Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart discloses its accessibility options

In the last few years, we have seen an increase in the number of accessibility options in the world of games, something extremely important for those who have some kind of disability and want more inclusive opportunities to enjoy their moments of entertainment with video games. Fortunately, one of the most anticipated games on PS5 this year, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, has already had numerous confirmed accessibility features.

Developer Insomniac Games made a really cool post on their official Twitter page talking a little about the importance of these options in their games. As they commented, developing games that are playable and inclusive for the widest range of people possible is a critical mission for the studio. Among the resources they released today are:

  • Shooting mode: changes the shooting mode between the standard and the options to hold the button and toggle between on / off.
  • Aiming mode: changes the aiming mode between switching on / off or holding the button.
  • Automatic sight: turns the camera to the nearest enemy when shooting.
  • Aiming assistance: automatically adjusts the speed of the camera to help you keep aiming at the target.
  • Crosshairs: lock your aim on an enemy when shooting.
  • Screen edge protection: prevents you from falling off the screen edges.
  • Automatic loading of Hoverboots: load the Hoverboots automatically so that they are at full speed.
  • Flight assistance: automatically adjusts flight levels during specific segments.
  • Contrast: allows adjustment of the intensity of the image contrast.
  • Contrast options: allows you to change even more aspects of the image contrast to improve its visibility.
  • Motion blur: activates the blur effect when an object or the camera moves quickly on the screen. Also known to us as “Motion Blur”.
  • Screen flicker: Activates or deactivates the effects of screen shake in certain parts of the game.
  • Goal display: allows the game to always show the active objectives on the screen.
  • Icon size: lets you increase or decrease the size of icons on the screen.
  • Central point: places a centralized point on the screen at all times, being replaced only by the sight of the weapon or removed in cutscenes.
  • Emphasized text color: allows you to change the color of the emphasized text.
  • Remapping the controls: allows you to change the mapping of the controls as you prefer.
  • Simplified Crossing: makes all types of crossing the game controlled by just one button.
  • Shortcuts: allows you to choose specific actions to place on a shortcut in the control.
  • Camera sensitivity: allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the camera as you prefer.
  • Vibrations: lets you select whether you want vibrations in the control or not, in addition to letting the intensity of this feature change.
  • Control speaker: allows certain sounds to play directly on the PS5 control speaker. It is also possible to adjust the volume.

Enough, don’t you think? It is worth noting that the studio mentioned that these were the main options that they will offer in Ratchet & Clank: Drift Apart, so it is quite possible that other minor features that were not listed here are present in the game.

For those who are more than eager to enjoy this new adventure of the franchise, it is worth remembering that the title will be released exclusively on PS5 on June 11!

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