Remember 9 fun facts about the Resident Evil series

There is no doubt that the Resident Evil series is one of Capcom’s best known, so the announcement of a new game always leaves fans eager to check out what’s next. To celebrate the moment when at last many will have the chance to see what Resident Evil: Village guard, we have prepared a list that you can check in the following lines with some curiosities about the series.

1. George Romero almost made a RE movie

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Let’s start with a fact that is not necessarily 100% linked to games. Film fans must surely have heard of George Romero, the legendary director who created some of the best work involving zombies. However, perhaps many do not know that, for very little, he did not end up involved in producing a film of resident Evil.

What could have been a beautiful project ended up discarded when Capcom saw that the script basically brought the same events as the first resident Evil, causing him to be removed from the director’s chair and Paul W. S. Anderson to take his place.

2. First game would come out for SNES

(Source: Shortlist / Reproduction)(Source: Shortlist / Reproduction)Source: Shortlist

Well before the Capcom horror game hit consoles, there was a horror game created by the Japanese company for NES called Sweet Home. It was based on a film of the same name and ended up collaborating for the emergence of the current zombie franchise.

resident Evil it would be a spiritual successor to this title and the most curious thing is that it started as a game for Super Nintendo. Sources involved with the project said that in the beginning it was known only as a “horror game” and ended up coming up against several limitations throughout the project – in addition to having a very different environment and taking place in a more hellish place.

3. Deleted characters

(Source: Capcom / Disclosure)(Source: Capcom / Disclosure)Source: Capcom

In addition to the main characters, the original game almost had two more names: Dewey and Gelzer. While the first would appear as a kind of agent a little more “clown”, making jokes and taking some of the weight off the plot, the second would be a kind of “closet” with a cybernetic eye. Could it be that if the project went this way, the inclusion of this pair would work?

4. Extra content on Saturn

The first resident Evil appeared on more platforms than the first PlayStation, and many consider the version of Saturn one of the most fun due to some extras present in it. One of the most remembered without a doubt is the battle against the zombified version of Albert Wesker, and even the Tyrant who appears as the last boss appears for a new battle in an extra minigame.

5. The miracle of the Nintendo 64

(Source: Capcom / Disclosure)(Source: Capcom / Disclosure)Source: Capcom

When Resident Evil 2 was announced for Nintendo 64, many did not believe that the producer Angel Studios (which would become Rockstar North in the future) would be able to put the entire volume of two CDs (about 450 MB) in a 64 MB cartridge. If we take into account the fact that the edition for the Nintendo console still contains extra content, the project can be considered a great achievement.

6. Missing consoles

resident Evil is a great franchise and is present on several consoles (even the late Zeebo won a version of resident Evil 4). However, some video games were born and died without the chance to see some titles in the series, such as the PSP, the first Xbox and the Game Boy Advance – even though a company used a prototype version from Resident Evil 2 on this laptop to test all your firepower with 3D.

The PSP had the promise of having a game called Resident Evil Portable, which was announced, but never saw the light of day.

7. Problems with justice

(Source: Capcom / Disclosure)(Source: Capcom / Disclosure)Source: Capcom

Capcom adopted the name Biohazard for your zombie franchise in Japan, but when the project to bring the title to the United States was created, the team working on the game discovered that there was already a DOS game with that title in the land of Uncle Sam.

After holding an internal competition, the name resident Evil emerged as the winner. Some people who worked on the company’s American team did not like the idea very much at first, but the branch marketing team managed to take this forward and convince the Japanese division and Shinji Mikami that this was the best option.

8. Marketing action that involved police

(Source: Jovem Nerd / Reproduction)(Source: Jovem Nerd / Reproduction)Source: Jovem Nerd

To promote the launch of resident Evil 5 in England, Capcom decided to carry out a rather curious marketing action: spreading replicas of human body parts across parts of London.

About 100 people participated in this action (which would reward the person who found the most parts with a companion trip to Africa, where the story of the fifth canonical title happens), but perhaps not everything went as expected: besides some of these parts simply missing, some civilians called the police because they thought the idea was in bad taste and were frightened by the parts that were scattered there.

9. It was close …

(Source: Capcom / Disclosure)(Source: Capcom / Disclosure)Source: Capcom

Some people may not know it, but Devil May Cry almost turned into resident Evil 4. The idea was that the fourth game would be a kind of game a little more “light and stylized”, but some technical details ended up causing the team to change its mind, Dante and company would go on to their own series and Leon would return to the position of protagonist in one of the games most remembered by fans of the series resident Evil.

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