release date, price, technical sheet, all about the connected watch from Google

The Pixel Watch, Google’s first connected watch, is regularly talked about. Release date, price, technical sheet, design … we take stock of the latest information on the accessory.

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Several consistent reports announce the launch of a Google connected watch soon. It would be marketed under the Pixel brand. If the Mountain View firm has fallen behind Apple, a solid leader in the sector with its Apple Watches, it can count on the Wear OS smartwatch operating system and on the expertise of Fitbit, acquired in 2019, for the hardware. . A strategy that necessarily recalls the maneuvers of Google with Android and its Pixels, and the takeover of the smartphone division of HTC.

What is the Google Pixel Watch release date?

We have been talking about the imminent release of a Pixel Watch for years. According to the latest rumors, Google will launch the Pixel Watch in October 2021 in the wake of Pixel 6.

At what price will the watch be marketed?

Currently, no reliable leaks came out regarding the pricing for the upcoming Pixel Watch. It is not known whether the watch would be mid-range or high-end oriented. It is very likely that Google will launch several versions (WiFi and 4G LTE in particular) of its Pixel Watch, which would allow it to cover a wide price range while meeting the needs of most users.

What is the watch design envisioned by Google?

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According to the first renderings of the Pixel Watch, Google would opt for a design built arounda rounded borderless screen. The borders around the touch screen are very curved. A physical touch similar to the crown of the Apple Watch would be visible on the right border. Google would accompany the watch case with a silicone strap available in several colors: white, black, blue, orange and blue. Note that the silicone strap is in direct contact with the case of the smartwatch.

What is the datasheet of the Pixel Watch?

pixel watch

Google uses Qualcomm’s SoCs for its smartphones, so should its Pixel Watch. Like Apple, Google should focus on an AMOLED screen. The Pixel Watch would embed an integrated circuit for power management directly to the chipset, the purpose of which would be to allow the connected watch to listen constantly through the microphone. It would then be possible to invoke Google Assistant without having to press a button beforehand while maintaining good autonomy. The name of this feature is “Blackghost”.

What software and features are on board the connected watch?

With its Pixel Watch, Google aims to promote the qualities of its operating system: Wear OS (formerly Android Wear), a version of Android designed for wearables. And of course, that starts with a seamless integration with Google’s ecosystem and services. The Pixel Watch will inevitably benefit from Google Assistant, with the possibility of displaying on the screen via a voice command information such as the weather, upcoming appointments entered in Google Calendar, reservations, information on the status of his flight…

Another essential feature for a Google connected watch is the ability to pay contactless by NFC. It is the fastest and easiest solution to make a physical purchase today: no need to take out neither bank card nor smartphone, but simply to put your wrist near the reader. Wear OS already manages Google Pay, it is unthinkable that such an option is not available on the Pixel Watch.

The Google Calendar calendar as well as the Google Keep notes will also be available at any time on the watch face. To find your way, you will no longer need to take out your smartphone every two seconds thanks to Google Maps. You can also monitor the status of your Uber trip without having to take your mobile out of your pocket. On the communication side, Wear OS supports Gmail, Messages and Telephone, with the display of emails, SMS or calls that you receive, but also the possibility of answering them thanks to the voice input of the smartwatch equipped with a microphone.

The Pixel Watch will obviously not be able to ignore the features related to sport or activity tracking: step counter, heart rate measurement, number of calories burned, distance covered, travel time … All your results will be able to be displayed via Google Fit but also via third-party applications such as Runastic, Strava or Lifesum.

And finally, the music. Changing songs or adjusting the volume is not very practical from the smartphone while exercising. Not all audio devices (headphones or earphones) have a simple control to perform these actions. Being able to manage Spotify, Play Music or others from your watch is a real comfort.

It is not yet clear whether Google will choose to power your Pixel Watch with Wear OS stock (the basic, pure version of the operating system) or with a Pixel stamped overlay, offering a new interface and additional features. Pixel smartphones, for example, do not run on Android Stock, but with a Pixel launcher personalized by Google and specific to the models in this range.

Google Pixel Watch patent

Google has filed a patent with documenting technology to control your connected watch with gestures rather than with the touchscreen or Google Assistant. This would be the most convenient way to stay focused on your business while using the features of your smartwatch. Imagine running and moving on to the next song, just clenching your fist, for example. The possibilities are huge, especially if the controls are customizable.

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