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The Switch Pro is a sea serpent we’ve been talking about for months. Nintendo has always been very evasive about it and so far nothing has been formalized. Release date, specs, we have compiled all the leaks regarding this mystery product.


The Switch Pro. Here is a sea serpent that never ends. It’s a topic that has come up regularly since the console’s release in 2017. However, it doesn’t exist, at least not officially. Nintendo has communicated very little on the subject and information is scarce.

In this file, we will summarize everything we know about the machine and review the leaks, rumors, but also Nintendo’s positioning. Of course, we will update it regularly if more information appears.

What will the new Switch be called?

By habit, we call it the Switch Pro, but nothing says that Nintendo will choose this name if the console one day leaves. It could very well be called the Switch U for example, or the Switch 2, or even the Switch XL, who knows?

A concept of Switch Pro

An insider from Brazil evokes an evocative name: Super Switch. This would make it clear that here we have a superior model and also to refer to the Super Nintendo, which turns 30 this year.

But for now, nothing concrete on that side.

When will the Switch Pro be released?

The Switch Pro is not announced, it therefore logically has no release date. We can only make assumptions. In March, it will be four years since the first Switch was released. Considering that the average lifespan of a console is seven years, this would be a good time for Nintendo to release it to revive the machine. The Japanese giant had also said a few months ago that the console was only halfway through its life cycle.

We remember that the Switch came out with Zelda Breath of the Wild in launch game. With the second episode in development (date still unknown), we can imagine that a second version of the console will accompany its release to mark the occasion. A Brazilian leaker (the same one who mentioned the Super Switch name) claims it won’t launch until Nintendo’s fiscal year ends, next April. A Kantan analyst had recently bet on the release of a Switch Pro in 2021.

On the Nintendo side, the artistic vagueness is deliberately maintained. During the presentation of his company’s latest financial results, Chairman Shuntaro Furukawa was asked by Bloomberg about the possible console. He simply replied that an ad was not planned immediately and that Nintendo was going to focus on selling the Mario Edition Switch and Monster Hunter Rise Edition. These two versions will be released soon.

What will be the improvements?

The Switch may be an excellent console, but it was already technically outdated when it was released. It is even more so today. Difficult in 2021 to be satisfied with a mediocre 720p screen. It is of course on this precise part that the rumors are intended to be most persistent.

The SciresM leaker searched the console’s firmware and found a mention of a new screen format. Code name Aula, which would support 4K for docked mode. A few months ago, Nintendo reportedly asked developers to prepare to create games for this format.

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Regarding the console screen itself, the rumors suggest the arrival of a better quality OLED panel, or even miniLed. If SciresM isn’t talking about improved definition, we wouldn’t spit on 1080p media to play in portable mode. A larger screen (that of the Switch is 6.2 inches) would not be refused either. According to the same source, the Switch Pro would have a more powerful SoC (in order to display 4K) as well as a better battery.

Nintendo Switch Lite

However, the arrival of a Switch Pro is not unanimous among developers. In the columns of Nintendo Everything, Ruud van de Moosddijk, founder of the Engine Software studio, believes that this new version would penalize the owners of the first model. Developers would then be forced to limit themselves and could not fully exploit the capabilities of the new console. Nevertheless, the example of the various PS4 and Xbox One released in recent years tend to prove him wrong.

Have there been any precedents?

Releasing an upgraded version of the Switch wouldn’t be an extremely daring move. The history of the medium is full of examples of this type. We can cite the recent PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, which have coexisted with similar models, but inferior, or even the Xbox Series X and S. Nintendo is also a regular of the thing.

For example, the first PlayStation of the name, released in 1995 in Europe, was originally intended to be an improved version of the Super Nintendo and allow it to play CDs in addition to cartridges. The project fell through and Sony continued the development in its corner, with the result that we know. In 1999, Nintendo Nintendo 64DD released in Japan, an extension for the console of the same name. This allowed him to have more memory, and therefore more beautiful games, as well as an Internet connection. However, the project was not unanimous, and Nintendo stopped sales after two years.

Nintendo 64DD

The Game Boy Advance is the manufacturer’s first console to experience a successful “refresh”. In 2003, the Game Boy Advance SP gives a facelift to the classic Game Boy Advance released in 2001, giving it a new shape and above all a backlit screen.

Game Boy Advance SP

The Nintendo DS, released in 2005 in Europe, had three other variations (DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL). Nintendo 3DS, released in 2011, has multiplied its versions to appeal to the largest possible audience. There have been six Nintendo 3DS in total, counting the 2DS models (which run the same games). Finally, the Switch suffered the same fate with the Switch Lite, designed only for gaming in portable mode. The arrival of a Switch Pro would therefore not be anything exceptional. It would even go in the logic of the manufacturer.

The New Nintendo 3DS

Does Nintendo have an interest in launching a Switch Pro?

In 2021, the arrival of a Switch Pro makes sense, for several reasons. 2020 has been a good year for Nintendo, which has never sold so many consoles in its history. In France, it has almost reached 5 million units since its release, experiencing double-digit growth according to the director of Nintendo France. Worldwide, more than 80 million copies have been sold, well helped in 2020 by flagship titles such as Animal Crossing New Horizons, huge box. By comparison, the brand’s best-selling Wii had sold 101 million copies in total.

Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing New Horizons

Releasing a Switch Pro could allow Nintendo to diversify its offering and attract performance-loving gamers without breaking away from its base. This version would also benefit from the excellent momentum currently experienced by the product. Moreover, a Switch Pro could bring real added value to players. For example, an OLED display at 1080p would be more pleasing to the eye and improved battery life would not be a luxury. Likewise, we wouldn’t spit on a small redesign at the level of the controller for greater comfort. We all had our hands numb after several hours on Breath of the Wild.

It should also be borne in mind that a Switch Pro is not an absolute necessity for Nintendo, which is currently at the top of the wave in sales. What is the point of releasing a new console when today’s one is still selling very well? And you, do you believe in a Switch Pro? Tell us in the comments !

We will obviously keep this file up to date based on various leaks or potential announcements from Nintendo. And you, would you be tempted by a Switch Pro? Tell us in the comments !

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