 5 maps, there are 20 hidden items for each of the characters and, if everything is collected, a new outfit and a new option for your ad-libs are released.

Analysts praised it for having functional and somewhat intuitive controls, but the scenarios are short, the AI ​​partners are kind of dumb, and the sounds are annoying. Your grade is 71.

12) Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (2015) – 74 (PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC)

Resident Evil: Revelations 2, released in 2015, is an episodic game that takes place between gaming events. Resident 5 and 6. The story follows Claire Redfield and her companions at NGO TerraSave headquarters as they are attacked by strangers and taken to a desert island in the Baltic Ocean.

As said before, the story is told in 4 episodes that were released between February and March of that year and two other bonuses. In addition to having Barry’s daughter Moira as support, this is the first title in the flagship franchise that Barry Burton is playable. The game has many stealth elements, as only 2 of the 4 characters available can use firearms, while the other two can use melee weapons. It brings the Raid mode, from the first game, with several new features, missions and characters and, on desktop consoles, the title can be played in coop.

Analysts praised the story, setting, characters and coop gameplay, but criticized the graphics, various technical issues, dated puzzles and backtracking on Barry’s part. Your grade is 74.

11) Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (2007) – 75 (Nintendo Wii)

Eleventh, we have Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, released in 2007, which is a rail shooter game, those whose task is to shoot everything while moving is on the house. The story is narrated by Albert Wesker, who tells a lot of information, secrets and motivations behind the Umbrella corporation.

To aim and shoot at the screen, the player uses the Nintendo Wii motion controller, and it is also possible to use the Wii Zapper to strafe whatever is in front of you. Each stage is divided into chapters that have save points when they are finished. To unlock levels and sub-levels, it is necessary to destroy items and obtain objects, files and critical hits to achieve a specific ranking.

For analysts, the controls are easy to pick up, it brings news to the on-rails formula, and the title smells and tastes like resident Evil in everything he does, but the on-rails gameplay is pretty restrictive, the fact that one shot kills enemies is kind of bizarre, and the songs spoil the ambiance. Your grade is 75.

11) Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2009) – 75 (Nintendo Wii)

And also in eleventh place, we have the continuation of the game previously presented. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, released in 2009, also puts the player to shoot anything that moves without worrying about their locomotion, but this time to recount the events of Resident 2 and Code: Veronica, putting players in control of Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and later Chris Redfield.

Much of the gameplay is the same as in Umbrella Chronicles, but it has some differences. Headshots are easier to make, players’ lives are separated, you can pick and use green herbs with the push of a button, you can customize weapon characteristics, the game automatically adjusts the difficulty based on the player’s skills and he now has an online leaderboard.

Critics ended up praising the long, player-inviting campaign for replay, the variety of locations to explore and enemies to fight, and finally its strong, coherent narrative. But his perspective makes accurate aiming very difficult, he has a lot of cheap surprise tactics, the friendly AI is totally useless and a second player cannot join the game in the middle of the action. He also got a 75th note.

10) Resident Evil 3 (2020) – 80 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Resident Evil 3, released in 2020, is a remake of the 1999 game. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Your story takes place at the same time as that of Resident 2, accompanying Jill Valentine, former member of the special group known as S.T.A.R.S. who must escape from Racoon City and prevent his hunter, the Nemesis-T Type bioweapon, from ending his race.

Even though the game has Jill as its main protagonist, at times it is possible to control Carlos Oliveira, who works as a support for most of the game. The title brings a third person view over the shoulder and visuals as good as the Remake of Resident 2 on account of the RE Engine graphics engine. In addition to worrying about the smaller enemies in the scenario, the player needs to run away from the Nemesis, which hunts you relentlessly in some specific moments of the plot. Finishing it on the hardest, two new modes are unlocked, which make the experience even more complicated.

