Remember 10 underrated Mega Drive games

Regardless of the generation of consoles, we will always find in any game list some names that we can consider very good, but unfortunately ended up not having due attention from the public.

After going through some consoles, behold, the team of Voxel finally, it looks at Mega Drive games that probably didn’t receive due justice at launch. As always, we invite you to use the space provided for comments to talk not only about these titles, but also others that you had the chance to enjoy and found very good.

1. Ristar

To this day, we do not know why many people have not given due attention to Ristar when it was released. Obviously Sonic was already well known in that period, but the starlet game was, at the same time, beautiful and as challenging as the blue corridor.

The main mechanic here is to use the protagonist’s arms to attack enemies that are in the scene or even move to high platforms and more difficult to reach places normally. Add to that a good soundtrack and you will have here a title that could easily be among one of the best on the console.

2. Alisia Dragoon

Another one of those pearls that deserve a special place in the hearts of the players, Alisia Dragoon puts him in control of the sorceress Alicia, who sets out on a journey to avenge her father’s death. In addition to various special powers, she can also enlist the help of some pets that appear in the form of a dragon and have varying powers.

3. Garfield: Caught in the Action

The current generation may not know this cat very well, but whoever lived in the 90s must remember how popular Garfield was. So, it was to be expected that he would also receive a game, which happened to Garfield: Caught in the Action – a fun title, with beautiful graphics and also featured all the animations made by Jim Davis (the creator of this series) and his team.

4. Beyond Oasis

For those who enjoy RPG games with a little more action, Beyond Oasis clearly it was one of the best choices on Mega Drive In addition to a freer progression style (no turn-based battles), the title was known for bringing a pleasant visual style and even a little beating à la Streets of Rage. Too bad, unfortunately, it ended up not becoming a real commercial success or even occupying the shelves of many rental companies.

5. Toki / Juju Densetsu

This game was successful in arcades and also gained a port for Mega Drive quite faithful to the original. The mission here is to guide a monkey through various stages using fireballs spit out of his mouth to face opponents of the scenario, in addition to bringing several bosses and many other elements that make him a fun title today.

6. Chase HQ II

While the owners of Super Nintendo could have fun with Top Gear, those who had Mega Drive received the pleasant surprise of Chase HQ II, racing game that already existed in arcades and received an expanded version on Sega’s 16-bit console. With three cars to choose from and several tracks full of challenges, the game delivered a very complete experience and today it has even become a very expensive game for collectors due to the fact that it doesn’t have many copies of it circulating around.

7. Krusty’s Fun House

Despite bringing a simple idea using one of the secondary characters of The Simpsons, Krusty’s Fun House it had fun mechanics and a nice challenge – including puzzles that became more and more complicated as you progressed through the stages. Too bad it did not have as much appeal from the public during its launch period.

8. World of Illusion

Castle of Illusion is an undeniable classic remembered by many who had a Mega Drive, so much so that most people do not remember or even know that another title in that same footprint reached the console: World of Illusion.

Perhaps a lot of this is due to the fact that he competed for attention with the newly released Sonic the Hedgehog 2, but the fact is that this title had as much charisma as the other setting in a castle, in addition to bringing Mickey and Donald as characters that you can control throughout the action – all without mentioning the whimsy not only with the graphics, but also the game’s soundtrack.

9. Pulseman

Long before earning “lots of money” with Pokémon, Game Freak ventured into a Mega Drive title entitled Pulseman.

The mechanics here involve controlling a half human and half cyber protagonist, and using that second part to visit a digital realm and battle various robots and other machines that come your way.

Despite having a footprint close to Mega Man, Pulseman went even further by bringing several mechanics into its mix, including here a moment a la navette games like Gradius and many others that make it a great game.

10. Alien Soldier

Despite the name, this game has nothing to do with the franchise that was successful in theaters. This title is another one of those in which you progress sideways while shooting enemies that appear on the stage, collect items for the character throughout the level and face a boss with varied abilities at the end – all while worrying with the counter that appears in the right corner of the screen, because if it zeroes out your effort will go down the drain.

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