Razer Gold wants to bring more security to the mobile gaming market

The mobile market is growing more and more in the Brazilian video game scene, and the coronavirus pandemic ended up fueling the sector even more, with more people willing to play video games at home. For those who play on cell phones, Razer Gold is one of the best known and most respected brands.

At the invitation of his national advisor, we had the opportunity to talk directly with Dennis Ferreira, Razer Gold’s Latin American director, who told us a little about the challenges faced in recent months, the rise of mobile games and the main attractions of his product. Check out:

Did this pandemic time present many challenges for Razer Gold? How is the outlook for the coming months, since a lot of people ended up playing more in these times of social isolation?

Some market segments benefited from the pandemic, e-commerce, home entertainment, games, food delivery, among others. Razer Gold is a very solid platform and from a technical point of view we had no problems. But we had to readjust the structure as a whole to meet the demand in all areas. We have already hired and continue to bring good people to be able to provide an even better service!

Among the more than 34,000 games that are currently in the Razer Gold catalog, which do you consider are the biggest hits among Brazilians today? Are there any titles that you feel have the potential to break right now?

The biggest hits in Brazil are traditionally FPS games, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, and the traditional CS:GO. If you asked me which title would pop in October 2020 I would say Genshim Impact, which is a title that definitely lived up to high expectations. Today I understand that wild rift has great chances of taking up space in mobile RPG, competing with Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Even with the Brazilian economy far from its best phase, the scenario looks quite promising in the world of digital games, especially in cell phones, which are more affordable in the budget. There, many games bet on micro transactions and free download to test the game. Do you think this is a good model for countries where AAA games are too expensive?

Buying and then using is no longer the industry standard. Now the trend is to play and then buy. This model is called Freemium because you play for free and then pay to become Premium. This is the predominant model for mobile games, which not coincidentally is the fastest growing segment in online games.

With cell phones representing such a large portion of Brazilian players, how does the growth of this sector impact Razer Gold’s results?

Mobile games today stand out for their convenience, low cost, graphics quality and portability. The sector’s growth was already growing and the pandemic accelerated this increase. With this, Razer Gold had a growth of 125%, compared to 2019 in Brazil.

For someone who is just arriving, what are the main benefits that Razer Gold brings to its customers today?

For both new and old users, the main benefit is the security it provides to the user, as they do not need a credit card to recharge, and can buy a prepaid card at more than 10,000 points of sale across the country, such as Lojas Americanas, Pão de Açúcar and Carrefour, in addition to being available on PicPay, AME Digital, Banco Inter and Banco do Brasil’s App, among others.

In addition to security, Razer Gold users can participate in several exclusive promotions that can earn rewards with in-game items and Razer peripherals and the more you recharge, the more points you accumulate in the Razer Silver loyalty program, where you can redeem rewards, discounts, rewards digital or Razer products.

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