Critics praised the refined and precise gameplay, the new mechanics compared to the original, the beautiful visuals, the immersive setting, the more consistent plot, the new difficulties and the captivating protagonists, but the Nemesis hardly appears, the story is very short, there are few elaborate puzzles and almost no backtracking, its plot is too linear and scripted and there is a lack of content compared to the original game. Your grade is 80.

9) Resident Evil: Revelations (2012) – 82 (Nintendo 3DS, WiiU, PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Resident Evil: Revelations, released in 2012, initially arrived for the Nintendo 3DS only, but ended up doing so well that it was released for desktop consoles the following year. The story takes place between Resident 4 and 5, accompanying Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine whose task is to stop a bioterrorist group that wants to infect the world’s oceans.

Unlike previous games, Revelations focuses more on survival, stealth and exploration, making combat more tense and strategic, bringing the title back to the series’ horror origins. Much of the gameplay takes place inside a pirate ship in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. In 3DS, the console’s top screen shows the gameplay while the bottom one shows the inventory and the map, which expands as the player explores the location. In addition to the campaign mode, there is Raid Mode, which is more action-focused, in which you have to defeat all your opponents to earn rewards.

The title was praised for its gameplay, its haunting atmosphere, its beautiful visuals and its captivating story, but its new characters are not captivating, the AI ​​allies are useless and the enemies are all very similar. Your grade is 82.

8) Resident Evil Zero (2002) – 83 (GameCube)

Eighth, we have Resident Evil Zero, released in 2002. The game is a prequel to the first title in the series and follows Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen as they explore an abandoned training center for employees of the pharmaceutical company Umbrella.

The gameplay is very similar to the previous games in the series, with a fixed camera and focused on exploring and solving puzzles, but it brings as a big novelty a mechanic to switch between the protagonists to solve puzzles, taking advantage of the unique abilities of each one of them. As the title doesn’t have item boxes, it’s possible to throw some things on the floor to clear inventory space or trade with the other character.

Analysts praised the scary atmosphere, the beautiful graphics and some new features that brought more strategy to the gameplay. Item and partner systems were praised by some but criticized by others. Another thing criticized was the controls. Still, the title did very well and got 83 of note.

7) resident Evil 5 (2009) – 84.3 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Launched in 2009, resident Evil 5 was the main game of the franchise that embraced the action genre once and for all, telling the story of Chris Redfield and his partner Sheva Alomar who are dealing with a problem in Kijuju, a fictional region in Africa, where its inhabitants were infected by the parasite Las Plagas. However, the expedition to the site will bring to light several information about Umbrella’s past and will promote meetings of old acquaintances.

The title can be played entirely in coop, either locally or online. Just like its predecessor, it is possible to upgrade weapons with money and treasure found along the way, but without having to find shops, enemies can now carry weapons and grenades, each item only consumes one inventory space and Mercenaries mode is back after the story is finished the first time.

The game was praised for its detailed graphics, its amazing animations, the presence of a partner at all times, its real-time menu and its extra content after the end of the campaign, but criticized for problems in gameplay when played with a friend online , the slow movement, the shooting system not very attractive and, of course, the lack of terror. His grade is 84.3.

6) Resident Evil Village (2021) – 84.5 (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, Stadia

Sixth, we have the most recent one on the list. Resident Evil Village, released in 2021, follows Ethan Winters after his wife is killed by Chris Redfield and their daughter kidnapped by the group of Mother Miranda, a religious sect in the interior of Europe made up of a leader and four heads of family, each with different characteristics, the that make them lethal in their own way.

Just like the previous game, village is in first person and avoids showing the face of its protagonist even when he has the opportunity. To get his daughter back, Ethan must defeat each of the family’s leaders, who can focus more on horror, exploration or action. Now, the player can buy and sell items from Duke and craft ammunition, which not only helps during the adventure, but also invites the player to explore every corner of the map.

In addition to the campaign mode, the title also has the Mercenaries, who had already appeared in the franchise in previous games such as Resident 4 and 5, and would receive a multiplayer mode called RE:Verse soon after its release, but that was postponed until the American summer.

