How To Record WhatsApp Video Call On your Phone

Do you want to Record WhatsApp Video Call but don’t know how? Here it is the steps to do, gang!

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications for smartphone users.

In addition to how to use it easily, the features offered are also very abundant.

Another advantage that is also one of the main factors why WhatsApp has many enthusiasts is free application.

WhatsApp does not set a price for you who want to download the application, just that it still requires an internet quota to operate it.

Besides chatting, WhatsApp also has a video call feature for its users.

WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Application

Maybe you have made video calls with loved ones and would love to capture those beautiful moments to be remembered.

Don’t worry! You can, you know, record video calls from WhatsApp. However, to do that you need the help of a third-party application.

That is because the WhatsApp application itself does not yet support the screen recording or save feature when making video calls.

Actually there are lots of screen recorder applications that circulate on PlayStore.

All of them offer interesting support features ranging from edit, brush, to merge videos & images.

So instead of being confused about which one to choose, we will give you recommendations on 3 screen recorder apps with the best rating on PlayStore and of course, it’s free.

1. DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live

record whatsapp video call

In accordance with its main function, this application is able to record activities on your smartphone screen.

In the settings menu, you can choose video quality, such as the number of frames per second (maximum 60 FPS), video resolution (maximum 1080p), also video quality (maximum 12 Mbps).

The best part of this application is the ability to record videos while editing them using the features provided. So you no longer need to download the application to edit video recordings.

You can cut and merge all the video pieces, add backgrounds, sketch images using a brush, also adjust the video volume.

DU Recorder is a capable screen recorder application that allows you to record all the moments on the smartphone screen.

You can Men- download this application for free and without the need for rooting the smartphone.

Google PlayStore Rating 4.7 /5.

DU Recorder

2. AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

screen recoder

As the name implies, this application is capable of recording on the smartphone screen without the need to rooting first.

Display the application interface on this one is quite simple and looks elegant.

Once you open this application, you will find four menu icons in the middle of the screen.

The four menus have functions to start recording, set -application settings, access folders, and exit the application.

In the settings menu, you can choose the recording video quality according to your needs.

The quality produced by this application is quite good and does not leave a watermark on the recording results.

Google PlayStore Rating 4.6 /5.

AZ Screen Recorder

3. Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Outside its main function as a screen recorder application on a smartphone, it turns out Mobizen Screen Recorder has a unique feature in it.

This application allows you to display all activities that occur on the smartphone screen directly on the screen of your laptop or PC.

The trick is to connect your Android smartphone to a laptop using a USB cable intermediary.

In addition, you can also do screenshots on the Android screen using this application.

Mobizen Screen Recorder is an application that besides having an abundant number of features, it also offers a simple interface.

Google PlayStore Rating 4.3 /5.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

How to Record a Video Call from WhatsApp

After giving a few screen recorder recommendations on a smartphone, now you will know which application suits your needs, gang.

Next we will explain how to record Video Calls from WhatsApp using one of the screen recorder applications above.

In this tutorial, we will use the DU Screen Recorder application, gang.

Step 1 – Install the DU Screen Recorder application

In this step, make sure that you have installed the application first, gang.

After you install, then you can follow the next steps.

Step 2 – Start screen recording

Start screen recording

When the application is successfully installed, the DU Screen Recorder icon will appear on the edge of your smartphone screen.

To start screen recording, you touch the DU Screen Recorder icon until several menu icons appear, then touch the record button.

Step 3 – Open the WhatsApp application and make a video call

After the recording process runs, then contact the person you want to video call . During recording, DU Screen Recorder will display the screen recording duration.

If you are looking for ways to record WA video calls without an application, you must use certain mobile phones that already have screen recording features such as the Huawei P30.

How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls on an iPhone

The method above is a way to record WhatsApp video calls on an Android phone. So, what about iPhone users?

Apparently, the way is simpler and easier, gang! You don’t need additional applications because the iPhone already has a default application for recording screens. How to?

Step 1 – Enter Settings

Enter Settings

On the main screen, enter Settings. After that, scroll down to the Control Center.

Step 2 – Enable Screen Recording Settings

After that, select Customize Controls, then enter Screen Recording into Include. If so, close the settings.

Step 3 – Perform Screen Recording

start video call

Open the WhatsApp application and select the contact that you want to video call. Before making a call, open the Control Panel by scrolling up the screen.

Press the Screen Recording menu that was added earlier, then within 3 seconds your iPhone will automatically do the recording.

When you have finished, you can specify a friendship by touching the top of the screen and selecting the Stop button. Done, it’s really easy, right?

The final word

Now that’s the way to record video calls from WhatsApp. It’s easy, right?

So, how do I re-see WhatsApp video calls that have been recorded? Yes, just open it in your gallery, gang!

So, now you’re not confused anymore when you want to capture the moment of your video call with him.

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