Resident Evil: absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know about the story

resident Evil is one of the most loved franchises of all time, this is an indisputable fact. Many genres were consolidated in the 90s and the best example of this is the zombie game franchise with Survival Horror – Metal Gear did the same thing with the Stealth genre in that decade.

Of course, the vast majority already know the misadventures of dear protagonists Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield and of course, thousands of other characters who have participated in the stories over the years.

However, it is always good to remember the whole journey, the historical facts that helped to promote the universe of resident Evil and the main thing: that good nostalgia when everything was new.

In today’s special we will dissect the stories of the numbered series of the franchise. But will we go in parts, reminiscing about the old moments as if we were playing all the games for the first time, combined?

Remember that the next few paragraphs contain spoilers. The story will be told from the classic games.

The creation of Umbrella Corporation

The franchise history resident Evil starts very early, back in the 60s, a time when scientists James Marcus, Ozwell E. Spencer and Edward Ashford discover the Progenitor Virus, found in plants on the African continent – which were even used by tribes to select their leaders .

African plants that contained the Progenitor Virus. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

With so much potential to change the world – in a bad way, because they were the series’ antagonists – the three scientists got together and decided to study the plant in the United States.

Years later, in 1968, Umbrella Corporation was founded, a pharmaceutical giant that served as a front for experiments with the Progenitor Virus in humans, animals and plants; B.O.W.’s (Bio Organic Weapons), in other words.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

While Progenitor’s studies continued, Edward Ashford is accidentally infected and dies. At that time, Umbrella had two branches: one on the African continent and another in a mansion in the Arklay Mountains, just outside Raccoon City.

James Marcus moved forward with his research and expertly managed to create an even more powerful weapon: the T-Virus, which was the union of Progenitor’s DNA with leeches. After the discovery, two interns took charge of the project and continued to lead the project. Do you know who these two were? The iconic villains of the franchise resident Evil: Willian Birkin and Albert Wesker.

Spencer and Marcus’ opinions began to diverge, resulting in power struggles within the company. The situation starts to become untenable and then Spencer orders Birking and Wesker to kill James Marcus.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)William Birkin and Albert Wesker in the murder of James Marcus. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

Murdered by his own interns, Marcus’ body was spawned at a water treatment center near the mansion. However, the scientist had created an extremely intelligent leech – called Queen Leech – who took over his corpse and brought it back to life ten years later in the events of Resident Evil 0.

For a few years, Willian Birkin and Albert Wesker continued to lead the venture with the T-Virus and achieved surprising feats – such as reviving the dead. They also created other verticals in the survey, with smart B.O.W.’s projects called Tyrants.

The Horror Express – Resident Evil 0 (2002)

After many years of experimenting in the mansion under the hood, things started to get out of Umbrella’s control in 1998. The security of the place is neglected and several BOW’s escape, consequently killing most of the scientists present at the site .

Since the catastrophe was showing its first signs of life, the R.P.D. (Raccoon Police Department) now receives many reports of cannibalism and cold-blooded murders outside the city.

In order to investigate these mysterious crimes, the department sent an elite squad to the mountains of Arklay, the BRAVO team of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service), a police division made up of its best soldiers.

Upon arriving in the mountains, one of the members of BRAVO, Rebecca Chambers, begins to investigate the place and ends up inside a broken train in the middle of the dark forest. Exploring one of the wagons further, she discovers that the place has been attacked by leeches and everyone has become a zombie.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

Trapped, Rebecca meets Billy Coen – a fugitive from the police who was actually a good guy – and the two agree to cooperate to get out of there alive.

The train reaches the end of the line and one of the wagons ends up derailing, sending the protagonists to another even more mysterious place: the old Umbrella training center.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

There, they meet the young form of James Marcus (one of the founders), who was allegedly killed by the interns, but actually stayed for ten years merging with Queen Leech’s DNA – the extremely intelligent leech he had created. Rebecca and Billy also discover that the company was a front for biological weapon experiments.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Queen Leech and young form of James Marcus. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

After many comings and goings through the training center, the outlaw and the squad member are able to definitively defeat Queen Leech, ending the story of the two survivors.

While Billy leaves for the unknown (and never appears in any games in the franchise), Rebecca seeks shelter in an abandoned mansion nearby.