Analysts praised the balance between horror and action, the fun gameplay, the new additions, the Duke’s character and shop, the terrifying atmosphere, the perfect sound design that complements horror, the great performance on the new generation and on weaker computers, the replay factor of the campaign and the Mercenaries mode, but criticized for some poorly used points, the short campaign, the brief bosses and the simple story that doesn’t tie the ends left by the predecessor. Your grade is 84.5.

5) Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017) – 85 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, released in 2017, shifts the perspective of the main series to first person and introduces a new character: Ethan Winter, a system engineer who ends up being drawn to Dulvey, Louisiana, when his wife, Mia, missing 3 years ago, supposedly rules a message. It turns out that she is imprisoned in the house of the Baker family, four beings infected by mold, a fungus that makes people super powerful and resistant. Since his wife has also been infected, Ethan must not only flee that place but also find a way to save her.

The game returns to its origins by placing the player in a small location that must be explored with caution as a deadly threat haunts him for much of the plot. The protagonist has no experience with weapons and Capcom made a point of putting some details in the shooting mechanics to pass this on to the player. There are no stores to buy equipment, but supplies and weapons can be found without much difficulty during your exploration. Whenever he takes damage, Ethan can drop a liquid that restores his life and improves his injuries. In some parts, the player will play events from the past through videotape recordings, which expands the story and gives tips on how to solve some puzzles. For the brave ones on duty, it’s possible to play it in virtual reality through Sony’s PlayStation VR. This was the first game to be made completely on the RE Engine graphics engine, developed by Capcom itself.

Analysts said the reduced field of view increases horror, the narrative is strong, the atmosphere is tense, the environments are very detailed, the family members are very different from each other, the survival horror mechanics are refined and the support to VR is absolutely amazing. On the other hand, some parts are dragged, some bosses are more frustrating than intense, enemies could be smarter and the puzzles are very simple. Your grade is 85.

5) Resident Evil 2 (1998) – 85 (PS1, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PC)

Resident Evil 2, released in 1998, puts the player in the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy, a police officer on his first day of employment, and Claire Redfield, a student who is searching for her brother Chris in the midst of the chaos that has become Racoon City. The two then must leave that place at the same time they are hunted by the Tyrant creature, better known as Mr. X.

Like the first game in the series, it focuses on exploration, puzzles and combat, with the big difference being a much larger map and different story for each of the two protagonists and plot ramifications. Thus, each of the characters has scenario A and B, and they are totally related to what happened in the other’s adventure. Depending on what the player does during their adventure, it is possible to unlock bonus weapons and special clothes for the protagonists. Besides the story mode, the title brings two minigames that are “The 4th Survivor” and “The To-fu Survivor”. In some versions, there is a third minigame called Extreme Battle.

The title was well regarded by reviewers, who praised its atmosphere, graphics, audio and overall gameplay, but criticized the controls, performances and some specific gameplay elements. Your grade is 85.

4) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) – 88 (PS1, Dreamcast, PC)

Released in 1999, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis accompanies Jill Valentine in her attempt to escape Racoon City alive, as there is an outbreak going on in the city and a giant monster, known as Nemesis, is relentlessly hunting her.

The game maintains the same footprint as its predecessors, with a fixed camera and tank movement. It is never possible to know when Nemesis will attack, as their encounters are basically random and take place at various points in the game. In some parts, the player will need to choose between two available options, changing the ending of the plot. Finishing the story for the first time, the Mercenaries: Operation Mad mode is released, in which it is necessary to traverse the entire city within a limited time and with limited resources.

Analysts said it was the most sophisticated in the franchise, that it had richly detailed visuals, that it invited the player to a second game, that it had a believable environment, with a very large population of enemies and intriguing puzzles, as well as bringing in new elements. , like the Mercenaries mode, but which also had a simple premise and a very weak performance, besides being too similar to the predecessor. Your grade is 88.

