Remember the 7 most striking or ungrateful deaths of games

Dying is common in the gaming world. With the exception of a few games in which this element does not exist (such as racing or puzzle games), players are already used to dealing with this event in their games – but not in all, in view of seeing this situation in certain stories. can have a much bigger impact on each of us.

When we realize that a Phoenix Down doesn’t always work, an act of betrayal is put in our way or even the act of giving your life for friends comes on a journey that we are even more sure that, as in real life, some events involving deaths can be more striking or even ungrateful depending on how they are presented.

Therefore, we list below some of these occasions and take the opportunity to emphasize that we are facing a matter that contains spoilers. However, none of the titles that are following is literally new, but if you don’t want to have your experience changed in any of them, just scroll a little further as soon as you read the name (they all have a photo or video separating the title and the text) ).

Johnny (To the Moon)

Let’s start with a little “ninja onions”. To the Moon it is an impactful game in its own right as we move forward and discover all the events surrounding Johnny’s life, from his childhood problems to the burdens he had to face in adulthood. However, when the final scene starts, you hear the song above and you reach the moment of the last beep of your heart, it is impossible not to be touched or at least touched by all the events of your “dream life”.

Chrono (Chrono Trigger)

The death theme is also part of the plot of Chrono Trigger. In his first contact with Lavos within the sequential events of history, the protagonist ends up sacrificing himself in the confrontation by taking a death blow from the big boss. In the end he ends up going back to the group, but it is still a moment that takes everyone by surprise.

In fact, complementing our list of things you didn’t know about Chrono Trigger, did you have any idea that his death should be permanent? The proposal to go back to the past in search of a solution would still exist, but it would only be for the group to recruit a younger version of the warrior who, after the victory over Lavos, would return to his time and the character would remain dead in the future. However, the team changed that element because they thought it would be too depressing.

Zack (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)

(Source: Square Enix / Reproduction)Source: Square Enix

This is one of those cases where you start the game already knowing how it ends – after all, your death had been addressed in Final Fantasy VII. However, having control over the character in the final confrontation and seeing him face that whole army at the same time that he dies little by little makes this whole process even more painful for the player (and also impossible to not bond with the protagonist) after all this suffering and feeling touched in his last moments with Cloud).

Ghost and Roach (CoD: Modern Warfare 2)

The series Call of Duty is known for bringing the death theme in several of her games. However, when this involves betrayal and the characters with whom we had already created a bond are simply left to die burning in the middle of the battlefield after being shot by an “ally”, we immediately think “what the fuck?” is this? ” and we are left with the desire for vengeance even more touched – and it is impossible not to feel all this when seeing what happens with this pair of soldiers in Modern Warfare 2.

Dominic Santiago (Gears of War 3)

Here is yet another case of sacrifice with which it is impossible not to be touched. Dom’s death is certainly one of the most striking in the gaming world, not only for the whole gesture to save his team members, but also for the fact that he can finally reunite with his wife Maria (who, incidentally, has been through a few and good as we can see in the events of the second game and died in a very brutal way). This event certainly did not leave deep marks only on Marcus, but on all fans of the character.

Lee (The Walking Dead)

Both in the comics, in the series and in the games, The Walking Dead usually brings several deaths of important characters. In games this is no different, but we believe that none of them are more impactful than Lee’s.

The character, who stars in the first game and practically becomes a father figure for Clementine, ends up being hit by a zombie in one of his wanderings and gets infected, and from that point on we see his life disappearing until the moment of the most cruel decision for the girl: shoot him in the head and remember him as a human or turn your back and let him turn into a zombie.

John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)

(Source: Rockstar Games / Reproduction)(Source: Rockstar Games / Reproduction)Source: Rockstar Games

Let’s close this list with another case of death that ends up being more brutal. At the end of Read Dead Redemption, John Marston believes he will have a happy life with his family, but ends up surprised when a group of “law enforcement officials” appears and begins to open fire on him. The character even kills some of the opponents in the confrontation, but ends up hit and, finally, finds his redemption.

So, which game death was the most impactful for you? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.

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