Mysterious mansion and Umbrella’s true intentions – resident Evil (1996 – 2002)

After a few hours without contact with the BRAVO team, R.P.D. sent the second squad to the Arklay Mountains, this time with the best soldiers from the S.T.A.R.S .: Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker (Umbrella’s double agent), Barry Burton, Brad Vickers and Joseph Frost, who were part of the ALPHA team.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)S.T.A.R.S members .. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

In less than a few minutes in the forest the team was attacked by thirsty dogs – which were actually B.O.W.’s – resulting in the death of Joseph Frost and the escape of Brad Vickers, the team driver who left his teammates behind. After a tiring race kills the inside, the ALPHA team takes shelter in a mysterious mansion, well except for Chris Redfield, who separates from the team during the escape.

Barry and Jill start investigating the place together in search of Chris, while Wesker stays in the mansion’s lobby. After some time exploring the place, Jill finds the first zombie in one of the most iconic scenes in the games.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

Chris and Valentine, the two playable characters from the first resident Evil, go on opposite paths and gradually discover the rotten Umbrella. Some soldiers from the BRAVO team are also found along the way, but only Rebecca Chambers survives after all.

After facing dozens of Hunters, zombies and even a giant snake, the story was drawing to a close. Jill and Chris discover that Wesker is a double agent for Umbrella and an imminent threat to the ALPHA team.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Wesker activates the Tyrant T-002. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

Sadistic, Wesker activates the fearsome colossus Tyrant T-002, a biological weapon resulting from his research with Willian Birkin, but the shot backfired and Wesker is killed by the monster.

A battle against the Tyrant begins on the mansion’s helipad, so Chris, Jill, Barry and Rebecca manage to defeat the creature and leave the place alive, which explodes in ruins while they escape by helicopter.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Chris, Jill and Barry confronting the police chief, Brian Irons. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

Upon returning from investigations in the Arklay Mountains, the ALPHA squadron of S.T.A.R.S. confront the police chief, Brian Irons, about the dirt in which Umbrella was involved. However, the deputy was receiving a large sum of money from the pharmaceutical company, so all the squad’s efforts to incriminate the company would be in vain.

After several frustrated attacks to bring Umbrella down, Chris Redfield went to Europe in search of other ways to end the company for good. Jill Valentine and Brad Vickers continued their investigations in Raccoon City.

G-Viruses and young people fleeing Raccoon City – Resident Evil 2 (1998 – 2019)

After continuing his personal research with the T-Virus, Willian Birkin had developed the G-Virus, an even more lethal variation. Umbrella did not take long and soon discovered the scientist’s plans, sending an elite squad to steal the sample in the company’s underground laboratory, located in the sewers of Raccoon City.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Hunk squad confronting Willian Birking to steal the G-Virus. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

The soldiers even manage to steal the suitcase with the samples, but end up killing Birkin in the process. In his final moments, the scientist injects himself with a generous dose of the G-Virus, becoming an unforgiving monster.

The entire squad is eliminated by the monster, but Hunk – Umbrella’s best soldier – manages to escape with an ampoule of the virus. During the fight, the suitcase with the samples breaks and falls into the Raccoon City sewers, resulting in an unprecedented catastrophe a week later.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy are the protagonists of Resident Evil 2 and go on different paths, but simultaneously. Claire is Chris’s younger sister and went to Raccoon in search of her brother. Leon was a novice cop and was on his way to town for his first day on the job.

The young people meet at the entrance to the city and begin to be attacked by several zombies. These creatures had appeared weeks before, when the G-Virus that had been spread in the sewers during Umbrella’s assault on Birkin, turned a large part of the population into undead. The protagonists then begin a desperate escape to the Raccoon police station.

After many comings and goings, Leon meets Ada Wong in the R.P.D. parking lot, who introduced himself as the girlfriend of Ben Bertolucci – a journalist investigating the relationship between Brian Irons and Umbrella. At the same time, only elsewhere in the police station, Claire knew Sherry Birkin, the scientist’s daughter.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

Leon and Claire have few moments of calm, because while they were making plans to escape the city, they were also escaping from two monsters: Willian Birkin in his monstrous form (who was after Sherry) and the Tyrant T-003 (Mr. X) , an evolution even more powerful than the mansion’s Tyrant T-002, sent by Umbrella to the city to kill civilians and burn files.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Mr. X. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

Eventually, Sherry is infected by her own father, so Claire takes on the noble mission of saving the girl, who luckily had a sample of the G-Virus stored in her necklace, making it much easier to create the antibody.

