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The Freebox Pop is the name of the new generation of Free boxes. This round box and its Player under Android TV 9 are available from € 29.99 per month. Release date, price and technical sheet, we tell you everything there is to know about the box.

Freebox Pop

📅 What is the release date of the Freebox Pop?

Free presented the Freebox Pop at an event in Paris on July 7, 2020. It is now available for new subscribers on the Free site, but also for those who already have a Free subscription. It is perfectly possible for them to migrate to the Freebox Pop by going to the “subscription” page of their Free account. To date, and despite numerous delivery problems, the Freebox Pop has sold 1 million copies.

Freebox Pop Player TV

💸 What is the price of the subscription, the activation and the termination of the Freebox Pop?

The price of the Freebox Pop is one of the most attractive on the market since it is displayed at € 29.99 per month without obligation the first year, then € 39.99 per month beyond.

  • Subscription price: € 39.99 / month (€ 29.99 / month for new subscribers in the first year)
  • Setup fees : 49 €
  • Security deposit: 0 € (direct debit) or 400 € in other cases
  • Termination Fee : 49 €
  • Duration of engagement: any

Note that it is possible to compose your offer as you wish. For example, it is possible to refuse the Player box, to avoid waste. If the subscription price remains the same, a reduction of € 10 on the first month of the subscription is however made.

Freebox Pop

🔛 Can we migrate from another Free box to the new Freebox Pop?

Yes, it is fully possible to change your current Free offer, in order to opt for the Freebox Pop. Free has set up a page for its current subscribers. The procedure is quite simple and Free is quite generous. Indeed, the manufacturer offers free migration to Pop if you already have a Freebox Mini 4K. No need to pay extra cost. Postage and shipping costs, which usually peak at 10 euros each, are free! Note that this generosity has these limits, since it is only valid for one month from the announcement of the Freebox Pop.

Freebox Pop

⚡️ What are the new features of the Freebox Pop?

The Freebox Pop consists of a server, a TV box, as well as a mesh WiFi repeater high-end optional. The three extremely compact boxes offer Internet access with a downlink speed of up to 5 Gb / s, as well as an improved TV offer under Android TV 9.

Freebox Pop: the server

The white box is the server. This Camembert has on the top a small OLED display which allows it to display information such as the Freebox Revolution, for example a QR Code to simplify connection to your WiFi network.

The Freebox Pop is a fiber box. It does not give access to a speed of 10 Gb / s like the Freebox Delta, but still offers a very comfortable 5 Gb / s downstream and 700 Mb / s amounts to share between all your devices. This bandwidth is shared reality, since we benefit from two Ethernet ports at 1 Gb / s and a port at 2.5 Gb / s. In addition, Wi-Fi 5, which equips the Freebox Pop, does not allow a speed of 5 Gb / s to be reached. This speed of downlink transfer is therefore well distributed among all the equipment in the house.

Since the beginning of the year, the FreeWifi community network no longer works on the Freebox Pop. This deactivation has since been extended to all Freeboxes. With the massive deployment of 4G and the recent arrival of 5G, the operator believes that the service, which allowed Free subscribers to connect to a box of another subscriber, is no longer relevant.

Freebox Pop

Freebox Pop: the TV Player

The set-top box, or Player TV if you prefer, is still smaller than the server. We find the same round design as the server, but in a black color. In addition, the Player box does not include no screen. Running using Android TV 9, it is 4K compatible and with most HDR formats (HDR 10, HLG, Dolby Vision and THC Prime).

On the software side, it is therefore Android TV 9 that we find on this TV box, as well as a brand new TV interface called Oqee. Simpler and easier to access, it offers better ergonomics and improved navigation possibilities compared to what can be found on the mini 4K. This interface allows quick access to any content, whether it is a replay, a series or a film in VOD, and of course a live TV channel.

The box also allows viewing on Prime Video, Disney +, Canal + and Netflix. Finally, note that the best moments of Ligue 1 will be available for free in the form of extracts. If the full matches are not accessible, it is still nice to be able to watch your team’s most memorable moments. Note also that Canal + Series is offered for one year, while Disney + is free for 6 months.

Freebox Pop Player TV

Freebox Pop: the high-end wifi repeater

This repeater is a mesh repeater similar to products like the Google Nest Wifi. It makes it very easy to improve the coverage in your home, without having to configure anything. Just plug in the extender and immediately enjoy an improved WiFi network. An LED helps to position the repeater in the ideal location. It is possible to add as many repeaters as you want to strengthen your connectivity. A repeater is included with the Freebox Pop. Note that it will cost you € 10 per additional repeater, the amount corresponding to the shipping costs.

Freebox Pop Repeater

⚙️ What is the technical sheet of the Freebox Pop and its Player?

A part, only, of the data sheet of the Freebox Pop Server and Player has been revealed:

Freebox Pop Server

  • 5 Gb / s fiber internet access | 700 Mb / s
  • Connectivity WiFi AC 1200 with MU-MIMO (2.4 + 5 GHz), Multi-AP, AP Steering, positioning LEDs

You do not need to connect to the address to configure the Freebox Pop. Everything now goes through a smartphone application that is unique to all your Free devices, called Freebox Connect. This allows you not only to manage your server, but also certain aspects of the configuration of your Player, your local network, or your mesh repeaters.

The new Freebox Connect application

Freebox Pop Player

  • Android TV 9
  • Quad-core Cortex-A53 Amlogic S905X2 SoC, more powerful than that of the Freebox Revolution and 40% more economical
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • WiFi AC connectivity
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE
  • 4K HDR + DolbyVision
  • Dolby Audio + DTS HD + Dolby Surround 5.1 + Dolby Atmos compatible

The Player box comes with a new remote control. It mainly has three buttons to directly access Netflix, Prime Video or the new TV interface of the box.

The Freebox Pop remote control

🔌 What is the connection of the Freebox Pop?

The three boxes unveiled by Free have a fairly complete connection:

Freebox Pop Server

  • 1 2.5 Gb / s Ethernet port
  • 2 Ethernet 1 Gb / s ports
  • 1 xDSL port
  • 1 telephone port (RJ11)
  • 1 SFP port (fiber)
  • 1 power port (USB type C)
  • 1 USB port 3

Freebox Pop Player

  • 1 Ethernet 1 Gb / s port
  • 1 HDMI 2.1 port
  • 1 S / PDIF port
  • 1 DVB-T2 TNT antenna port
  • 1 USB port 3

Freebox Pop Repeater

  • 1 Ethernet port
  • 1 power port (USB type C)
  • 1 “Reset” button

📦 Which box does the Freebox Pop really replace?

Xavier Niel announced at the launch of the Freebox Delta that the launches of new boxes would now take place “Every two to three years”, instead of the eight years that had separated the release of the Freebox Revolution and Delta. The Freebox Delta and One having been unveiled in 2018, we could expect a new high-end box.

But while we thought that this box would replace the Freebox Mini 4K, it seems in the end thatit also succeeds the Freebox Revolution. In May 2019, during the Capital Market Days, Xavier Niel had indeed affirmed his desire to find a “Center of the range” more accessible. He then spoke of a “Extremely disruptive product on the fixed”.

Freebox Pop Player TV

Free has since updated its site, and we can see that the new offer ultimately does not replace any existing offer, at least for now. What do you think of the Freebox Pop? Share your opinion in the comments!

📼 Our impressions of the Freebox Pop in video

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