Remember 8 games with head-on endings

There is nothing more rewarding in the gaming world than reaching the end of the adventure and enjoying the much-deserved ending. However, in some cases it seems that the production team tries to complicate our life a little more by providing us with a closure that does nothing more than leave confused or realize that everything we did was in vain or did not have the purpose we believed.

Let’s recall some of these endings in the following lines – and of course, always good to remember that we’re talking about game endings, so yes, WE WILL HAVE SPOILERS. If you haven’t played any of them yet, just avoid what is written after each video or image.


Let’s start with an independent game that led us to imagine that everything we were doing was intended to save the princess. However, reaching the end and checking the actual sequence of the game, we have the opportunity to realize that, deep down, we were all the time in control of the villain and the maiden was running away from the protagonist.

Spec Ops: The Line

This is the type of game that already during its development makes us think about all the actions that the protagonist Walker commits in the name of war. However, it is only when we are close to the end credits that we are sure that, in fact, it was all a daydream in his head, which leads us to reflect on what are the lines that actually define what it is. good and bad in such a confrontation.

The Last of Us

Naughty Dog built a game in which we lead Joel and Ellie with the certainty that what he is doing is for the best of the girl. Everything changes when we discover that, in fact, the man was tormented by the memories of his past and ended up kidnapping the one he would come to see as his protector throughout the adventure – and, by the way, she was unconscious when this happened.

Over the course of the progress he created several lies for the girl, and ends up doing all these actions to try to forgive himself for the death of his real daughter at the cost of making humanity lose its chance of healing.

Infinite Bioshock

our journey in Infinite Bioshock it ends with the discovery that Elizabeth is Booker’s daughter, as well as the existence of all her multiple personalities – which are also the result of the other versions of the protagonist. So, for the girl to have a chance to survive, the main character needs to kill himself and his variations that emerged at the time he was baptized. Because of this, the ending shows the point at which he sacrifices himself by staying underwater until he dies, allowing only the real Elizabeth to remain alive.

heavy rain

heavy rain managed to shock a lot of people who were after the Origami Killer by making everyone discover that, after all, the culprit was around all the time – and too close, to be specific.

L.A. Noire

We’ve added to our list here another title that involves investigations and an ending that made many gawk. If during the journey we are sure that the protagonist is doing well and growing in the police, reaching the end and seeing that he was involved in corruption and betraying his wife makes us think that he probably deserved the fate shown in the final moments.

resident Evil

(Source: Giant Bomb/Reproduction)Source:  Giant Bomb

It’s okay that today many already know how the story of resident Evil is unfolding, but let’s face it: many years ago, the community was certainly shocked when they saw that Wesker, one of STARS’ darlings, was secretly working with Umbrella – and from that point forward creating one of what would be one of the most memorable villains of the gaming world.


In a generation in which we were always used to seeing men dealing with various problems, we found Nintendo’s good idea to show, at the end of metroid, that we were all the time guiding a heroine along the journey, not a brawny brucutu looking for money, revenge, or just intergalactic fame.

And you, remember any other game that left you shocked with the ending? Share with other readers of voxel in the space below for comments.

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