Remember the top 10 graphic game downgrades

Whenever a new game is announced, we tend to be very excited about what is presented in the first trailer. The development progresses and, for some, it ends up getting the impression that something has changed in the graphics or in the project as a whole throughout the process – and this is where we have the (unfortunate) surprise of the famous downgrade, which is when the graphics presented in the final work they fall short of the first public presentations of the game.

Next, we raised some games that ended up going through this process, which in some cases ended up leaving the community with a foot in the back and even complaining about the visual quality of the game (although in the end this detail did not affect the gameplay as much).


Anthem it was the kind of game that had everything to work out if it followed the initial plan. The first trailer showed a very active community with several players, NPCs and many other elements who had everything to make it something special. However, those who purchased it ended up finding a very generic online game and without all that grandeur (and graphic quality) mentioned by BioWare.

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft certainly had ambitious plans to Watch Dogs, especially starting from the principle of faithful recreation of the city of Chicago in the game, with several very realistic effects. Add to that the fact that elements like the protagonist’s clothes swinging according to the wind, the way he looked at some pedestrians and … well, in the end that wasn’t the package delivered and that project of perfection ended up being just in the video.

Even today, several of the effects presented in the title’s first “tech demo” are infrequent on modern hardware, as Digital Foundry points out.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Here is yet another case in which expectation has not met reality. Evidently Rainbow Six: Siege is far from being a bad game or very affected by what was presented in its first videos, but when we had the chance to check the game it was very clear that all that sense of danger always around and environments that became more alive with the character’s movement ended up being left behind.

The reality is that the initial presentation of the title gave a much more dramatic and cinematic look. What we have today is not bad (on the contrary), but it is far from looking like the first trailer.

Killzone 2

Another game case that sold the idea very well in the first trailer and ended up offering something different when it hit stores – just watch the video above, which makes a comparison between what was presented at E3 2007 and what was actually delivered to players . Again, the changes were only in the graphic aspect (according to the team, the video on the left was put to the maximum only “to show the graphics capabilities of the PS3”), but this certainly ended up leaving that taste of “wanted more” visually speaking.

This was one of the most controversial cases in the industry when presenting games, as it sold the console’s graphics power at the time with a pre-rendered CG that, even today, has effects that are not yet possible to perform efficiently in real time .

No Man’s Sky

As soon as it was announced, In Man’s Sky it was already showing an ambitious project with its idea of ​​diversified and infinite planets ready to be explored, in addition to an unlimited multiplayer and other details that would make many studios die of envy. However, the package that reached the stores was far below what was expected visually speaking and even in its concept (since there was no component online), and it took a few years before the team brought it closer than it had been announced.

Alien: Colonial Marines

Another case in which we have a video proving what should have arrived in the world and what we actually had the chance to check out on our consoles. Despite the information that the title passed through several teams before reaching the hands of Gearbox, the fact is that the public did not like what was delivered, and the studio even faced some lawsuits because of that (according to the documents , the producer was accused of misleading product advertising).

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 it is far from being a bad game or one that ended up losing horrors due to a graphic downgrade. However, we are sure that those who saw the initial trailers showing shadows that adjusted according to the movement of light, flames of torches that came and went and some other elements certainly were wondering how the game’s environment would look if all this did. part of the final package.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

We allow the above comparison to be explained more clearly, but in general lines it is possible to see that Mass Effect: Andromeda it should arrive in stores with a much more polished look than the one currently available to the public – and all of this, not to mention the fact that the planets visited during the adventure should be much more vivid and detailed as well.

The Division

The trailer presented in 2013 from The Division left no doubt that we would have a grand game full of visual aids in a desolate New York and the scene of a cinematic apocalypse. That’s on paper, as the result ended up with poorer effects and a less detailed city than expected – and perhaps one of the biggest downgrades ever seen by the public.

And do you remember more games that turned out to be worse than the initial promise? Share your opinion with other readers in the space below for comments.

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