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Investigations into GAS Consultoria Bitcoin and its operations that dubbed Cabo Frio, in Rio de Janeiro, “New Egypt” continue to advance. Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, “bitcoin pharaoh” and leader of the alleged financial pyramid scheme, was formally denounced with sixteen other people this week.

The documents of the Federal Public Ministry revealed, for example, that the company instructed its clients to hide information about investments in cryptocurrencies in order to circumvent inspections.

“Pharaoh of bitcoins” Glaidson Acácio dos Santos (Image: Reproduction TV Globo)

GAS withheld information to avoid inspection

The Federal Public Ministry’s complaint against the former waiter Glaidson was obtained by the Extra and states that GAS Consultoria created a new internal rule for closing contracts with clients. They could not make any mention of cryptocurrencies in statements or justifications about investment-related banking transactions.

The determination would have been created by Glaidson after some of his accounts were blocked by banks in the first half of this year, alleging suspicious financial transactions. Thus, the investigators claim that a company “manual” obtained by the authorities revealed the practice, directing employees to “inform the customer that at the time of transfer, a description should NOT be mentioned that makes any reference to bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, cryptos, investments, BTC ”.

Part of the internal manual of GAS Consultoria that appears in the MPF complaint (Image: Reproduction/ MPF)
Part of the internal manual of GAS Consultoria that appears in the MPF complaint (Image: Reproduction/ MPF)

This same guidance is also included in each investor’s registration form. If the client did not comply with the rule and the information was passed on to managers and employees of banks and other financial institutions, the contract with GAS Consultoria could be terminated and the amount applied returned. The MPF points out that the strategy tried to circumvent the banks’ inspection of the company’s transactions.

Glaidson and 16 others are formally denounced

The leader of GAS Consultoria, Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, has been held in pre-trial detention since 25 August on charges of having set up a financial pyramid scheme using an alleged shell bitcoin investment company. However, it was only this week that he effectively became a defendant.

Glaidson and sixteen others, including his Venezuelan wife Mirelis Yoseline Diaz Serpa, were formally denounced. The indictment was accepted by Judge Vitor Valpuesta of the 3rd Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro on Monday (4th). Now, they will be held liable for crimes of unauthorized financial organization, fraudulent management, criminal organization and illegal securities trading.

While Glaidison and two other people are under arrest, the other defendants are free. By order of justice, they are prohibited from leaving the country and had to hand over their passports. Of the seventeen denounced, Mirelis and five others are at large, while eight of the accused are free to respond.

Glaidson Acácio dos Santos was arrested in RJ suspected of operating a bitcoin pyramid (Image: Bermix Studio/Unsplash)
Glaidson Acácio dos Santos was arrested in RJ suspected of operating a bitcoin pyramid (Image: Bermix Studio/Unsplash)

Investigations also indicate that Glaidson and his wife would have:

“Promoted, constituted, financed and integrated, personally, in a structurally orderly manner and with division of tasks, criminal organization preordained to the practice of crimes against the financial system, against the tax order and laundering of money earned from these crimes, using, to both, from an extensive network of individuals and legal entities, operating in Brazil and abroad”.

GAS Consultoria reportedly assisted drug dealers and militiamen

The Federal Public Ministry also identified that, over five years of operation, GAS Consultoria accumulated more than 67 thousand clients, promising monthly profits of 10% of the amount invested. Among these investors, the MPF believes there are drug traffickers and militiamen.

According to information extracted from the complaint accepted by Judge Valpuesta, the investigations identified “concrete information regarding the use of the GAS group to inject funds from serious crimes such as drug trafficking and the constitution and operation of private militias”.

The Federal Police stated that, during investigations, it discovered that two residents of the Lixo community, in Cabo Frio, had made cash deposits into the GAS Consultoria bank account. Together, these investments add up to R$1.7 million. The movements took place in June and the two men would not have a job or any occupation that would justify the contribution of so much money, which alerted the PF.

With information: Extra, Folha de S.Paulo, G1

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