Puljak, Nogalo and Pranic addressed the public: “Our experts have solutions”

BORO NOGALO from the Party with the name and surname said in Split at a press conference with coalition partners, Smart and Focus, that the situation with the coronavirus is getting worse every day and key problems have not been resolved.

Nogalo, who was fired six months ago from the position of director of Zagreb’s Srebrnjak Hospital, said that there were many problems, solutions were possible, but the question was who would defend the interests of citizens, not party and lobbying interests.

He said that the example of Srebrnjak Hospital showed that where there is will, there are ways to withdraw money from EU funds and fight for better health care, claiming that such people are punished “because they are not obedient and members of Beros’s party”.

“Minister Beroš presented himself as a hero during the coronavirus pandemic, and everyone forgets that he has not been in the Ministry since yesterday and that key health problems have not been resolved. In fact, the situation is getting worse every day. There are many problems and solutions are possible. We will show the interests of citizens, not party and lobbying interests. On the example of Srebrnjak Hospital, we have shown where there is will, there are ways to withdraw money from EU funds and fight for better health care. and members of the Beroš Party, “said Dr. Boro Nogalo on behalf of the Party with his name and surname.

“Our coalition is committed to strengthening primary health care and the organization of multidisciplinary specialist polyclinics, in order to increase primary prevention and relieve the hospital system. We believe that young people should be sent to specializations to motivate them to stay in Croatia. training should include retirees who want it, ”Nogalo said.

The Coalition for List Reduction in Hospitals is proposing to open new dispensaries, stimulate day hospitals and one-day surgeries, and to withdraw money from EU funds as soon as possible, he added.

“Dalmatia is my hometown and it always makes me sad to be here and witness what the HDZ party staffing that has been going on for decades is turning us into. Dalmatia deserves better than Beroš,” Nogalo concluded.

Puljak: Even today we do not know who is to blame for the death in the home

Marijana Puljak also believes that quality health care is the most important thing for all citizens, and not that we have waiting lists today.

“The reasons for such a situation are hidden in three letters, HDZ,” Puljak said, adding: “We saw who they employ in retirement homes and how we still have no information who is responsible for the deaths of 18 people. When employed on a party card and eligibility, then we have such directors of homes and a minister who is not at all embarrassed to come right into our unit and proudly talk about security, ”she said.

The mayor of Vrgorac, Ante Pranic, also says that the “health care system is about to burst”, adding that out of 250 family doctors in the Split-Dalmatia County, as many as a hundred will retire in the next six years. Health centers are also a problem, and due to the lack of doctors and nurses, many surgeries on the islands and rural areas of Dalmatia will remain empty. Pranic claims that without special benefits for health workers in island and rural areas, it will be difficult to maintain the current state of health.

Representatives of the coalition point out that answers to key problems can be found in the event that professional and well-meaning people from list number 5 are given the opportunity to impose healthcare solutions at the state level.

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