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Temtem wants to overshadow Pokémon and is already experiencing its small success even before its official release. We played early access to get a feel for the title’s potential, so here is everything you need to know about Temtem.


Temtem caused a stir during his announcement by playing the rope of nostalgia among Pokémon players. But what exactly is Temtem’s proposal? Here’s everything you need to know about the other video game you need to catch them all in.

Temtem, what is it?

Temtem is developed by the Spanish studio Crema, created in 2009 and based in Madrid. The game is distributed by Humble Bundle. Following a successful kickstarter, funding for the project was secured in 2018. Then in 2020, the exit from early access made it possible to generate new income to continue development.

Temtem is a game that takes a lot of Pokémon elements, with almost identical gameplay. Crema does not hide it at all and speaks “Pokémon-inspired adventure” from the home screen of the game’s website. This decision is taken and it is even on this that all the marketing power of the game is based. The title aims to bring together all the fans disappointed by the direction that acquired the Pokémon license with Nintendo and Game Freak and intends to offer with Temtem a new vision of the genre, a “Pokémon, but better”.

What is the release date of Temtem?

Temtem is available in early access since January 21, 2020 on PC, via Steam or Humble Bundle. It is also available to players with a PS5 since December 8, 2020.

As the game is still in beta, its development is not yet complete. So it’s a version that lacks features and part of the story that we can play today. No official release date of the title in due form has yet been communicated. There is still a lot of work for developers, but a launch in the course of the year 2021 is targeted.

What is the price of Temtem?

Temtem is sold at a price of 33.99 euros on PC, whether you buy it on Steam or the Humble Bundle. It is a little more expensive on the PlayStation Store, where it is marketed at a price of 39.99 euros. Note that there is also on PS5 a Deluxe edition sold for 59.99 euros, which includes some cosmetic elements: two camouflage bandanas, a camouflage mesh and a camouflage barda.

Temtem PS5 price
Temtem price for the PS5 version on the PlayStation Store

What media is Temtem available on?

Developed on the Unity game engine, Temtem is currently available on PC and PS5, but versions Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch are also in preparation. These should see the light of day in 2021. On the other hand, the game should not be ported to the 2013-2020 generation consoles, namely the PS4 and Xbox One.

Temtem supports the function of crossplay, that is, it is possible to play with people from another platform. For example, during this early access, PC and PS5 players may cross paths in-game.

Note also that the game is compatible with the keyboard / mouse combo or the controller.

Required configuration

If you are a PC gamer, make sure your machine is capable of running Temtem. The game is not very resource intensive, but if you don’t have a dedicated graphics card or have older equipment, you might experience performance issues.

Minimum configuration:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Celeron G530 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GT 650M
  • Disk space: 5 GB of storage space

Recommended configuration:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel i3-6100T 3.2 GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 970
  • Disk space: 5 GB of storage space

If your computer meets the technical specifications of the minimum configuration, you should be able to play in 720p HD at 30 frames per second. The recommended configuration achieves Full HD 1080p quality at 60 frames per second.

Temtem is 1440p and 4K compatible on PC, but expect a drop in FPS if your hardware doesn’t keep up. On PS5, Temtem runs according to the developers in 4K at 60 frames per second.

MMO and coop

This is arguably the aspect that differs the most from the Pokémon series: Temtem is not a single player game, but an MMO (massively multiplayer online game). You can therefore meet on the map other connected players who are going through the same adventures as you. This choice is interesting, it is not better or worse than offering a Pokémon solo, it is just different.

The MMO gives life to the title with real players who also try to become trainers by his side. A chat gives the possibility to communicate with other players, whether they are close to us or not, through different channels, while an emote system has been integrated to basically interact with the people who are next to us. .


Ultimately, a auction house must be implanted to buy and sell components and Temtem to other players, thus creating a shadow economy. A clearinghouse is also planned to facilitate Temtem transactions between trainers. Exchanges are currently supported between contacts only.

Note that the campaign is fully playable in two-man co-op, which allows you to progress normally in the adventure with a friend. This is enabled by the MMO dimension of as well as the Temtem two-player combat system, but we’ll get to that later.

The fact that it is an MMO still comes with its share of constraints. Logically, a internet connection is mandatory to enjoy the game. Some will also curse the presence of other players on the screen, especially since they will often look like you, the options for physical customization of the character are not legion. And since the actions of the players have no real impact on the environment, the interest in seeing other players is ultimately very limited. A system of sessions that could be private or joined by other players a la Diablo might have made more sense, leaving the choice to the user and offering both the option of solo or multi. Other features should arrive to justify this shift towards the MMO.

temtem coop
The entire adventure is playable in co-op

The fights

If you’ve played Pokémon, you won’t be disappointed. Each Temtem has its own unique passive and has four attack abilities. These are unlocked as your Temtem levels up. The fights are played at round by round, with an originality: you always control two Temtem. Most of your opponents too, except when they only have one Temtem left (each trainer can have up to six Temtem available) or when you encounter a wild Temtem in the tall grass. We therefore often find ourselves in a 2vs2 situation which constitutes the heart of the gameplay, while Pokémon has added the 2vs2 to vary the pleasures without giving it a very great importance.

Each turn, you must choose an attack for each of your Temtem in play. Each attack has a speed score which determines whether it will be launched before or after enemy attacks, a key element to take into account. It can inflict direct damage or act on the state of an enemy Temtem (poison it, put it to sleep…). But beware, an attack costs stamina points. When your Temtem’s stamina bar drops to zero, it takes fatigue damage or spends its next turn to rest.

temtem fighting

Unlike Pokémon, attack abilities aren’t limited to a limited volume, but the stamina gauge will force you to make choices. Some attacks also take multiple turns to charge. Some abilities have the particularity of inflicting damage on two opposing Temtem at the same time. To push the team strategy, some attacks are also to be combined with those of other Temtem in order to cause devastating effects.