3) resident Evil 4 (2005) – 89.75 (PS2, GameCube, Wii, PC)

Thirdly, we have one of the most loved games in the franchise, resident Evil 4, released in 2005. The story follows US government special agent Leon S. Kennedy whose mission is to rescue the country’s president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, who was kidnapped by a bizarre cult. Now, our hero must fight a horde of enemies while putting up with Ashley’s unbearable screams.

It changes the perspective of the main games in the franchise, moving from a fixed camera to an over the shoulder TPS. In addition, it starts to bring more action elements to its gameplay, even if it remains in the premise of a survivor horror with lots of puzzles and some scares. It also features context-sensitive controls and quick time events, the latter being more present in boss battles. Enemies are now smarter, able to carry weapons, work collectively and even evade attacks.

The inventory was also moved to the grid system we use today. Leon’s gear bag has a specific number of squares, which represent the available space. The player must then arrange so that everything fits inside.

As said before, the game was a complete success and to this day it is one of the most highly rated games on Metacritic. Reviewers praised its visuals, character design, acting, overall story and new gameplay. But if he is so loved, how is he not in the first place? Well, that’s the fault of one of your ports: the PC one. It was heavily criticized for lack of mouse support, frustrating keyboard control, poor quality cutscenes and rendering issues. The positive side is that the ratings of the other versions were so good that it placed the game in the top 3, with 89.75.

two) resident Evil (1996) – 91 (PS1)

Second, we have the first game in the franchise. resident Evil, released in 1996, follows Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, members of the elite S.T.A.R.S. team, who are investigating the outskirts of Racoon City in search of a missing companion of theirs. After a riot, they enter a dark mansion filled with the undead that can finish them off at any time if they aren’t on the lookout.

The gameplay consists of exploring the various areas of the mansion, solving the scattered puzzles, which require a lot of “back and forth”, and survive the various threats present in the place. Early on, the player must choose which of the two characters to use, each having unique differences and abilities. Once chosen, it is not possible to change.

The camera is fixed, changing according to the player’s movement, which ends up causing several scares as the player does not have a full sense of what is around him. To recover after an attack, it is necessary to use herbs or a life spray, which can be manufactured. A única forma de salvar o game é usando a máquina de escrever, que possui uma quantidade limitada de fita. Após seu fim, é necessário ir até outra máquina para salvar.

Você já se perguntou o motivo do jogo ter nomes diferentes em algumas áreas do mundo? O real título dele é Biohazard, mas não foi possível patenteá-lo nos Estados Unidos e Europa por conta de outros games e até de uma banda com o mesmo nome. Como ele se passava numa mansão, foi sugerido Resident Evil, que caiu nas graças do público.

O game foi um completo sucesso de vendas e de crítica por todo o planeta, tanto que recebeu até um Director’s Cut. Os analistas disseram que ele era tão divertido de se assistir quanto de se jogar, que os trabalhos de vozes e as cutscenes eram cômicas, mas a gameplay tinha um ótimo ritmo e os puzzles eram realmente desafiadores, os controles eram intuitivos e tanto os gráficos quanto os efeitos sonoros eram realistas. As únicas criticas mais de peso foram as partes cômicas e a alta dificuldade, mas ele impressionou muita gente e ficou com 91 de nota.

2) Resident Evil (2002) – 91 (GameCube)

E também em segundo lugar, temos o remake do jogo citado anteriormente. Resident Evil, lançado em 2002, foi desenvolvido após um acordo entre a Capcom e a Nintendo. O criador da série, Shinji Mikami, afirmou que a ideia de uma recriação do clássico título da empresa se dava pelo fato do original não ter envelhecido bem e que ele poderia se aproveitar de todo o poder do GameCube, contando com modelos 3D em vez de backgrounds pre-renderizados.

Além de diversas melhorias gráficas, o jogo ainda conta com novas mecânicas de gameplay, puzzles revisados, áreas de exploração adicionais, script revisto e novos elementos da história como um subplot que foi inteiramente cortado do original.