Meanwhile, in the labs, Leon discovers that Ada is a double agent and is in town at the behest of another company (Umbrella’s competitor), in search of a sample of the G-Virus.

The spy is killed by Mr. X and Leon is unable to save her, going straight to a railway line on the edge of the underground laboratory. Claire manages to get in touch with the young police officer and also goes to the same destination.

After an uphill battle with Willian Birkin on the way, Claire manages to forge the vaccine to cure Sherry.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Leon in confrontation with the last form of Mr. X. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

The young woman begins preparations to escape on an Umbrella train and Leon goes to the platform to face Mr. X’s latest form. After a busy night, Leon, Claire and Sherry manage to leave Raccoon City safe and sound.

Claire makes her way to Europe in search of Chris, while Leon and Sherry are rescued by the United States government. But the Raccoon City saga doesn’t end there.

Runaway veteran is the most powerful biological weapon of all – Resident Evil 3 (1999 – 2020)

The chronology of events in Raccoon City is somewhat confusing. The first part of RE 3 it is a prequel, that is, it unfolds before the events of RE 2. The second part takes place two days after the flight of Leon and Claire.

After the whole saga of the mansion in the Arklay Mountains, Jill Valentine and Brad Vickers stay in the city looking for evidence to frame Umbrella, while Chris went to Europe.

After the Willian Birkin incident and the G-Virus in the sewers, it took only a week for chaos to settle in the city, causing Jill to stop investigations and start preparing for her latest escape from Raccoon City.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

When the first zombies start taking over the city streets, the Martial Law decree is established. Umbrella wanted to make a good impression and then sends the U.B.C.S. (Umbrella Biohazard Coutermeasures Service – Umbrella’s Biohazard Countermeasures Service) to help R.P.D. cops, but not even the mercenaries who were part of the team knew that the main culprit for the disaster was the pharmacist itself.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Tyrant Nemesis T-Type. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

Umbrella’s European subsidiary was creating the most powerful biological weapon of all, called the Nemesis T-Type – the union of the T-Virus with a parasite called NE-Alpha. In order to test the smart weapon, the company sent Nemesis to Raccoon City with only one goal: to eliminate all remaining members of the S.T.A.R.S., starting with Brad Vickers.

On her journey to escape the city, Jill is forced to cooperate with some U.B.C.S. and that’s when we are introduced to soldiers Mikhail Victor, Carlos Oliveira and Nicholai Ginovaef – the latter was an Umbrella spy who was in the area to send reports of the B.O.W.’s in action.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira and Mikhail Viktor on the city trains. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

The team takes a direct train to the Clock Tower – the place they would use to call a helicopter – but Nemesis kills Mikhail on the way, forcing Jill and Carlos to jump out of the car.

When they finally manage to get a helicopter to escape the city, the monstrous creature appears once again and overturns their only hope of getting out of there alive. In this fight, Jill is infected by the Tyrant and rests for two full days in the Clock Tower chapel. Meanwhile, Carlos goes to the hospital in search of a vaccine.

It is at this very moment, on the other side of the city, that Claire and Leon arrive at Raccoon City. The entire story of Resident Evil 2 it takes place in those two days that Jill rests in the chapel.

Carlos obtains the cure for Jill, and during the search, he discovers that Nicholai is a traitor and that he is trying to sabotage their escape.

After comings and goings and dozens of confrontations against Nemesis, Jill manages to get help from Barry, her old companion. After a fight against Nicholai (who manages to get out alive and deliver his reports to Umbrella), the heroine begins preparations for the final battle against Tyrant.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Raccoon City being obliterated by the US government missile. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

The protagonist finally manages to defeat the last form of Nemesis, with an extremely powerful weapon called “Sword of Paracelsus”. By helicopter, Barry manages to rescue Carlos and his former companion, while the missiles arrive at Raccoon City and disappear with the city from the map minutes later.

