RecargaPay: how it works, is it safe? Find out here!

The digital wallets brought a series of facilities, allowing services such as paying bills, making transfers and buying top-up without having to have a bank account or leave the house. One of the companies in the segment is RecargaPay, which offers several online services.

Competitor of platforms such as PicPay, Mercado Pago, iti, PagSeguro and Ame, among others, RecargaPay is a fintech with services available to bank customers (customers of conventional banks) and unbanked people (people who do not have a bank account).

Serving individuals as well as merchants, the app has a wide catalog of financial services and mobile payments, including PIX, a tool launched in late 2020 by the Central Bank. Cashback on various transactions is another highlight.

The payment of slips is one of the main functions offered by fintech.The payment of slips is one of the main functions offered by fintech.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

Have questions about how RecargaPay works? Continue reading and discover other news about this digital wallet.

How it works

Like other payment portfolios, the platform works via an app for Android and iOS, in addition to having a web version, accessible on any device, using the browser.

Registration on RecargaPay can be done with the Facebook profile or the Google account. Once the registration is complete, you can start using your wallet right away, choosing one of the packages offered.

The RecargaPay app has PIX, payment by QR Code and other functions.The RecargaPay app has PIX, payment by QR Code and other functions.Source: Recharge Recharge / Disclosure

There are two options for plans. In the free, there are some limitations, such as lower cashback and reduced limit to pay boletos on the card without fee. In the paid version, called “Prime +”, with priority service and which costs R $ 19.99 per month, the cashback is higher, as well as the limit for paying slips with no fee.

It is also worth mentioning the RecargaPay prepaid credit card, with Mastercard banner, to pay for purchases in physical stores using the balance available in the virtual wallet and to withdraw money from Banco24Horas cashiers. It can be ordered in the app.

Key features

Know the main functions of RecargaPay:


That’s where your money is, like a bank account balance. Any amount can be added by transfer, PIX, deposit by boleto, gift certificate or loan. It is also possible to register a credit or debit card from another institution.

Payment of bills and bills

Paying billets on the card, with installments up to 12 times, is one of the most popular features of the app. You can also use the wallet balance to settle the accounts, in this case without the incidence of fees charged by fintech.

Cell phone recharge

With the balance or credit card, just choose the operator and the desired amount to top up the phone. The service entitles you to cashback.

Transport card

The card used in public transport can also be refilled, also with cashback. There are agreements with services from several cities, including the Single Ticket of São Paulo (SP).


As you use the app, the company can make personal loans available. The money falls on the spot, to be used in the desired way.

Functions and services available on RecargaPayFunctions and services available on RecargaPaySource: André Dias / Reproduction


The Central Bank’s new instant payment system is also available on the app, allowing you to send and receive money in seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to any bank. According to the company, there is no fee for individuals.

Gift voucher

Buying gift cards for Uber, Spotify, Steam, Google Play Store and more platforms is another thing you can do on RecargaPay, taking advantage of discounts if you pay with your wallet balance.

Gas and Tele Sena

Buying a digital Tele Sena and ordering gas are other services available, both with cash back on the balance.

Prepaid TV

Who has prepaid TV can buy recharge in the app. Just choose the operator (Claro TV, SKY Prepaid or Oi TV), inform the CPF, the package, the amount and the payment method to confirm the transaction.


The RecargaPay card machine allows you to receive money from sales in debit and credit within one business day, according to fintech, in addition to reselling the services available with the right to commission.

Is RecargaPay safe?

According to the company, all transactions made through the platform are “secure and carried out using the SSL protocol”, in addition to having PCI certification, guaranteeing a high standard of data protection.

Gift cards for sale on RecargaPay.Gift cards for sale on RecargaPay.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

In the website Complain here, fintech is currently assessed with a score of 7.8, referring to the period from September 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021, a score considered good. In addition, it answered 97.3% of complaints, with a 79.7% solution rate.

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