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Kapanlagi.com – Being a mother is indeed required to take care of the family. However, in this day and age, men and women no longer have differences in work. Many of them are still actively working and must divide their time between home and work matters. However, not a few of those who choose to resign from the job for the focus of family care.

This seems to apply to the following set of celebrities. In fact, they rarely appear on the screen that has raised his name. Nevertheless, this beautiful celebrity prefers to focus on caring for children and spending time with family.

Although a career in the entertainment world is quite promising, but it seems that the baby is an important reason to carry out the role of a good mother. Here is a series of celebrities who choose to focus on taking care of the baby.

1. Celine Evangelista

Wife from Stefan William that is Celine Evangelista seem rarely appear on the screen and choose to take care of the baby. Even though he is only 28 years old and it is still possible to be active in the entertainment world.

However, after giving birth to the second child of his marriage to Stefan, now the couple has been blessed with 4 children. This is exactly what makes Celine choose to reduce her work and focus more on taking care of children.

2. Aura of Love

Name Aura Kasih of course it is already familiar in the Indonesian music scene. Decided to get married in 2018 after being married by a foreigner named Eryck Amaral. Shortly after that, Aura and her husband were blessed with very beautiful and adorable daughters.

The presence of the baby would be a special happiness for the couple who married on December 22, 2018. Now, 33-year-old woman is more busy taking care of her baby.

3. Dahlia Poland

Pesinetron as well as FTV players, Fandy Christian officially married Polish Dahlia on November 24, 2015. Both of them were blessed with two hearts and were pregnant with a third child. Now the woman who chooses to marry young at the age of 18 really enjoys her role as a young mom and is busy caring for children. No wonder if Dahlia has long been a vacuum from the world of entertainment.

4. Sharena

Sharena FTV player also appears rarely appear on the screen. Since deciding to marry Ryan Delon and blessed with 2 adorable hearts, now he is more busy guarding the growth and development of the baby. Even so, the couple who are known to be harmonious are also still active on social media and often share about parenting tips for young mothers.

5. Nina Zatulini

Similarly, Sharena, a beautiful celebrity who starred in many FTV, Nina Zatulini also spend more time with their children. In fact, he was so focused on serving the role of a mother of 2 children. Although focused on the family, but the 28-year-old woman did not lose her charm with her beautiful face. In fact, her maternal charm has been radiating even more since she has been using hijab.

6. Putri Titian

Name Princess Titian always bounced when he appeared on the screen. However, after being married to Junior Liem in May 2016, he preferred to take care of his family. Now, the 28-year-old woman has become the mother of two children.

In fact he often shares his moments with his baby. Having a baby face nickname, making portraits with children like siblings.

7. Princess Marino

Since married to Chicco Jerikho and gave birth to her baby Surinala, Princess Marino indeed limiting themselves from the world of entertainment. Now, the time this young mama spent more with children at home. Even so, the 26-year-old woman remains productive with some of the activities she does.

8. Ratna Galih

Name Ratna Galih soar thanks to acting in the soap opera that he played. However, some time ago Ratna chose a vacuum because she was pregnant with twins. After giving birth, Ratna also still chose to focus on her child. In fact, he is now also busy taking care of the five children.

That’s a series of celebrities who choose to focus on caring for the baby and rarely appear on the screen. Wow, my wife is really capable.

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