It would be impossible to continue telling the story of the franchise without first going through Resident Evil – Code: Veronica, so let’s contextualize more quickly and objectively to continue the numbered series.

After fleeing Raccoon City, Claire goes after Chris at the Umbrella base in Europe, but is received in an unfriendly manner by the hosts.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Claire being captured at Umbrella base. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

The young woman is captured and taken to the prison on Rockfort Island – the company’s training ground and which has created several deadly soldiers like Hunk and Nicholai.

Unfortunately for Claire, Umbrella’s competitor – the same unknown company Ada Wong is a spy on – bombs the island, causing the T-Virus to spread quickly. The place was full of prisoners and pharmaceutical scientists, who soon became zombies. The young woman’s only hope for escape was to ally with Steve Burnside, one of the locals.

Game goes and game comes, Chris Redfield finds out that his sister was captured by the organization and then immediately goes to Rockfort Island to rescue her. Once there, he discovers that his former STARS colleague, Albert Wesker, is actually alive and kicking, but with superhuman powers – before he supposedly died at the mansion for the Tyrant T-002, he injected himself with the sample of a prototype virus, created by Birkin.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Claire and her older brother, Chris Redfield. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

The completion of Resident Evil – Code: Veronica it is at Umbrella base in Antarctica, which ends up resulting in the death of Steve Burnside. Chris also goes there and finally finds Claire, but they soon have to face Alexia Ashford – the antagonist of this game. After defeating her, the two escape and Albert Wesker lives on.

But before closing this part, a brief summary of who Alexia Ashford was: she is the granddaughter of Edward Ashford – one of Umbrella’s three founders – and has a twin brother named Alfred. The children’s father, Alexander, created the two as In Vitro experiments, combining highly intelligent genes with the DNA of the family matriarch, Veronica.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Alexia and Alfred Ashford. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

Years later, Alfred did not show good results, but Alexia did. The girl graduated from college at age 10, became the youngest scientist to join the Umbrella team and created T-Veronica – which combined the Progenitor virus with the retrovirus of a queen ant and plant DNA.

In short, Alexia wanted to perfect the virus and stayed for fifteen years in a state of cryogenic hibernation, while T-Veronica gradually took over her body, without harming the host’s body. The result of this is a villain full of almost supernatural powers.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Final form of Alexia and her dead brother. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

When she woke up at Umbrella’s base, Alexia saw her brother Alfred’s last moments, generating a thirst for revenge. Wesker wanted the sample of T-Veronica, but he can’t face the creature and runs away. Claire and Chris manage to defeat her at the end of the game.

Another brief piece of information that needs to be mentioned is that five years after the incident in Raccoon City, Chris and Jill go to an Umbrella base in Russia to wipe out what is left of the company. This campaign is available at Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, in the scenario “Umbrella’s End”.

Sect of the Illuminados, Las Plagas parasite and rescue of the president’s daughter – resident Evil 4 (2005)

resident Evil 4 marks a change of course in the series. Totally different from its predecessors, this game represented a real revolution in action games, bringing a new perspective over the shoulder (which even influenced thousands of other games later) and new airs for the franchise.

After fleeing Raccoon City, Leon and Sherry came into the custody of the United States government. The novice police officer signs a deal and becomes a federal agent.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

Six years after the Raccoon incidents, Leon is now an elite agent and was responsible for the rescue of the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, who had been kidnapped by a sect of Spanish fanatics.

Leon arrives in a village and finds that the inhabitants were followers of a cult called Los Illuminados. It doesn’t take long and the agent also realizes that these people had been brainwashed by a parasite called Las Plagas. This form of infection, unlike the T-Virus, makes the host highly resistant to pain and puts him in a state of collective mind, in which the great mass works together.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Osmund Saddler. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

Las Plagas was discovered in the 18th century by the Salazar clan, leaders of the Illuminated cult, who after a few years of controlling the area, locked the parasite in the confines of the family’s castle.

Centuries later, Ramon Salazar, the eighth in the line of succession, was convinced by Osmund Saddler (current leader of the Illuminated sect) to break the seal of Las Plagas and control the Spanish region once again.