Mesmo que o projeto tenha sido feito por conta de um acordo com a Nintendo, em 2014 um remaster dele foi lançado para PC e os consoles da Microsoft e Sony. No seu lançamento original, ele foi descrito como o melhor, mais assustador e mais bonito de toda a série, com comentários direcionados aos seus gráficos e suas mecânicas revistas, mas ele acabou não vendendo tanto quanto esperado. Ainda assim, ficou com a medalha de prata da nossa lista, com 91 de nota.

2) Resident Evil 2 (2019) – 91 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

E também no segundo lugar, temos o remake do segundo título da franquia. Resident Evil 2 foi lançado em 2019, 21 anos após o original, e mostra o colapso de Racoon City, causado pela Umbrella Corporation e como seus protagonistas devem lidar com a situação.

Assim como no game anterior, o player deve escolher qual dos dois protagonistas deve utilizar, que não só tem habilidades como cenários bem diferentes um do outro. Além de resolver puzzles, explorar o mapa e matar os adversários, o jogador precisa fugir do Mr. X, que tem como objetivo acabar com todas as provas vivas do que aconteceu no local.

O título traz diversas diferenças em relação ao original: visuais de última geração graças ao motor gráfico RE Engine, pequenas mudanças nas áreas e nas cutscenes, câmera acima do ombro dos personagens e a ausência de certos inimigos.

Como o game pouco mudou em relação à trama, ele conseguiu agradar tanto os jogadores novatos, que buscavam um jogo atual de terror com uma alta qualidade, quanto os old schools, que tiveram um grande momento de nostalgia ao revivenciar a história que marcou tanto eles. Os analistas amaram os visuais, a atmosfera, o senso de urgência constante, a história expandida, a quantidade de coletáveis e os modos bônus desafiadores e inteligentes. A principal crítica foi mais para alguns problemas de ritmo em certas partes, mas o resto foi só rasgação de seda e ele ficou com 91 de nota.

1) Resident Evil – Code: Veronica (2000) – 94 (Dreamcast)

E em primeiríssimo lugar, o favorito de muitos jogadores por aí: Resident Evil – Code: Veronica, lançado em 2000. Sua história se passa três meses após os eventos de Resident 2 and 3, acompanhando Claire e seu irmão Chris Redfield que devem sobreviver a um novo outbreak, mas dessa vez em uma prisão remota no oceano ártico.

O game segue a mesma pegada de seus antecessores mas, em vez de backgrounds pré-renderizados, ele apresenta ambientes 3D em tempo real, por conta de sua câmera mais dinâmica, que faz panorâmicas, da zooms e acompanha o personagem, assim como no game Dino Crisis, que tinha chegado ao mercado no ano anterior. Zerando pela primeira vez, o Battle Mode é liberado, no qual é necessário derrotar os inimigos usando armas com munições infinitas.

Antes de falar sobre as avaliações, vamos tirar o elefante do meio da sala. A nota que nós vamos apresentar é do Dreamcast pois não consideramos a do PS2. O motivo é bem simples: a versão lançada para o console da Sony no ano seguinte é uma atualização, com melhorias e novidades em relação ao título inicial. No episódio de Street Fighter do quadro, passamos pela mesma situação, mas só consideramos o original. E, por fim, vale ressaltar que o jogo sair para outro console um ou dois anos depois não configura uma versão diferente, já que é o mesmo título só que em um console diferente. Com isso dito, vamos continuar.

Os analistas elogiaram Code: Veronica por conta de sua atmosfera, seus gráficos, sua câmera e background, suas cutscenes em CGI, suas músicas e sons e seu twist adulto na narrativa. Alguns criticaram os controles e o fato dele trazer os mesmos problemas de seus antecessores, mas isso não afetou sua nota que ficou em 94, levando a medalha de ouro do nosso quadro.

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