We find the system of types, with their strengths and weaknesses. 12 types are currently present in the game:

  • Neutral type
  • Fire type
  • Type Nature
  • Type Water
  • Electric Type
  • Mental type
  • Earth type
  • Wind type
  • Crystal type
  • Digital Type
  • Type Melee
  • Toxic type

A type is assigned to each attack ability. A Temtem can be of one type or of a double type. In this case, the calculation of the damage done according to the two types. For example, if a Nature and Water type Temtem takes a fire attack, the damage will be normal, as it should be doubled against nature and halved against water. On the other hand, a fire attack against a Temtem that is both nature and crystal will see its damage quadrupled, because the two x2 multipliers are cumulative.

The table below summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of each type. When the square is white, the attack deals its normal damage. Otherwise, the indicated multiplier applies. As in Pokémon, the mastery of resistances and effective hits is essential to hope win their fights. Better to build a team that is varied in types to improve your chances of having strong abilities against a wide variety of opponents.

temtem types strengths weaknesses
Table of strengths and weaknesses of each type. (Source: Gamepedia)

Finally, during each turn, the trainer has the opportunity to use an item (healing, affecting the state of one of his Temtem…), or to change Temtem on the battlefield.

Adventure and end of the game

Again you will see it, it’s all spitting Pokémon. You start your adventure in a small village, Zadar, reminiscent of Bourg Palette. You live with your mom and the day has come to leave the family home to become the best trainer and catch them all. We quickly get to know our rival and then go to see the village teacher, Konstantinos, in his laboratory to choose one of the three starters that are offered to us. We also get at the start of the game our Tempedia, a tablet that acts as an equivalent of the Pokédex and which lists information on the Temtem that we have captured. We also receive our premieres TemCards, which are used to capture and transport Temtem in the manner of Pokéballs. In short, to say that Temtem is inspired by Pokémon is a no-brainer.

The capture system is again modeled on that of Pokémon. When you encounter a wild Temtem, you have the option of trying to catch it using a TemCarte. Several types are available, some granting more chances of success than others or specialized for a particular type of Temtem. To increase the chances of capture, it is best to injure or inflict a condition (such as falling asleep) on the target Temtem.

The game revolves around a main quest, but the adventure is also dotted with side quests. You will have to evolve on several islands, six in number for the moment, which constitute the Airborne archipelago:

  • Deniz : the Mediterranean island
  • Arbury : the university island
  • Omninesia : group of tropical and volcanic islets
  • Cipanku : the island where mysticism and technology clash
  • Tucma : a toxic land
  • Kisiwa : the desert island / savannah

A wide variety of environments then, but Temtem is not really an “open world”. You can certainly walk wherever you want during the adventure, but there is often only a clear path to reach your goal. We find in town and sometimes on the roads of the care centers to regenerate his Temtem. If you lose a fight, you are sent back to the last town you visited. You are also losing some of your money. Better to invest in items to heal (such as balms, the equivalent of potions) and revive your Temtem than to take the risk of losing.

Airborne Archipelago
The Airborne Archipelago

Allow about thirty hours of play to complete the main scenario. Once the adventure is over, MMO requires, the player accesses what is called the “endgame”, the high level content accessible when the story is completed. It is particularly a question of ranked matches against other players to advance the leaderboard, a challenge that requires far more strategy than adventure battles against NPCs. Temtem’s competitive mode is still very basic though.

Other activities are then available, such as the weekly challenges against Dojo Masters, with increasing difficulty. Enough to give yourself new PVE objectives at the end of the game. For the collection, you might want to try fishing one of the versions of Koish at Nuru Lodge, available in 10,368 variations. Temtem also uses the principle of “Shiny” Pokémon with Ultra rare “Lumas” Temtem in special colors compared to the basic Temtem. The Lumas are not necessarily stronger, only the aesthetics vary.

temtem housing

And finally, a “housing” option is offered at the end of the game, each player owning his house in the Atolls’ Orée, which can be customized. The possibilities aren’t endless, but it’s still a great reward and a place to spend some time and interact with other players.

How many Temtem are there?

As one of the objectives of the game is to catch all of the Temtem, it is best to know from the start how many of these creatures are to be hunted. For this first generation, there seems to be 161 Temtem, but not all of them are available in-game or announced yet. Some can only be obtained with an evolution. The Temtem France website database currently lists 113 Temtem that can be acquired, also showing their type, techniques, stats, traits, and even location.


Temtem: our first impressions

I played Temtem for a few hours, and my feelings are mixed. In my opinion, this is no more and no less than a Pokémon in MMO form. I would have liked Crema to take less of the aging mechanics of Pokémon and that some elements were improved compared to the games of Game Freaks. Sometimes it does, but not enough for my taste. The gameplay of Temtem is really much too similar to its predecessor and the few changes made here and there are not enough not to say every five minutes “Ah, it’s still like on Pokémon”. I had hoped that the game would resume the Pokémon base: a capture system, a spirit of collection and combat, but living better with the times and offering real innovations. If, like me, you have given up on Pokémon, because you felt that the license was going round in circles, Temtem is not the expected revolution.

On the other hand, if you’re only looking for a Pokémon-like that won’t get lost in new mechanics, Temtem should be right for you. It has the advantage of letting two players enjoy the campaign together in co-op mode and of meeting new contacts. For the moment, the MMO aspect is not very developed, but the functionalities must arrive in droplets in the weeks and months to come.

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