Leon finally manages to find Ashley and together they begin to plot a plan to escape from there. Like every escape in resident Evil it is always sabotaged, the helicopter that went to the rescue of the two is destroyed and then they follow the search for other means.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

After a lot of coming and going inside the Salazar family castle, Leon meets again with Ada Wong, who was presumed dead in Raccoon City. The spy was on a mysterious mission again, this time at the behest of Albert Wesker.

Ada’s goal was to steal a sample from Las Plagas Dominante, a superior variation of the parasite that allowed the host to voluntarily mutate and that did not follow the collective mentality pattern.

Wesker had sent another soldier in search of the Las Plagas sample, who coincidentally was also Leon’s partner during one of his missions at the behest of the American government: Jack Krauser. It is also possible to play this mission in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles; she is called “Operation Javier”.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Jack Krauser and Leon S. Kennedy. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

After going through dozens of enemies and several highly dangerous situations, Leon finally goes on to his final battle against Osmund Saddler. As a good protagonist, the agent defeats the villain and gets the sample from Las Plagas, but in the next second it is stolen by Ada Wong. Leon heads to a cave and runs away from jet-skiing with Ashley, in a worthy end to the afternoon session.

Jill’s death and reunion with Wesker – DLC of resident Evil 5: “Lost in Nightmares”(2010)

It would also be impossible to proceed to resident Evil 5 without first stopping by the game’s expansion: “Lost in Nightmares”. This content is part of the extras of the fifth game and shows the death of Jill Valentine at the hands of Albert Wesker.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

In 2006, Chris and Jill had joined an organization called B.S.A.A. (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), which fought attacks and B.O.W.’s – in short, dealt with situations similar to the events in Raccoon City.

The agents discovered the whereabouts of an old acquaintance of ours, Mr. Oswell E. Spencer, one of Umbrella’s three founders in the 1960s. But unfortunately for Jill and Chris, Wesker arrives at the scene first and kills Spencer.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Tomb of Jill Valentine after the events at the Spencer mansion. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

A battle between the two agents and Wesker begins, but it soon has a tragic outcome. Jill sacrifices herself to save Chris and jumps with a villain on a cliff. There were searches at the scene after the incident, but they never found the bodies.

Chris Redfield redesigned and ended against Wesker – resident Evil 5 (2009)

Three years after Jill’s death, Chris goes to Africa in 2009 to investigate a biological weapons smuggler named Ricardo Irving. Early in the game we are introduced to Sheva Alomar, a member of B.S.A.A. and the agent’s new companion. The enemies of the time are called Majinis – much like the Ganados of RE 4.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Sheva Alomar and Chris Redfield. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

While Chris and Sheva are after Irwin, they discover an enemy even more lethal than the Majinis. Called Uroboros, the monster is a new, even stronger variation of Progenitor – the same researched by Umbrella’s founders in the 1960s – that infects the host and turns it into a creature full of tentacles and black goo.

After defeating Uroboros, the host’s cell phone falls to the ground and reveals files with photos of Jill Valentine. Soon, Chris’ journey to Africa to arrest Irwin becomes a relentless search for his former companion.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Jill and Wesker reappear after the Spencer mansion incident. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

After a long journey through tribes, abandoned mines and gigantic laboratories, Chris finally finds Jill, but she is accompanied by Wesker. The two had not died in the fall of the cliff at the Spencer mansion.

Wesker brainwashed the agent and used it as a guinea pig for experiments with Uroboros. The virus is lethal, but since Jill has antibodies to the T-Virus – due to his experiences in Raccoon City – Wesker managed to control the lethality rate and create a perfect guinea pig with superpowers.

After the fight between the four, Jill manages to regain consciousness and has her moment of reunion with her old partner. But as she said, only Chris could save the world and defeat Wesker, who planned a real “COMPLETE GLOBAL SATURATION” – in other words, to take over the entire world.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Albert Wesker’s final moments. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

After a mythological battle inside a volcano, Chris finally manages to kill once and for all Albert Wesker, his former companion from S.T.A.R.S., who spent years giving work to our hero. Sheva, Jill and Chris then take off by helicopter on a beautiful sunset.

The meeting of the protagonists of the franchise – resident Evil 6 (2012)

resident Evil 6 it was the franchise game that most promised, after all, it brought together almost the entire cast of characters in four different campaigns: Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans; Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper; Sherry Birkin (now an American government agent) and Jake Muller (son of Albert Wesker); and finally, Ada Wong’s solo campaign.

