Remote work: check 23 national and international vacancies

Remote vacancies continue to gain space in the market. TecMundo, in partnership with Remotar, a platform for remote positions, brought to this week 23 positions available for the areas of Innovation and Technology. Check out the opportunities below:

Full Data Engineer – I got sick

The data engineer will be responsible for the governance of the company’s main data and for providing it in the best way to other teams, supporting them in generating insights and decision making.

See Data Engineer vacancy details

Birdie Jobs

Birdie is a company that applies Artificial Intelligence to the purchase journey, helping customers make business decisions based on the voice of the consumer. Your remote work positions are:

Data Engineer

Consumer Insights Manager

Jobs in Technology and Design – Invillia

For Invillia, it doesn’t matter where you are. If it’s a big country. Or a small town. And yes your will. Your ideas. Your potential. If you are a technology professional looking for challenges and development, check out some of our opportunities:

Develop IOS

Develop Senior Android

.NET Developer

UX Designer / Senior UI

Developer (a) Backend – Node

Frontend Developer

Designer (UX/UI) Full/Senior – ez.devs

EZ is a marketplace that aims to transform businesses through people, culture and technology. We believe that these engines are capable of changing the course of entire organizations.

See details of the Designer position (UX/UI) Full/Senior

Full Backend Developer – Catho

Catho is increasingly sophisticating its technology to offer solutions that change people’s lives. In the Backend team you will work in a multidisciplinary team, with the responsibility to develop solutions that help other teams in delivering products.

See Full Backend Vacancy Details

Senior Product Designer – Automattic (international vacancy)

You’ll join a diverse design team and work closely with engineers, marketers and customer support from around the world in a completely remote company to create products that make online publishing and commerce accessible to everyone (English required fluent).

See Senior Product Designer Vacancy Details

Product Vacancies – Octadesk

Octadesk is a startup that helps small and medium businesses transform chat conversations into a unique experience throughout the customer journey. Check open positions in the Product area.

Product Manager

Growth Product Manager

Chatbot Developer – Worldwide

We are looking for someone who will work with the construction and maintenance of Chatbots here at Mundiale. We are working with a new and disruptive technology, so this person should be able to propose and develop complete solutions.

See vacancy details

Developer Jobs – ProFUSION

The professional should have a good background in programming (algorithms, structures, complexity) and knowledge in any of the following areas, such as web, mobile or C++ and Linux front-end development.

See vacancy details

Technology Jobs  – Exclusively for Women – Zenklub

To change the reality of only 20% of women in technology in Brazil, it is necessary to create spaces for affirmative action, with truly conscious strategies. At Zenklub, we are committed to being more and more protagonists in this scenario, with the opening of exclusive vacancies for women.

Backend Software Engineer

Frontend Software Engineer

Service Design – Loft

With a holistic and general view of the business, people who work with Service Designer here facilitate the interaction between Loft and people, with Operations and Technology alignment, always putting our customers’ perspective and journey at the center of decision-making.

See vacancy details

Exclusive Vacancies for Diversity Groups – Platform Builders

We are a community of people who want to learn, evolve, undertake and build value-creating initiatives. Our purpose is to help you build your legacy and give you input to solve real problems in practice. Work autonomously, freely and anywhere in the world, the time to become a Builder is now.

See for diversity – Digital Designer

See for diversity – Content Writer

SEO-focused copywriter – DB1 Group

The SEO focused copywriter will be responsible for identifying and executing opportunities to improve the ranking of our websites, blogs, landing pages, content for relevant keywords at the top, middle and bottom of the marketing funnel specifically in the ANYMARKET company.

See vacancy details

Senior Technical Writer –

We are looking for a technical writer to create and/or edit developer product documentation. This includes organizing, creating and maintaining APIs, online help systems SDKs, installation and user guides, knowledge base articles and other customer-facing materials.

See vacancy details

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