PS5 Delivered Earlier, VPN Users Go To Court, Weekly Recap

German players may well receive their PS5 earlier than everyone else, Private Internet Access users are sued by a production company, Tesla is losing its leading position in the European market… Here is the recap of the news not to miss the week!

As the release of the next gen consoles approaches, any information is good to take. Obviously, when a German retailer announces to its customers who have pre-ordered the PS5 that it will be delivered a week in advance, there is something to jump for joy. Not sure that Private Access Internet users had the same reaction when they received Fallen Productions’ complaint for illegally downloading their film. As for Tesla, it finally leaves its first place in the European market to Volkswagen, after years of reign. In the rest of the news: the Pixel 5 does not impress with its photos and the next version of EMUI starts its tests on the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro.

PS5 delivered sooner than expected?

The PS5 release date gradually getting closer, and uncertainty reigns among the players. Indeed, hundreds of pre-orders have been canceled and the re-containment is casting doubt on the withdrawal of pre-orders in store. In Germany, it seems that the situation is different: the German retailer Media Markt sent an email this week to its customers who ordered the console announcing that it will ship on November 12, ie one week before the official date given by Sony. This information has not been confirmed by the firm, so it is difficult to predict whether the PS5 will indeed be delivered in advance to its future owners. On the side of France, we simply know that the launch of the console will not be postponed because of the coronavirus.

Sony PlayStation 5

Legal action launched against VPN users

This week, 17 Private Internet Access VPN users have received a complaint from Fallen production, the production company behind “La Chute du Président”. The latter accuses them of having downloaded pirate files of the film on YTS. The platform was forced to provide email address and IP address from its users to the beneficiaries. Fallen Production is currently deadlocked, however:“Our response will remain the same: PIA does not log VPN user activityannounced the company. Result: impossible for the company to find the names of the pirates. Far from letting go, she said anyone using a VPN is “Aware of [son] illegal activity ”.


Tesla loses its leading position in the European market

First in Europe for 100% electric vehicles for years, Tesla finally gave way to Volkswagen, which sold 87,000 vehicles on the continent. The firm now records 13.5% market share, compared to 33.8% last year. Although this fall may seem impressive, it can be explained by the massive arrival on the market of historical manufacturers, such as Renault / Nissan, PSA, Mercedes, and the new European leader. The estate still has good prospects for the future, thanks to European countries which want their vehicle fleet quickly transits to all electricGreat Britain could in particular ban the sale of combustion cars from 2030.


The beta version of EMUI 11 deployed on the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

The latest version of EMUI, ultimately based on Android 11, was awarded new features including some users of Huawei P30 and P30 Pro can already benefit. Among these, we find in particular a multi-window mode, which allows you to open applications in a floating window in order to multitask. The notepad has a function synchronization between devices, and now gives the possibility to extract text from photos and documents. The Chinese manufacturer has also added new animation effects and the possibility of directly translating a selected text. Finally, the latest news: pop-ups managing application permissions and incoming calls and messages displayed only on the phone when its screen is broadcast to a third-party device.

Emui 11

Pixel 5’s photo mode disappoints DxOMark

The Pixel series had hitherto accustomed its users to high-performance photo modes, although the Pixel 4 was already less good than the Galaxy S10 + and OnePlus 7 Pro according to DxOMark. It is this same test laboratory that this year places the Pixel 5 at the 15th place in the ranking in this area, with only 120 points awarded. In detail, 129 points go to the photography part, 49 points to the zoom and 107 points to the video. “With its limited hardware, the Pixel 5 finds itself behind other more efficient smartphones on points such as bokeh effect, zoom, texture or noise, where additional sensors and lenses are useful” explains DxO before adding anyway that “The main camera takes great photos and scores close to the best in exposure, color and autofocus.”Despite Google’s strategy to make the Pixel 5 a mid-range smartphone to make up for the disappointing sales of its predecessor, it “Remains convincing, thanks to its impressive software power” .

Google Pixel 5 back view

Our tests of the week

This week, the editorial staff was able to get their hands on the objects the most anticipated of the end of the year. The fully electric Fiat 500e is dressed in a still elegant design and correct autonomous driving. For a price starting at 24,500 euros, however, its trunk appears rather small. The PS5 has been emulated with sunpublished loading times, its incredible performance based on ray-tracing and 4K / 60 FPS and its joystick very pleasant in the hand. The only weak points are its enormous chassis and its unique USB A port. Appointment November 19 for 499 euros, or 399 euros for its Digital Edition. Its competitor, the Xbox Series X, is no exception. Its performance 4K and backward compatibility games make him a tough opponent to the Sony console. However, the lack of exclusivity on its platform at present may weigh on its sales. It will be available from November 10 for 499 euros. Finally, the photos of the iPhone 12 Pro impressed us, just as much as its neo-retro design and the interface of iOS 14. Bad surprise nevertheless on the side of its autonomy, less good than that of the iPhone 11 and 12 and the absence of an AC adapter, while the smartphone still costs 1100 euros.

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