The game actually left a lot to be desired for its extremely confusing and clumsy storyline, but this is talk for another special.

Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper

Starting with Leon’s campaign, the agent was now part of the personal safety of the President of the United States, who was about to finally make a statement about the Raccoon City disaster – yes, 15 years later (in 2013).

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Helena, Leon and the President of the USA (zombie). (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

The city of Tall Oaks would host the speech, but suffers a bioterrorist attack that turns everyone into zombies, including the president. The current virus is a mixture of the T-Virus and the T-Veronica, called the C-Virus (very original).

To deal with the disaster much like Raccoon City 15 years earlier, Leon enlisted the help of Helena Harper, another US government agent. The duo then embarks on yet another journey against bioterrorism and it is in the meantime that Leon discovers the existence of Carla Radames, a clone of Ada Wong.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Carla Radames. (Source: Capcom / Reproduction)

We will be back a few months before. The Ada clone was created by Derek Simmons, head of national security and leader of the “Family”, a mysterious organization. Simmons was in love with Ada, who in turn did not pay attention to the quack.

Like a good science fiction script, Carla Radames rebels against Simmons, creates Neo-Umbrella and develops the C-Virus. It is worth mentioning that this new organization is responsible for the incident in Tall Oaks months later.

Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller

Six months before the events in Tall Oaks, young Jake Muller, son of Albert Wesker, is a mercenary and is in Edonia to deal with bioterrorist attacks, the same place where Chris was with his B.S.A.A .. team.

Sherry Birkin – the same rescued by Leon and Claire in Resident Evil 2 – is sent by Derek Simmons to take Jake into custody and collect his blood, since the young man was immune to the C-Virus.

(Source: Capcom / Reproduction)Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin fleeing Ustanak. (Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

Contudo, Simmons não era a única pessoa atrás de Jake. Carla Radames também havia enviado um monstro chamado Ustanak para capturá-lo. O grandalhão consegue matar dois coelhos numa cajadada só e captura não só Jake, mas Sherry também.

Carla envia os dois para uma base da Neo-Umbrella na China, onde ficam por seis meses servindo como experimentos.

Chris Redfield e Piers Nivans

Nesse meio tempo, Chris Redfield se encontra em depressão após perder toda a sua equipe durante a missão na Edonia. Afogado no álcool e desiludido, ele é tirado dessa vida pelo seu parceiro, Piers Nivans.

(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)Piers Nivans e Chris Redfield. (Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

Algum tempo depois, Chris, Piers e uma nova equipe de soldados da B.S.A.A. são enviados para a China, em um local que também havia sofrido um ataque de C-Vírus, transformando boa parte da cidade em zumbis.

Mais uma vez, Chris perde todo o seu esquadrão para Carla Radames e então começa uma corrida por vingança contra o clone, que ele acredita inicialmente ser Ada Wong. Ao mesmo tempo que Chris dava continuidade à sua missão, Leon e Helena descobrem que foram incriminados por Simmons pelo atentado em Tall Oaks e então seguem até a China em busca do vilão.

Essa campanha na China é marcada pelo encontro inédito de alguns personagens da franquia. Leon explica a Chris sobre Carla Radames e então ele e Piers vão ao encalço do clone.

(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

Apesar de extremamente confusa, o desfecho da história de Resident Evil 6 fica da seguinte maneira:

  • Leon e Helena enfrentam Simmons, que é atingido acidentalmente por uma seringa de C-Vírus e sofre intensas mutações.
  • Piers e Chris enfrentam a criação mais poderosa de Carla Radames, um monstro marinho chamado Haos. O jovem Piers se sacrifica para salvar Chris da arma biológica.
  • Sherry e Jake finalmente conseguem derrotar Ustanak, que os perseguia até então.

Ada Wong

Falamos muito de Ada Wong até aqui, mas o que a espiã estava fazendo esse tempo todo?

(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)Ada Wong. (Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

Ada aparece diversas vezes durante as três campanhas para ajudar os personagens, e no fim das contas, enfrenta a forma final de Carla Radames, que injetou a variação mais poderosa do C-Vírus em seu corpo.

Os acontecimentos de RE 6 finalmente chegam ao fim, depois de um enredo bem atrapalhado. Leon e Helena são inocentados, Sherry segue como agente do governo americano, Jake passa a ajudar países subdesenvolvidos na luta contra armas biológicas e Chris entra para uma organização misteriosa anos depois.

Propriedade dos Bakers, Eveline e Umbrella Azul — Resident Evil 7 (2017)

Resident Evil 7 adotou um conceito totalmente diferente em sua fórmula, utilizando da perspectiva em primeira pessoa e apresentando Ethan Winters, um personagem inédito na franquia que não tinha nenhum treinamento para lidar com situações de risco que envolviam armas biológicas.

Mia Winters, esposa de Ethan, foi dada como morta em 2014, quando foi supostamente trabalhar como babá. Três anos mais tarde, em 2017, a mulher envia um vídeo misterioso para o homem, que logo embarca em uma viagem até Louisiana, Estados Unidos, para salvá-la.

(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)Mansão dos Bakers em Louisiana. (Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

Chegando no local de origem no qual o vídeo foi enviado, Ethan descobre uma mansão no meio da mata e então decide investigar. Depois de um tempo explorando a área, o rapaz finalmente encontra Mia, que estava trancafiada em um porão.

Todavia, Mia está bem diferente e parece perturbada. Não demora muito para ela atacar Ethan, que é obrigado a revidar. Depois de uma árdua batalha, o rapaz é capturado por um velho misterioso e fica inconsciente.

(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)Família dos Bakers. (Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

No momento que Ethan acorda, somos apresentados à família dos Baker, os donos da propriedade. Eles parecem pessoas normais no início, mas na verdade são violentos e também muito perturbados. É importante ressaltar que existe uma velha de cadeira de rodas nessa família, que é um verdadeiro mistério durante boa parte do jogo.

Ethan consegue se soltar e começa uma fuga desesperada pelos corredores da mansão. Depois de se esconder de Jack Baker, o patriarca da família, o homem vê uma luz do lado de fora da casa, que para sua sorte era um policial à paisana.

(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)Jack Baker. (Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

Desesperado, o protagonista clama por ajuda, mas o policial desconfia e pede para que ele vá até a garagem da casa. Quando Ethan termina de abrir a porta, o outro homem começa a fazer perguntas, mas logo é interrompido por Jack, que o mata a sangue frio.

Uma batalha se inicia contra o vilão, um monstro extremamente alucinado, assim como o restante da família. Depois de derrotá-lo, Ethan começa os preparativos para fugir do lugar. O rapaz ainda conta com a ajuda de Zoe Baker, filha do casal que aparentemente é a única pessoa normal por ali.

Zoe explica a Ethan que Mia e a família foram contaminados e que não podem deixar a propriedade sem antes serem curados por um soro. O personagem principal então corre atrás dos ingredientes para produzir o antídoto e enfim resgatar sua mulher.

(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)Marguerite Baker. (Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

Depois de diversos confrontos com Marguerite Baker (matriarca), Lucas Baker (irmão de Zoe) e alguns Mofados (inimigos mais comuns), Ethan enfrenta a última forma de Jack, que vira um monstro enorme e cheio de tentáculos — afinal, não seria Resident Evil sem um chefão cheio de tentáculos, não é mesmo?

Antes da batalha contra o vilão, o homem consegue produzir duas vacinas, que serviriam para curar Mia e Zoe, respectivamente. Durante sua luta contra o monstro, ele é obrigado a usar uma das seringas para derrotá-lo.

Quando Ethan sai da área de combate, Mia e Zoe estão à sua espera. Nesse momento, você tem a opção de curar apenas uma das duas, pois havia sobrado só uma seringa. Na história canônica, Ethan escolhe Mia e segue viagem pelos pântanos da propriedade.

(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)Mia Winters e Zoe Baker. (Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

Ethan questiona Mia sobre os acontecimentos misteriosos com os Bakers, mas ela não se lembra de nada. Depois de algum tempo percorrendo os pântanos, o casal encontra um navio naufragado e em questão de segundos o barco é afundado por tentáculos.

Agora controlamos Mia, que consegue chegar até Ethan inconsciente ali perto, mas ele logo é capturado pela gosma preta que afundou o barco. A mulher segue até a embarcação e começa a vasculhar o lugar em busca de seu marido.

Enquanto explora, Mia volta a lembrar do que aconteceu e é aí que descobrimos que ela não era uma simples babá, mas sim uma cientista que trabalhava para uma organização misteriosa.

Ela estava responsável por uma criança chamada Eveline, que na verdade era uma arma biológica consciente e perigosa, que gerava uma bactéria extremamente poderosa chamada de Mutamiceto Série E, também conhecido como Mofo — os inimigos mais comuns de RE 7.

(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)Eveline nos escombros do navio naufragado. (Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

Conforme as memórias vinham à tona, também descobrimos que Eveline estava sobre a tutela de Mia e outro cientista chamado Allan. A garota estava sendo transportada para uma base dessa organização na América Central e se a missão falhasse, os cientistas ddeveriam eliminá-la. Obviamente que tudo dá errado e Eveline começa a infectar o navio inteiro, além de destruir o lugar com seus poderes.

Advinha onde foram parar os destroços do navio? Isso mesmo, na propriedade dos Bakers. Eveline e Mia são resgatadas por Jack, e poucas horas depois, a garotinha começa a controlar todos os membros da família, menos Lucas, que na verdade fingia estar sendo controlado e estava vendendo relatórios da criança para a organização misteriosa.

O poder de Eveline era se conectar com a mente das pessoas para manipulá-las e criar ilusões; como ela era uma criança, o que mais queria era ter uma família.

Enquanto estava inconsciente, Ethan sonha com os Bakers. Durante o sonho, Jack, agora normal e consciente, explica toda a situação ao rapaz e diz que Eveline os infectou para transformá-los em sua família.

(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)Eveline depois de três anos controlando a família dos Bakers. (Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

Lembram da velha misteriosa na cadeira de rodas? É Eveline, três anos depois do incidente do navio.

Jogo vai e jogo vem, Mia fica novamente perturbada e se tranca dentro do navio em ruínas, mas antes dá a Ethan uma amostra da vacina que poderia derrotar a garota — a velha de cadeira de rodas que estava na mansão. Ele então volta para a propriedade dos Bakers depois de passar por uma mina infestada de Mofos e armadilhas de Lucas.

Ethan encontra a velha Eveline e consegue injetar nela a seringa com o antivírus. Ela começa a sofrer mutações e então se torna uma criatura gigantesca; é neste momento que alguns helicópteros começam a sobrevoar a área. Eles jogam uma arma para o rapaz, que finalmente consegue derrotar o monstro.

(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)Chris Redfield e seu novo design em RE7. (Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

Os soldados começam a descer dos helicópteros e logo descobrimos que eles são de uma organização misteriosa chamada Umbrella Azul. Um deles levanta o capacete e se apresenta como um velho conhecido nosso: Chris Redfield — mas com um design bem exótico.

No desfecho de Resident Evil 7, os soldados da organização conseguem resgatar Mia, Ethan e até mesmo Zoe — é possível salvá-la através da DLC “End of Zoe”. A Umbrella Azul é única ponta solta que fica sem respostas no fim das contas. Afinal, que organização é essa? Por que Chris está com eles?

O oitavo título da série numerada, carinhosamente chamado de Resident Evil: Village pela Capcom, está previsto para ser lançado em algum momento de 2021 para a nova geração de consoles.

Por enquanto, sabemos que a história será ambientada em um vilarejo, com a trama girando em torno de Ethan, Mia, Chris — com um ator mais fiel ao design do personagem original.

(Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)Chris Redfield em imagem promocional de Resident Evil: Village. (Fonte: Capcom / Reprodução)

Segundo fortes rumores, que são publicados muitas vezes por diversas fontes confiáveis da indústria, Village aparenta ser uma versão 2.0 de RE 4, com fortes amarras e peculiaridades de RE 7 — incluindo a perspectiva em primeira pessoa e o tom de survival horror.

Se alguns destes rumores se confirmarem, teremos inimigos muito parecidos com os Ganados, uma mercadora, um castelo e até um inventário semelhante com o do quarto título, além da possibilidade de ser o maior título da franquia com a RE. Engine.

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